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The fall season is heading in fast and that means the students are heading back to class. Younger kids are still at home and under their parent or guardian’s supervision but college students are out on their own. This means that they could be making decisions on their own that can end up getting them in trouble. Trouble for a college student is different than a younger child because they are an adult. That means trouble for them many times comes in the form of an arrest. There are many reasons that college students get arrested and the majority of them are alcohol, drugs or violence charges. These are all arrests that happen from a college student getting caught up in the life that exists around the area. When they have their first time making choices they can go too far and end up needing some help. Although they are an adult, the phone call they are going to make to get out of jail will most likely be to their parent or guardian. This is a dreaded phone call to any parent and now you have to decide what you are going to do about the arrest and the bail.

Ajua Bail Bonds Explains What You Should Do If You Have A College Student That Has Been Arrested

How Do I Know If My Child Has Been Arrested: If you have a child that is under age and been arrested you will be alerted to the arrest. Now if you have a student that is in college and is arrested you might know about it or you may never find out. Unless you are trolling the county jail sites in your spare time, you may not know. Although most students will call a parent, they do not have to. If the child decides they want to contact you then you will receive a call from the jail with your child on the other line letting you know the situation they are in. This is the only time that you will get information about the arrest since they are an adult they can decide to tell their parents or not. This information is important to have when you call a bail company.
Can The College Student Bail Themselves Out: The student that has been arrested could potentially have enough money to come up with the amount needed for bail. The issue is that they will not have access to the bank so someone will have to pay on their behalf. There are some arrests that the bail will allow the person to be released on their own recognizance and that means they won’t need the help of a loved one. Most of the time the person will need the support of a family member or friend to get bailed out.
Should You Bail Out Your Son or Daughter: This is a question that you have to ask yourself when your child calls from college to say they have been arrested. When it comes to bail, you are on the hook whether you get paid back or not. That means you need to feel confident that the person you are bailing out, including your child, is responsible enough to attend any and all court appointed meetings and dates. You will need to know what jail the person is in when you contact the bail company.

Bail Bond Services to Get You or Your Loved One Out of Jail in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced County, Visalia & Tulare County, Hanford & Kings County, Madera County and the Central Valley of California.

Getting arrested is nothing enjoyable, especially for things that seem almost trivial. Getting in a heated argument with the other party starts getting physical and you merely defending yourself can still get your arrested on a simple assault charge. Let’s paint the scene. You go to your favorite bar for a little rest and relaxation with a few buddies. After a few beers you are feeling a little goofy, the night continues on with laughter and more drinks till right out drunk. Another patron bumps into you, hard, and you confront the brute only to receive a punch in the face, realizing the melee is continuing, you fight back. Now the cops are arresting you due to a simple assault charge that doesn’t reflect anything about you except you were looking for a good time and needed to defend yourself. So for argument sake, you were arrested, processed and posted bail with the reliable aid of the experienced Ajua Bail Bonds. But now what? Well first let’s break down what a simple assault charge is.

What is Considered A Simple Assault Charge?

During a heated argument you take a swing at someone that was within striking distance, but miss, or a brawl you didn’t start, is considered a simple assault in California. Words alone are not assault; however, threatening to hit someone with an object of any kind is considered assault when you show intent to carry out with the action of the threat. The identity of the victim is an important factor in determining the severity of the offense and the possible punishment of the assault charge. In most cases, a simple assault charge is a misdemeanor.

Violence Against Healthcare Workers Law

On a side note, an assault against any healthcare providers or persons providing emergency treatment outside a hospital or clinic, along with an assault against any public worker who are working their shifts can carry more severe penalties than the simple assault charge. If you knew or even should have known that the victim was a healthcare provider or public worker, it applies. Healthcare personnel and public workers include the following:
– Nurses
– Doctors
– Emergency medical technicians
– Paramedics
– School staff members
– Fire Fighters
– Lifeguards
– Animal control officers
– Highway workers
– Members of the United States military (When the assault is motivated by their military status.)
– Public transportation employees
– Probation department employees

Punishment for Simple Assault Charges

If you are found guilty of simple assault charges in California, penalties can include up to 6 months in the county jail and/or $1000.00 fine. Getting your personal affairs in order is a priority after Ajua Bail Bonds post bail. Find a good defense attorney and build yourself defense case.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced County, Visalia & Tulare County, Hanford & Kings County, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

At Ajua Bail Bonds, you will find friendly, helpful, and experienced professionals working hard to get your bail posted quickly. Whether you are the one who has been arrested or helping a loved one get out, once we know the bail amount, we can help you find ways to get the bail bond you need. Call us today to get started!

Have you learned there is a warrant out for your arrest? Nothing will make your blood pressure go through the roof more than thinking at any moment of the day, a police officer will arrive at your door step or your place of employment, and take you off to jail. This is where a warrant walk through can help you.

What is a Warrant Walk Through Bond?

You might be surprised to know that judges write warrants all day long. You can have a warrant out for your arrest for the simplest things. Warrants can be written for unpaid parking tickets, child support, or fines. Warrants will also be issued for missed court dates, and charges stemming from a crime. Even the failure to show up for jury duty can land you a warrant. Finding you have a warrant for your arrest doesn’t mean you’re a criminal. It could be one of those simple things that slipped your mind.

When is a Warrant Walk Through Bond Applicable?

A warrant walk through is for those who know they have a warrant out for their arrest. This is a process where you turn yourself in to a bail bondsman. You then set a court date with a judge to correct your warrant and usually pay your fine. In Kings County, you will have to go to the jail to present yourself but in Fresno, Madera and Tulare County, you won’t have to go to the jail at all. You can contact the court to find out why the warrant was issued and arrange a court date and catch up on all prior offences. By doing this you will avoid jail time or even being arrested.

What is a Bench Warrant?

Don’t let the word “warrant” be a scary word for you to hear. A warrant is a notice from the court as to why you are required to appear in court. The warrant also gives police the power to arrest you, if you don’t comply. When you do a warrant walk through you are demonstrating your cooperation with the court and it will speed up your case process. If you have been charged with a serious crime, you will be arrested. Have a bail bond and a bondsman ready to ensure you spend the least amount of time in jail. Even if it a more serious crime is committed, it’s still better to do a warrant walk through. It will show your willingness to go through the courts to correct past deeds.

Benefits of Warrant Walk Through Bonds

Some wonder about the financial aspects. It doesn’t sound appealing to take time off work and wait all day just to pay a fine. Keep in mind it can get a lot worse. If you get pulled over and arrested, they will impound your vehicle. Once arrested, you will have to wait until you get your phone call, which can sometimes take hours. After all of that, you will still have to pay the court. The warrant walk through was designed to help those with warrants avoid embarrassment and the inconvenience of an unexpected arrest.

Warrant Walk Throughs & Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced County, Visalia & Tulare County, Hanford & Kings County, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

If you have a warrant out for your arrest, contact Ajua Bail Bonds for assistance. It’s easy enough to arrange a warrant walk through with a bail bondsman, fill out the necessary paperwork, avoid an arrest as well as the time lost and stress caused.

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