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Getting a call that you have a loved one that has been arrested is not a call anyone wants. It can be a very stressful time in your life and even more so for the person that has been arrested. The process of being arrested is the same no matter what the crime that you committed. The arresting officer will take you into custody and take you into the jail. The jail will process you through their system and have you placed in a cell awaiting your time to see the judge. The reason behind an arrest can vary and the severity of the crime will be a part of the sentence. One of the crimes that most people don’t know much about is trespassing. This is a crime that has many levels of severity but is enough that you may be arrested.

Ajua Bail Bonds Explains the Consequences of Trespassing on Private Property

What Constitutes Trespassing?: When it comes to trespassing there are several ways that it can be viewed. The main aspect that comes with trespassing has to do with land and/or property. The crime occurs when someone crosses over the property or enters in the property without the owner giving approval first. The owner of the property has the right to allow and deter anyone from using or entering the property. A trespasser may be arrested or charged with criminal and even civil crimes. The person that owns the property will have to work alongside the police department to have the offender arrested.
Signs of Trespassing: When it comes to keeping your property safe from people that might want to trespass is to use signage. The signs that you want to use will need to alert anyone that passes by that they are not welcome on the property. You can check into the laws in your area about the signs that are required and what the rules are about trespassing. You have the right as a property owner to go after the offender as long as you have alerted the property authorities. The other aspect of trespassing can come into account if you were welcome on the property but then asked to leave. If you refuse to leave you can be arrested for the same crime of criminal trespassing.
Can You be Singled out for Trespassing?: The other part of trespassing that some people are not able to understand happens to be when one person is singled out. If you are in an area that people regularly are allowed to be and congregate, you can still be arrested for trespassing. Just because other people are not picked up that happen to be in the same space as you is because they may not be causing trouble. The property owner or manager may ask someone to leave that is being disruptive or damaging the area. They can be singled out as a nuisance and be arrested.

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Ajua Bail Bonds offers bail services to help your loved ones from being kept in jail. Call us today to meet with one of our agents.

Generally, most people have the opportunity to post bail following an arrest. There are several options when it comes to posting bail. Most folks want to get out of jail as quickly as possible so they can return to their responsibilities and get their defense started, but not everybody has a variety of funds at their disposal. However, there is a little good news and that is you may not need to put up lots of collateral to secure a bail bond under certain conditions. We at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to take a moment to talk about no-collateral bail bonds.

What is a No Collateral Bail Bond

Essentially, your bail bonds person is vouching on your behalf that you will appear in court on your scheduled time. It is something likened to that as a loan of sorts. Instead of paying your balance, you simply show up in court. Generally, when you appear in court, you receive your collateral back as a security measure. You skip this step with the no-collateral bail bond.

How Do Bail Bonds Without Collateral Work?

In order to secure your bail, a no-collateral bail bond indicates that you do not need to sign over property or additional money. However, skipping on your bond, and failing to appear in court will make you solely responsible for paying the remainder of the bail. The bail bond company used to secure your freedom would make you responsible for that money.

Benefits of a No Collateral Bail Bond

One of the top benefits of securing a no-collateral bail bond is that you won’t have the stress of gathering the funds or finding property to put on the line. This gives you the opportunity to get back to work faster to avoid being fired. You do have to simply pay a small fee and move forward to put up collateral. To prevent having to go back to jail and paying for the bond make sure to show up for your hearings.

Factors in Determining Whether a No Collateral Bail Bond is Offered

When a bail bond agent first considers the factors, we will review your criminal background. We will take into account if you have had frequent arrests and if so your track record as far as bail is being paid. Any previous skips will make it ineligible. The bond agent will also consider the crime you have been arrested for and will need to be appearing for in court. Minor offenses are more easily bailed out on than more serious crimes and the violent crimes and felonies are generally not awarded no-collateral bond. The bail bond company will also review your credit history. If your history reflects that you fail to pay your credit debts, it would suggest that you are irresponsible and less likely to show up to court and pay your bail if you skip as opposed to somebody who has a better credit report. The length of time you been living in an area as well as being employed also carries weight in the decision as well. Those who drift and do not have a lot of history in the area are more likely to skip on their court obligations than someone who has roots in the area.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced, Visalia & Tulare, Hanford & Kings, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

No matter what your circumstances are when you need to post bail, call Ajua Bail Bonds and speak with our experts to find the most optimal solution for your case. We will help you get bailed out quickly and discreetly and we do offer no collateral bail bonds to approved applicants.

There are some phone calls that you never want to get. One happens to be that someone that you love has been arrested and they are calling to get your help. That call is usually not easy for the person that has been arrested. They can feel embarrassment and some guilt calling to ask for help. The biggest issue is that they have to contact a single person that will run point on getting them released from jail. The option to stay in the jail until you have been seen by a judge and potentially had a trial does exist but is not usually the best option. Many people want to be able to get out of jail so that they are able to continue to live a normal life in the process as well as prepare for their case. Staying behind bars hinders that person from making any strides in the right direction. The bail process is easiest for most arrestees when they have a trusted source that will sign on their behalf. If you are the person that gets that call you want to make sure you are aware of what you need to do when signing for someone’s bail.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines What You Need to Know About Signing for Someone’s Bail Bond

Record Court Dates & Set Reminders: Once you have signed for bail on another person’s behalf you need to make sure you are aware of all your responsibilities. Even though you are not the person that has been arrested you are on the hook. That means that if the person that you have signed for does not meet all the requirements you are on a position to be in trouble yourself. The first thing you need to get is to get a calendar or set alerts in your phone. The reason is that the person that has been arrested will need to attend court dates throughout their case. This can be several dates depending on the extent of the hearings that are needed. They have to be at each and every one. If they don’t, the court will issue a warrant and they will be taken back to jail. Then you are on the hook for any fees and other monetary obligations.
Make Payments & Pay Fees on Time: When someone is released from jail they are not totally a free citizen. They are still under some obligation to the court as well as the bond company. One of the obligations that they often have to make is payments to the bail company. They need to ensure that they are not late on any payments and if they plan on being late it is best for you to make the payment on their behalf. You don’t want to let the account get behind because if it does they can be re-arrested.
Keep in Contact with Arrestee & Bail Bondsman: You also want to make sure you are in contact with the person that was arrested and also with the bail bond company as well. They will want to know that you are working with them and alerting them to any troubles right away. This can be if the person you bailed out is getting into trouble or is struggling to meet any of the obligations.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced, Visalia & Tulare, Hanford & Kings, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

Ajua Bail Bonds offers bail services to help get your loved one out of jail after arrest. Call us today if you or a loved one have been arrested.

No one is perfect; most have made regrettable mistakes in their lives. Some have found themselves in trouble with the law and been arrested, whether they are guilty of the crime or not. When they have been put in jail, bail bond services are in place with the purpose to get you or a loved one free from jail to await and prepare for trial. Though Ajua Bail Bonds does everything in our power to make the bail bonding process as simple as possible, there are some factors that can make the process problematic. With that in mind, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to take the opportunity to relate some of the mistakes people make surrounding the bail bonding process in an effort to help you avoid them.

Hiring the Wrong Bail Bond Company

Not every bail bond company is reputable. They should be licensed, insured and carry the experience like Ajua Bail Bonds to ensure you are working with a legitimate bondsman company. Ask for the bondsman’s license number and make sure you are working with a dependable bail bond company that can get you or a loved one quickly, discreetly, and efficiently.

Passing Wrong Details on to the Bail Bondsman

Before calling the bail bond company, it is optimal you have all the correct and pertinent information gathered and ready to pass along. The full name of the person who is being held in jail, their date of birth, booking number, the county of the arrest, and the jail they are being held. Ensuring all the information given to the bail bondsman is correct is essential for a speedy release.

Not Arranging Bail Quickly

Most bail bonds, like Ajua Bail Bonds for example, are open 24/7. To get someone quickly released from jail, you know to get the process started as quickly as possible. The longer you wait the more time it will take. There is paperwork that takes time and the jail to process it as well as the release.

New Charge While Out on Bond

This happens frequently. A big mistake to do is get into more trouble with the law. After you post bail, it is under the assumption you intend to behave, follow the directions of the court, keep a low profile, get your personal life in order, and most importantly, prepare for your trial. Getting you in more trouble with the law will likely you get you denied for bail the 2nd time.

Missed Court Dates

The worst mistake anyone can do after getting bailed out of jail is failing to appear in court on your scheduled time. This leads to a host of new legal problems, losing any favor with the judge, and forfeiting your bail bond money. If you pay for the loved to get out of jail, it is your responsibility to ensure they appear in court at their appointment times.

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All of these mistakes are avoidable. When you or a loved one needs to be released from jail, call Ajua Bail Bonds promptly to get out quickly.

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