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When you get in trouble with the law it can be hard to sift through the problem that you might be facing. When you live or travel in a certain area it is your responsibility to know what the laws are and to make sure that you keep them. If you fail to do so at any time in your life you can be taken into custody by the local law enforcement and booked for that crime. Now that you have been arrested it is important to know what the means for you and what the kind of arrest you have. This is a great way to help navigate what your life may look like after getting in trouble.

Ajua Bail Bonds Compares Infractions VS Misdemeanors VS Felonies

Understanding Infractions: If you are getting in some sort of trouble with the law an infraction is the kind that you want. This is the lowest amount of trouble and the great thing is that an infraction in and of itself cannot send you to jail. The infraction is usually what people know as a traffic ticket or a speeding ticket. These are still something that you want to make sure that you take care of so that they don’t turn into a larger problem for you. The ramifications for an infraction is not something that you will get time in jail for but often you are given a fine that would require you to pay to pay the court. AS long as you pay that fine the infraction will only be listed at the department of motor vehicles and the local police department.
Understanding Misdemeanor Charges: The way that you are charged with a crime has several things that help to make the determination. The determination is made based on the severity of the crime and when it is minor in the eyes of the law. If the law decides that the crime is minor then it would be considered a misdemeanor. When you are charged with a misdemeanor then you are still going to likely be booked in jail and must see the judge. The way that you are sentenced for a misdemeanor like any crime that is committed is by the crime itself and also by the person that committed the crime. Many times this will not require you to be sent to jail for more than a year. There are some times that the crime will not require you to spend time behind bars at all. If you are arrested for any crime you can still use bail bond services to get released while you prepare for the case to be heard.
Understanding a Felony: The type of crime that you want to avoid at all costs happens to be a felony. This is a crime that will require you to be sent to jail, pay fines and also have lifelong ramifications. You have a record that will show this and that is something that can keep you from getting jobs and clearance for many things in life. A felony charge is something you can still get released on bail and prepare for the case but the outcome will be much more severe.

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To ensure the safety of drivers and pedestrians in multiple ways, DUI checkpoints are created and can be very beneficial. In areas that may have a higher chance of accidents, the primary functions of the inspections are to catch and prevent impaired drivers. The inspection is usually set up in a high DUI accident area and with the checkpoint, law enforcement does not need to have probable cause to pull you over. However, there are things you should be aware of when approaching a DUI checkpoint, and we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to offer you the insight. Knowing your rights is important!

DUI Checkpoint Announcements & Notifications

About a week ahead of time the checkpoints generally require notice by law enforcement. Law enforcement social media channels, local news, and newspapers, and so on, usually announces them. You can make a case if there aren’t any visible signs while being stopped, though it isn’t unconstitutional if you don’t receive notification about the checkpoint in advance. Should you get arrested at this checkpoint, this information may help your defense.
Checkpoints are authorized by Vehicle Code 2814 in California. However, you are not forced to go through the checkpoint and as long as there is a safe, and lawful alternative route, you can simply go around the checkpoint. Although, if it does appear you are intoxicated, police officers can still pull you over.

Symptoms of Intoxication Does Not Always Result in a DUI

From your physical appearance alone, the officer is looking for signs of intoxication initially. Red or watery eyes, slurred speech, driving erratically, and inability to answer questions are few examples. These symptoms alone do not equate to a DUI charge. For instance, if you drop something that causes you to swerve, or if have red eyes due to allergies or explanations have to be taken in consideration. If this is the case, bail out of jail and hire a DUI defense lawyer to explain the facts.

Field Sobriety Tests

Field Sobriety Tests sometimes aren’t accurate just like the visible appearance. Natural physical coordination, nerves during the time of the test, or fatigue and other circumstances can deter the results of the test.

Law Enforcement Procedures

You cannot be arrested simply on suspicion of drinking. Designed to protect civilians from misconduct of police officers, they must adhere to correct procedures. Three main procedures for conducting a stop. You can get pulled over without probable cause at checkpoint. Probable cause is based in fact and not suspicion, but in DUI cases, the distinction is a gray area. In California, officers must follow Title 17 of the California Code of Regulations. This is concerning the breath, blood and urine tests checking alcohol levels. The case can be thrown out in the event they tamper or conduct the tests inaccurately.

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There are a time in some people’s lives that they will end up breaking the law. This can be anything from not paying your child support payments to murder. There are a plethora of crimes that can be committed that are at all sorts of levels. If you are caught breaking the law or committing a crime you will be arrested and booked at the local jail. The booking is the same just about anywhere you go. You have to be processed through the jail by being photographed, fingerprinted and charged with a crime. When this occurs you can look into seeing a judge and getting your bond set. This is an amount that you can pay to be released from jail that needs to be worked from a bail bond agent. This is so that you can be released from jail and given time to work on your case. If you are given a sentence you will have to live out the days in the jail. When you are in jail there are some people that are not sure what rights, if any, the inmates have that are being housed. There are rights that the inmates have and they are governed by the laws.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines Prisoner’s Rights When Incarcerated in Jail

Prisoners are Protected from Discrimination: When you are sent to jail to live out your sentence you might just feel like another number. You will see people from every walk of life in the jail and the great thing is that the inmate has the right be protected from discrimination. That means that they are not allowed to be treated any different because of their race, religion, color, background and disability. You are allowed to be yourself in jail as long as you are keep with the security guidelines. If you feel like any officer or staff is discriminating against you it is best to place a complaint with the jail itself.
Inmates are Protected from Harassment: When a person is in the jail they are given the right to be protected. They will be housed in the jail with other inmates and fed three meals a day. The problems are that not everyone will get along and that could lead to some harassment. It can be from other prisoners or it can be from the officers. If the person is being harassed then they have the right to make a complaint to ensure their own safety.
Disabled Inmates Rights: Not everyone that goes to jail is in great physical or mental condition. The inmates that are in the jail can have some disabilities that will require them to have some special accommodations. The jail has to offer the services that you need in order to protect your safety while being at the jail. You will need to have a note from a doctor or see the jails staff to determine what is needed.
Prisoners Rights to Medical Care: As an inmate, you have a right to adequate medical care and equal treatment. This is guaranteed by the Constitution and federal law. The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits “cruel and unusual punishment” and gives convicted inmates the right to adequate medical care.

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