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Disorderly Conduct laws vary in each state and municipalities. There are many types of disorderly conduct laws that cover a wide spectrum of offenses. Disorderly conduct is also referred to as either Disturbing the Peace or Breach of Peace. It is categorized by any negative behavior, such as causing another person alarm, annoyance, anger, or provoking unlawful acts. Ajua Bail Bonds would like to clarify California’s disorderly conduct laws and what falls under unlawful behaviors under this law. California classifies disorderly conduct into five misdemeanor offenses.

Disorderly Conduct

In the state of California disorderly conduct falls under behaviors of soliciting or engaging in prostitution and lewd, lascivious acts. Another offense is begging or soliciting for money in public. Being intoxicated or being under the influence of alcohol and drugs even loitering on private property, especially without cause or a valid reason to be there falls under the offense of Disorderly Conduct. Invasion of privacy and the recording of someone who is seeking privacy in a designated place for privacy such as bathrooms or changing rooms is a violation of the offender’s or “Peeping Tom” for sexual arousal or gratification. Disorderly Conduct is classified as a Misdemeanor and this penalized. The penalties often include a fine of up to a $1000 and/or 6 months jail time. Expect the penalties to increase if the same offense is committed again.

Disorderly Conduct Caused By Fighting, Noise, and Offensive Words

California classifies this to be a crime or offenses to fight, or to provoke or to challenge a person to a fight in public. Same goes from intentionally disturbing another person with unreasonably loud noises. To use offensive words in public in order to provoke aggressive or violent behavior is an offense under Disorderly Conduct. The penalties can result in one or both offenses up to a $1000, with 6 months jail time and is considered a Misdemeanor.

Disorderly Conduct of Riots

In the state of California Rioting that involves threatening or the use of unlawful force and or violence in public. This is a Misdemeanor and is penalized as follows; a $1000 fine or 6 months jail time or even both.

Disorderly Conduct of Disturbing the Peace on School Campuses

In the state of California if you are not a student of a school campus and you either make loud disturbing noises, use offensive language, fight or provoke fights on school property or grounds is an offense that falls under Disorderly Conduct. The penalties of this misdemeanor can include a fine of up to $400 and up to 90 days of jail time or both depending on the level of the offense. Second time doe this offense committed will result in an increased penalty.

Disorderly Conduct of Refusal to Disperse

California disorderly conduct laws states those who disturb the peace through any of the previous descriptions of disorderly conduct and refuses to comply with law enforcement officers to disperse is a misdemeanor and also falls under the offense of disorderly conduct and is penalized. This penalty can be community service or even paying for the damage caused by the crime if done or both.

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If you or a loved one finds yourselves arrested for any of these crimes, you should contact legal aid. Ajua Bail Bonds can also be of service in getting your loved one out of jail until their scheduled court date and their penalties have been determined by the courts. Contact us today to get your loved one out of jail.

Skipping bail is never a good idea; it puts you in more trouble with the courts which means a harsher punishment when caught. It also means a bounty hunter will be coming after you. Many people believe bounty hunters just make for an exciting reality show. Well in fact there are bounty hunters and yes they are sent by the bail agency to come pick you up. Why you wonder? It’s simple. The agent loses out on the money unless they bring you back for trial. Ajua Bail Bonds will explain the role of a bounty hunter and what you can expect from one if you, or a person you know, skips bail and doesn’t show up for their court date.

What’s the Job of a Bounty Hunter & Bail Enforcement Agent?

A bounty hunter is known in the state of California as a “Bail Fugitive Recovery Person.” Their job is to track down and bring back a person who jumped bail. They are hired by the bail bond agency, because police are too busy to go on hunt for one man or woman. Often there are too many people that skipped bail for police to go after as well. Not saying that if they run into you they won’t arrest you. On the other hand, the bounty hunter will receive all the information on the bail jumper and begin their search. For those who skip bail, the bail agency loses out on their money. When this happens, they are quick to send someone after those who jump. If they’re high risk they even assign a bounty hunter to keep close tabs on the high risk person who posted bail. Bounty hunters also get paid a percentage of the bail amount if a person skips bail, making them more determined.

Are Bounty Hunters Allowed to Carry Guns? What Power Does a Bounty Hunter Have?

Of course, bounty hunters have the authority to arrest a fugitive. Each state will vary on the conditions and the power a bounty hunter has. However California state law defines a bounty hunter or Bail Fugitive Recovery Person as a person who has written authorization by a bail agent, surety etc. and is contracted to investigate, locate, serve and arrest a bail fugitive. They are allowed to take you by physical force if a fugitive resists arrest. Bounty hunters in California can carry a firearm only if they acquire a concealed carry permit. They are allowed to use it if threatened.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced County, Visalia & Tulare County, Hanford & Kings County, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

As you can see, bounty hunters as well as a bail bond agency has motivation to locate and find those who skipped bail. Skipping bail is a serious crime and is not taken lightly. If you are a victim of paying for someone’s bail and they skipped their court date, you will lose out on your money too. You can contact the bail agency to let us know that person skipped their court date. Ajua Bail Bonds want to help protect those who put forth their assets to help someone they know get out of jail.

Proposition 64 was approved among voters in California by a margin of about 56% to 44%. Good news for the folks that opt for marijuana use either for medical purposes or recreational. But there is 60 pages worth of details concerning the legality of marijuana use and it can get a little complex to say the least!

21+ Years of Age Can Use, Possess, Share & Grow Cannabis in California at Private Residences

Proposition 64 allows for consumption of marijuana to take place at a private residence. This goes into effect immediately. Consumption of marijuana can take place at licensed businesses in 2018. So right now, it is now legal for persons of 21 years of age to use, possess, share, and grow cannabis at a private residence in California. Adults have free rein to open their bags and consume up to 1 ounce or 8 grams of concentrated doses without the consequences of being arrested. However, you are not legally able to purchase it on the black market. Someone who has already been growing marijuana can gift you a bud or a clone, but it is illegal for money to be exchanged.

Consumption of Marijuana at Licensed Retail Business Locations in 2008

With volumes of regulations and rules to sift through and organize, consumers won’t see marijuana on the products in your local stores for a spell, but it is projected that there will be conveniently made products on the shelves sometime in the year 2018. The deadline for the State of California to issue licensing for pot shops is January 1, 2018, so that is worse case scenario.

How Many Marijuana Plants Can I Grow in My California Home?

For those wanting to grow their own plants, there are some legal regulations required. Home cultivation has to be done in a fully enclosed and secure area, which makes growing it in your home the most simplistic way to abide by the rules. This rule was in place to minimize robbers being enticed by valuable products. A household however, no matter how many occupants, is limited to growing no more than 6 plants at one time. For folks living in denser neighborhoods, having a green house out of plain sight is not as easily accomplished as those living in rural areas.

Can I Smoke or Ingest Weed in Public in the State of California?

However, keep in mind that adults are not legally able to smoke or ingest weed in public. Though Proposition 64 will eventually allow for licensed on-site consumption, the rules are not quite in place. For now, the safest thing for those wanting to indulge in cannabis should stick to doing it in the privacy of their own homes.

Child Resistant Marijuana Packaging

Edibles are going to be strictly regulated due to some complications back in 2014 when Colorado legalized marijuana use. The children’s hospital reported that 9 kids had been brought in for treatment after accidentally consuming marijuana edible products that were candy or pastry form. To avoid similar outcomes, California limited edibles to having a small dose of THC, breaking it off in sections of nearly half an inch, so consumers would know exactly the amount they were ingesting. The edibles will be required to have childproof packaging and are not permitted to be fashioned into something that appeals to children.

Can I Take Marijuana Across California State Lines?

Bear in mind that marijuana cannot be taken across state lines. Because of the federal prohibition of the drug, the states that have legalized marijuana, all products have to be grown and consumed in that state only. Do not have it on your persons when flying.

Driving While High Charges

Proposition 64 does not permit you to use marijuana and operate vehicles, boats, aircrafts, or any other such vessels; if you are impaired by marijuana while driving their will be negative consequences, most likely similar to that of driving under the influence of alcohol. As of Nov. 9, 2016 criminal penalties will undergo change with the new laws in place concerning marijuana. Some past offenders will have a chance to get their records expunged (or get out of jail early) and people under the age of 18 will be sentenced with drug counseling and community service if they are caught with cannabis instead of jail time. When they come of age, those records will be destroyed.

Bail Bonds for Driving Under Influence in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced County, Visalia & Tulare County, Hanford & Kings County, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

In the event that you or a loved one made a mistake and drove under the influence of marijuana and have been arrested, contact Ajua Bail Bonds, we will get your bailed out of jail quickly and discreetly with our experienced and knowledgeable staff.

It appears recent allegations made against Bill Cosby and others may have spurred a change in the way California looks at rape. This could mean justice for thousands of rape victims that have been lost in the passing of time but it also means someone could accuse you of a rape that occurred many, many years ago and which you will now be required to defend. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about what these changes mean.

Rape Survivors Face Several Barriers in Coming Forward

For rape victims, it isn’t just about telling the nearest person what just happened to you. Unfortunately, there is a lot of shame and fear that many victims feel after being raped. For many, there is self-blame even if there is no wrong doing on their part at all. These barriers are a mountain to overcome, and then these victims have a legal time limit they had to work with as well. Now in the state of California, victims will not have this hurdle to get over anymore. For victims, this is life-changing news.

Previous Law Had a Legal Time Limit of 10 Years After Rape Took Place

The previous law requires that persecution of sex related crimes takes place within 10 years after the crime had been committed. If the crime happened to a minor, persecution had to take place before the victim’s 40th birthday. There were some instances where old cases were reopened after solid DNA evidence was found, but for the most part, those time limits were upheld.

California Sends a Message of Justice for Rape Victims

The state of California is sending a message to rape victims everywhere, and that is that they matter. That the crimes committed against them are not okay, and California is willing to take the necessary steps in order to right those wrongs. This tells sexual predators that there is no longer any protection in passing time.

What No Limitations on Rape Means for Those Accused

There are many people that don’t believe this new law is a good thing. They are worried that memories start to fade after a certain period of time and people will be wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit. The worry is that victims along with witness won’t be able to accurately remember the facts and that could pose huge problems with wrongful convictions in the State of California.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced County, Visalia & Tulare County, Hanford & Kings County, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

If you or someone you love is in jail on rape or other charges and you need to get them home, Ajua Bail Bonds can help make that a reality. Let us help you get the ones you love home today!

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