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Archives: October 2018

Some view Halloween as a rather odd holiday. But one night a year, kids and adults alike, even some pets, dress up into various costumes and are encouraged to take candy from strangers, something otherwise forbidden any other night. Despite the fun and excitement Halloween offers, may people associate Halloween with danger and a surge in crime. With scary tales, urban legends, and vengeful spirit stories, there is definitely an element of fear. However, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share some myths regarding crime on Halloween.

Most Common Crimes on Halloween

Myth: More than any other day, there are more DUI arrests on Halloween.
Though all national holidays in the United States have a higher drunk driving rate than typical days, Halloween doesn’t rank as one of the top holidays for DUI arrests. Holidays that outrank Halloween with DUI arrests include:
– Independence Day
– Thanksgiving
– Christmas
– New Year’s
– Patrick’s Day
– Valentine’s Day
However, there is still quite a few more drunk drivers on the road, statistically speaking, on Halloween than any normal day. If is important you and your kids stay clear of the roads and if you decide to drink, do it responsibly and have a designated driver, or utilize a driving service.
Myth: The most fatal day for children in child-vehicle deaths, is Halloween.
This myth is actually fact in many cities. Though the DUI arrests are fewer, there are more children on the road and is the day of highest rate of pedestrian-vehicle accidents. In fact on Halloween, kids are 4 times more likely to be hit by a moving motorized vehicle than any other day. Make sure to have your kids stay on the sidewalk and when they do cross the street, make sure it is at a crosswalk and they look both ways and ensure it is safe to cross; do NOT assume any vehicles on the road will give you the right of way.
Myth: Sex offenders strike more frequently on Halloween.
California has Operation Boo, which is a state law designed regulate the activities of convicted sex offenders on Halloween. Though these laws are preventive measures, there is no significant increase in sex crimes on Halloween. These crimes still occur on Halloween, but just as often as any other year. Be sure to stay in groups while attending activities and events.
Myth: On Halloween, children are more likely to get abducted.
There is no notable spike in kidnappings on October 31, although there have been isolated cases of child kidnappings on Halloween. In the U.S., the sad truth is that every 40 seconds, a child is getting kidnapped. Halloween is not the only night where sick individuals decide to abduct or hurt a child. Make sure your child does not do anything alone, stay in groups. If they are old enough to go to parties without adult supervision, place a curfew and regular check in times they can text you at.
Myth: Neighbors poisoning candy have resulted in trick-treaters dying.
Though there have been isolated incidents from where disgusting individuals have tampered with candy, the candy handed out by the sweet neighbor is likely safe candy. Some experts recommend staying clear from baked goods and unwrapped candy if you want to be cautious, and it never hurts to be safe and inspect the candy before letting your kids eat it. But according to experts, it is unlikely the candy has been contaminated.

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An unpleasant feeling is having a warrant out for your arrest. There is a constant worry that you may get tracked down and arrested. Whether the arrest might happen in a public setting in front of friends, at a routine traffic stop where your vehicle also gets impounded, or even likened to that of an action movie where the boys in blue bear down on you in front of your family at home or at work in front of all of your colleagues. A warrant walk through might be the better solution if your offense is minor such as not appearing in traffic court, unpaid traffic tickets, or other things of that nature. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds like to explain a warrant walk through for a better understanding.

What is a Walk Through Bond?

A warrant walk through is a court arrangement through a preapproved bail bondsman that books and processing you after turning yourself in by warrant. Even though you were documented as being arrested, this option can prevent spending time in jail. An official arrest needs to be made when an offense, like a felony or a Class A or B misdemeanor has been made, making the arrest necessary to resolve the case as it is lawful to perform an arrest to satisfy the arrest warrant. It is more time efficient for the courts for everyone involved to utilize the warrant walk through when there is an outstanding arrest warrant. Turning yourself in gets you without the jail time as you go through the process of a warrant walk through also helps you tremendously in your case, even in small menial cases, often resulting in a dismissal.

How Long Does a Walk Through Procedure Take?

The procedure of a warrant walk through is fairly simple. You will be accompanied to the jail to begin the procedure with a representative from a bail bond company. After an officer confirms the warrant issued from their database, they officially put you into custody. The process continues as the officer will ask you basic questions regarding your person information, takes your booking photo and fingerprinting. The officer will then confirm warrants and accept the bail bond and lift the warrant out of the system following the “booking” steps. You are given a copy of your bond that has your court date printed on it. Typically, those with the warrant walk through are given priority for your release, although depending on the jail, you may then have to go to a processing section of the jail to complete the release paper work. When you decide to go through the steps of a warrant walk through, you will want to avoid bringing personal property with you and only have a form of ID with you such as a government issue ID such as passport or driver’s license. The reasons being as that all personal effects are confiscated and help until the you are released from the jail, where you then get everything back.

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Ajua Bail Bonds provides warrant walk through services, where one of our experienced professionals can help you post bail for yourself or a loved one with our experience and expertise, it is a smooth and friendly transition. In Kings County, you will need to be present but in Fresno, Madera and Tulare County, Ajua Bail Bonds can take care of the jail and court without you even having to be at the jail in person! Call us today to get started.

No one wants to get a call in the night from someone saying they have been arrested. This can be a frightening call that might send you reeling. The call is not one that will be long and the person that has been arrested may not have a ton of details. If you are the person that they have chosen to call you want to make sure that you are ready to get to work on what they might need. Of course there is a process that they will have to go through just like anyone that has been put into police custody. At some point they will get to see a judge and this is when a bail will be set. That is the point in their stay that they will be allowed to work with a bail bond agency to get released from jail. You want to make sure that if you are the person they call for help you are ready to take on the responsibility. There are several things that you should know and be ready to do if you sign their bail to have them released.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines What Happens when You Bail Someone Out of Jail

Know the Bail Stipulations: When someone has been arrested it is under the guise that they have committed an offense that is punishable by law. That does not mean that they are guilty of the charge but they are considered someone that will be prosecuted. You want to make sure that when the person that has been arrested sees the judge they understand the terms of their release. More importantly you need to make sure that you know what the terms of the release are. If you have signed for their release you can be held liable if they do not hold up to their end of the bargain. That is why it is important that you receive a list of the expectations when they are released. You can help to ensure that they are following all the rules. These can be anything from attending classes to not drinking any alcohol. It might be daunting to keep track but it is a good way to protect yourself.
Make Bail Bond Payments on Time: When the person has been arrested and then release they often are given some way to make amends. That means that they will likely have to make payments to the court. You want to make sure that all the payments that are required are made and never late. If they are going to be late it is better to go and make the payment on their behalf to protect your interest.
Don’t Miss Court Dates: The other thing and a very important and should be taken care of is the court dates. The court dates are important for the defendant to show up to. This might mean that you need to give them a ride and sit in the court hearing if necessary. One of the fastest ways to have a warrant issued for your arrest is to miss a court ordered date.

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A misdemeanor is considered to be a more minor crime. In California, despite such, there are still firm consequences. You will be held in police custody until your bail hearing following an arrest for a misdemeanor. Generally, you are given the opportunity to post bail, whether you do it yourself with the professionals of Ajua Bail Bonds. Otherwise, you will have to remain in jail until your trial. A conviction of misdemeanor charges can result in up to a year of jail time and a fine of over $1,000 among other penalties. There are many minor crimes that are classified as misdemeanors, but there are some more common than others and today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to take the opportunity to share the more common misdemeanor arrests in California.

List of Misdemeanor Examples

Standard Misdemeanors: The mildest category of misdemeanors in California law are Standard Misdemeanors. Potentially punishable with up to six months in jail or a fine of up to $1,000, the most common of standard misdemeanors are listed below.
Drug Possession: Having a controlled substance without a prescription.
Drunk in Public: In the event you cannot care for yourself, hinder other people’s safety, or interfere with others’ ability to use public spaces because you are so intoxicated, you are charged with drunk in public.
Shoplifting: Attempting to take without paying from a commercial establishment while the establishment is open for property under the value of $950 is shoplifting.
Prostitution: Anyone over the age of 18 paying, accepting money, or offering to accept money for sexual acts is considered prostitution under California Law.
Indecent Exposure: Willfully exposing genitals to others for the purpose of sexual gratification or offense is known as indecent exposure.
Petty Theft: Stealing an object under $400 in value is petty theft.
Aggravated / Gross Misdemeanors: Considered a little more severe than standard misdemeanors, aggravated or gross misdemeanors are punishable by up to 364 days in jail or a fine of over $1,000. The most common aggravated misdemeanors include the following:
DUI without Injury: Caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol where no one was injured and only a misdemeanor if you have no other DUI convictions.
Domestic Battery: The willful and harmful or offensive touching against a cohabitant, significant other, or parent of your child is known as domestic battery.
Driving with a Suspended License: If you continue to drive with a suspended license, you get a conviction.
Restraining order Violation: If you have a restraining order against you and you violate the terms of the order results in charges violating a restraining order.

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Having convictions of misdemeanor chargers can be detrimental on your record. When you have been arrested with a misdemeanor, not only do you want to get out of jail to get back to your life and responsibilities, but you need to begin building a defense. Getting out of jail is done quicker with Ajua Bail Bonds. Our team of experts has the resources, skills, and experience to get you out of jail as quickly and efficiently as possible. Call us as soon as possible to get you out of jail.

There are laws, rules and regulations that we all have to adhere to. They are there to keep yourself as well as the people around you safe. The laws are also there so that there is a way for the police department to find fault. When it comes to traveling there are different laws that exist in these states that might differ from where you’re from. That can often times make it a problem when you are not familiar with the area you are in. The fact is that you are responsible for the laws in the state and city that you are visiting. If you are in a position that you are arrested while traveling out of state it can be scary. You will be taken to a jail in an area that you are not familiar with and in a space that you might not know anyone. You want to make sure that you know what to do if you are arrested or you have a loved one that has been arrested out of state.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines How to Deal With an Arrest While Traveling Out Of State

Call a Loved One when Arrested Out of State: Once you are arrested you have to be taken to the jail and processed just like any other criminal. They are not going to treat you any different than any other inmates that are being taken into custody. There is not much you can do at that point but as soon as you are given a chance you need to make contact with someone that is able to help you. They need to be able to make contact with your family, friends and anyone that you need. They need to be able to get information from you so that they can start to get together what is needed to get you released. This might be hard if you are not from the area and you don’t know who can help.
Use a Local Bail Bond Company: You want the person that you contact to get a hold of a bail bond company right away. They need to be able to give the information the bail bonds will need to work on the case. They will need to know what jail you have been taken to and they need to know your name and where you were arrested. It is also a good idea to know what charges they are up against. They will need to contact the jail to find out what your chances are of release and what is needed in terms of bail.
Understand the Terms of the Arrest: If you are arrested in the state that you preside it is very different if you are out of state. If you are out of state you will want to travel back home after you are released. It will depend on the crime that you are being prosecuted for if you will be allowed. Make sure that when you are released you have a clear understanding about what you are required to do. Whether it is stay in the state of attend all of your court appearances. If you fail to follow the terms you will taken back into custody.

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Ajua Bail Bonds has the ability to work with you on getting released out of jail. Click here to learn more about our transfer bonds. Call us today and let one of our agents help you get out of jail now!

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