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When you or a loved one is arrested, it is important to know your rights. Until you are able to see the judge or have the opportunity to be bailed out of jail with Ajua Bail Bonds prompt services, knowing your rights is essential. With that in mind, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to remind you of inmate rights.

Prisoners First Amendment Rights

To the extent that the rights don’t affect their status as an inmate, all inmates are given First Amendment rights. Protection for the inmates against inhumane treatment, like cruel and unusual punishment, these rights include very important things in addition to the minimal issues such as prison personnel being prevented to open the mail of an inmate.

Inmate Right to Not Be Discriminated Against

Whether the discrimination is regarding their race, age, gender, religion, or anything else; prisoners have the right to be free from being discriminated against. The court will use rational-basis scrutiny to determine if it is constitutional should there be any proven discrimination towards an inmate. Each topic of discrimination has different protocols to determine the course of action.

Inmate Right Not to Be Harassed

Other inmates or prison staff cannot harass the inmate as they have the right not to ensure harassment. A rather serious matter that can potentially lead to penalties for the perpetrators and criminal sanctions, in the event an inmate reports that they are being harassed or the prison staff is allowing it to occur by putting them into situations where they could be harassed.

Disabled & Incarcerated

Any inmate that is disabled is to be granted the right for their needs to be accommodated. A prisoner in a wheelchair, for example requires enough cell space to turn and maneuver the chair, in addition to the specific bathroom requirements. The right to participate in physical prison programs should also be given to disabled inmates.

Inmates have the Right to Complain About Prison Conditions

Inmates have the right to bring up to officials and the court if they feel the prison conditions are unsanitary, unsafe, or otherwise warrant a complaint. However, before the inmate can file a claim in the courts, they are required to try to resolve the complaint with prison authorities first.

Medical Care Rights of Prisoners

To an extent, prisoners have the right to medical care. They can have their tooth pulled, but not filled should they be feeling pain from a cavity. Keep in mind each case will vary but reasonable treatment is given where extensive treatment is not.

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There are many rights that inmates have, whether you are in jail or prison, these are just the basics. It is always optimal to know your rights or the rights of the inmate you have incarcerated. Ajua Bail Bonds can help you with your rights and post bail, call us today if you are a loved one needs assistance posting bail and we can help answer any of your questions regarding the rights of your inmate.

When you are arrested you are going to be taken into custody. The arrest is being made under several instances that include an officer witnessing a crime. It can also be from a warrant regarding fines or other troubles that you were convicted of previously. You can even be arrested from a second party that has witnessed an event that you were a party to. These are all reasons that lead to an arrest but you want to be prepared for what is to come. The process of being booked is really the same every time as long as you cooperate. You will be taken to the jail and they will process you through which usually means fingerprints, photos, removing your personal belongings and setting you up to see the judge. The judge is going to be the person that will make it so that you can be bonded out of jail. After you have met with a bail bond company and paid your bond they will release you from jail. When you are released there are usually terms that will exist with the release. One of them is that you might be sentenced to probation when your case has been settled. This is a way to show that you will remain a good citizen and continue to stay out of trouble.

Ajua Bail Bonds Offers Tips for Staying Out of Jail when on Probation

Make Your Probation Payments or Court Fees: One of the things you need to do when you are released and sentenced is to pay off any restitution and fees that you have. This might be to the court or to the probation office. If you have any fees and they are set up on a schedule that has to be paid monthly you want to make sure you pay them. It would behoove you to drop anything that you have going on and make sure that you are there early to make the payment. If you miss even a single payment this can be deemed violation in the terms of your probation. You can then be taken back to jail and you will be required to continue your jail sentence.
Don’t Miss Any Court Appointments: When you are released you will have some appointments that you will need to keep up with. These are all written into your probation and you sign that you will ensure you attend to them. There are several types of appointments that you may need to attend. You need to meet with the probation officer, attend classes that were made for you or a court date that you need to attend. You want to make sure that you are in constant contact with your officer so that you know when you need to be at each appointment.
Don’t Commit Any Crimes: Of course the last way to make sure that you stay out of jail is to stay away from any crime. If you participate in any crime at all you will be violated and taken back to jail immediately. Not only will you be back in jail but you also will be facing more charges for the crime that you committed.

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Ajua Bail Bonds has the ability to work with you or your loved ones to get you out of jail. Our bail bond services can make sure that the process runs as smooth as possible. Contact us to get out of jail fast!

Generally, most knowledge from the legal systems comes from police procedures and courtroom dramas. Where so many watch and enjoy these films, the facts are not accurate and Hollywood often confuses the terms of parole and probation. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to distinguish the difference between parole and probation as most believe they are interchangeable, though they are two separate things.

What is Probation & How Does it Work?

Probation is served outside of custody as a criminal sentence and without the requirement of spending time in detention prior to probation being granted. As long as the probation terms are being met, the defendant is allowed to remain out of custody for the duration of probation. Probation includes conditions such as not using drugs, maintaining a steady job, and regular check-ins with a probation officer though these can vary. The probation terms are determined by the defendants’ criminal history or by the offense committed.

What is the Purpose of Parole

Parole is where the defendant is supervised after being released early from custody. Serving out the remainder of their sentence in relative freedom, the defendant, once released from prison, has a parole conditions similar to probation conditions. However, both parole and probation are alternative punishments to incarceration.

Difference Between Parole & Probation

1) Only for first-time, non-violent offenders, probation is offered to keep them out of prison. This helps lessen the population in already overpopulated prisons in addition to preventing the defendant to become radicalized in prison, which will only make them more of a threat when they are released from prison.
2) For inmates that demonstrate consistently good behavior during the duration of their prison sentence, parole is offered to those who are eligible.
3) As it is a sentenced served, probation is granted by the courts at time of sentencing.
4) To determine if an inmate is eligible for parole, a parole board convenes at a hearing to decide whether or not parole should be granted.
5) Should the defendant violate the terms of their probation, they will be resentenced in court which will likely result in prison time. Violators of parole are returned back to prison where they are forced to serve the remainder original prison sentence. Depending on the severity of the violation of the parole term can result in addition prison time.

Other Differences & Similarities Between Probation & Parole

In a nutshell, probation is an alternative to prison and parole is an early release from prison. The nature of justice for probation is determinative, and parole it is administrative. The court makes the decision for probation whereas a parole board makes the decision for parole. Probation is granted before incarceration and parole is granted after a portion of the prison sentence has been served. Probation is only granted to non-violent, first-time offenders, where parole is granted to inmates who have demonstrated good behavior while in custody. The supervision of someone on probation is a probation officer where someone out on parole is supervised by a parole officer.

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While they are similar, they are still different options for serving tine after a conviction of a crime. Where once you have you been processed and sentenced bail is no longer applicable, Ajua Bail Bonds can help post bail on the initial charges. Call us today if you have recently been arrested and need to make bail.

Once you are an adult the choices that you make on a regular basis can impact your life. If you choose to break the law there are consequences that will come along with it. There are many laws that can be broken just within your daily routine. There are other laws that are much more severe that may take some thought if you break them and won’t happen by chance. No matter what the severity of the crime that has been committed the process that occurs will stay the same. The outcome of your case does depend on the severity and your criminal record. It is a good idea to know what happens when you are arrested until you are let out of jail. You want to make sure that you are aware of the steps that often occur and what you can expect.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines what Happens when You are Booked in Jail

Police Procedure for Arresting Someone: The first part of your arrest is that you are actually arrested. The arrest comes of course after you have committed a crime or you are charged with a crime. Anyone that has been arrested has the right to a fair hearing where they are able to attempt to prove their innocence. The arrest comes when an officer places you in custody and often will take you down to the jail and have you booked,
Being Detained By Police Rights: The officer that places you under arrest must read or recite some rights that you have when you are arrested. The arresting officer is required to let you know what your rights are so that you can exercise them if you so choose. These are what are referred to as your Miranda Rights. They include the right to not speak to the officers that have taken you into custody or any subsequent detective or officer. You have the right to have an attorney with you when you are questioned and the court has to appoint one to you if you are not able to procure your own. You also should be made aware that any and all statements that you choose to make the court may use against you when the trial comes up. It is your responsibility to know your rights and protect yourself when you are being arrested.
Booking Process in the Criminal Justice System: After you have been arrested most people want to get out as soon as they possibly can. You don’t want to spend time in the jail if you can avoid it. The best way to do that is to get through the booking process and get bail set. The booking will include fingerprints, photographs, a search of your person and placed in a secure location until you see a judge. The judge is who will appoint your bail amount and if you are eligible. At this point the bail bond company that you hire can get you released from the jail.

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Ajua Bail Bonds can get you released from the jail as soon as you are able to see the judge or have your bail approved. Call us today!

If you have never been arrested you may not know what the process is. No matter what type of crime you have been arrested for you have to be processed the same way. The first thing that will happen to you is that you are arrested and taken into custody by an officer. They will take you into the jail and have you booked where you are fingerprinted, photographed and placed in a cell awaiting to see a judge. The judge is the one that will be able to hear your case and set a bail bond amount. This is the time that you can use a bail company to get you out of jail. It might surprise you to know that there are some crimes that are very common and people are arrested for most of the time. Although most people are not arrested on a regular basis you may be arrested for one of the most common crimes. It might help you to know that you are not alone.

Ajua Bail Bonds Lists Top Arrests & Most Common Crimes

Driving Under the Influence: One of the reasons that a person is arrested and brought to the jail is for driving under the influence also known as DUI. This is when a person has some sort of intoxication whether it is drugs, alcohol or medication. The impairment of your brain when on these substances does not allow you to control a vehicle in the way that it was intended. It is too easy for a person to think that they only had a drink or two and they can get home safe. This is never a good idea and there are lots of other options. You can use a ride share service, taxi or even a friend. This is a crime that will constitute an arrest and it will affect your driver’s license as well as your insurance.
Drug Possession Charges: The next crime that people are arrested for is possession of illegal drugs. You can be arrested if you have drugs on your person that are illegal. This includes having prescription pills that you don’t have the prescription for, all the way to illegal drugs. You also can be arrested for crimes if you are caught buying and selling them as well.
Assault on a Person: There are several levels of assault that you can be arrested for. This vast array of crimes means that it is much more common than you might think. It can be a fist fight that you get into with someone, if you use a weapon to attack someone or even a gun. These are all levels of assault you can be arrested for. Depending on the level of the assault you can be facing a long time in jail.
Burglary: The next crime that is common is one that is on the rise. It seems that you can find a residential break in on a daily basis. This is only part of the theft and burglary that is taking place. You can be arrested for shoplifting as well as stealing from your place of employment. There are usually surveillance or witnesses to the crime that end up being the reason someone is arrested.

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