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Archives: December 2018

For many folks, the holiday seasons marks a season of joy and happiness. There is more time spent with loved ones, people tend to be a little kinder, and the traditions, activities, and parties are in full swing. However, there are also many who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and others that simply make more poor choices, especially where the law is concerned. Statistically, there more crimes that are committed during the holiday season than the rest of the year. We at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share these more commonly committed crimes.

Burglary; Porch Pirates Stealing Packages

A recent study conducted by Allstate Insurance Company reveals that not only are there specific crimes that increase during this time of year, but the crime rate in general increases. There is a plethora of excuses as to why rebelling compels people to turn to criminal acts. By far one of the most committed crimes is theft; when thieves walk up to porches and steal packages. Sparking the opportunity to burglarize is seeing the creatively wrapped gifts as well.


Shoplifting, a fairly obvious crime, is another that tops the list. Employees are often overwhelmed with customer needs and large numbers. With the large crowds that circulate through the shops, a shoplifter can slip in and out, pilfering what they want with little risk of getting caught without substantial manpower.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is among the common crimes of the season that increase. Dishonest people are ready to pounce with the volumes of names on debit cards, bank accounts, credit cards, and lines of credit. With the hustle and bustle, and people letting their guard down while spreading good cheer, most are distracted when the unsavory characters are using the identity of shoppers to get away with a good haul.

Driving Under the Influence

Thisis another crime that arises with the holiday. Seasonal drinks are among the merriment that comes in many forms. From spreading good cheer through the spectrum are drowning their sorrows and bitterness the season brings in alcohol, a lot of people will find themselves getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

Common Holiday Crimes

Whether they are looking for a quick thrill, at the brink of desperation looking for a means, there are countless circumstances that drive people to commit crimes as they holiday season tends to increase the criminal activity.
The crimes listed below gives you a brief idea of the common crimes committed during the holidays though the above mentioned crimes are among the most common.
– Shoplifting
– Sexual assault
– Robbery
– Rape
– Identity theft
– Fraud and scams
– Family violence
– Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
– Auto theft

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You have a trusted resource in getting yourself bailed out of jail with Ajua Bail Bonds in the event you have found yourself having to deal with the holiday season this year with poor judgment or have been in a situation that has gotten you arrested despite your innocence. To help you get out of jail as quickly as possible, you can count on our experienced staff that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call Ajua Bail Bonds today to get your bail.

Nobody wants to get a call letting them know that their friend or family member has been arrested. There are many reasons that a person can be arrested from very small and petty crimes all the way to the worst of the worst. The scariest thing is that you immediately wonder what could have happened. They will likely get to call you once they have already been arrested and sent to the jail. That means you need to act fast with what help you plan to offer them. There are lots of things that you can do to be a support to your loved one that has been arrested.

Ajua Bail Bonds Offers Tips for How to Deal with a Loved One in Jail

What to Say to Someone Going to Jail: When you know you have a loved one that has been arrested you want to make sure you do what you can to show them you still love them. One of the ways that you can do is to make sure you answer any calls that you get from them. They may not be at the most opportune time but do what you can to take the call. You also want to write letters back if they send them so that they have a feel of home and comfort while they are waiting to be released.
Get the Right Arrest Information: When your loved one makes a call to let you know that they have been arrested you want to make sure that you let them talk but you also should be ready to get information. You want to try your best to keep them calm so that you can gather what you need. You are not going to be able to do much unless you have the information surrounding the arrest. You want to know what happened and how they were picked up. You want to know if there are any other people arrested with them and what the charges are. You also want to find out where they are being held so that you can start the process that comes next.
Find a Bail Bondsman: Once you have the information that you need from the person that has been arrested you need to start looking at a way to get them out of jail. The best way to do that is call a local bail bond company. The great thing is that it is their job to know what to do next. They will need to gather some information about the person who was arrested and you then collect what is required by the courts. You want to also make sure that you are ready to take on the responsibility of signing for their bail. This is the best way to help get them out of jail and in a position so that they can work on their case.

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Ajua Bail Bonds can help to get your loved one out of jail after being arrested. Call us today!

Getting arrested without committing a crime is a lot worse than getting arrested for one you did. For many individuals in Southern California, this occurs nearly daily. Most would like to believe in the justice system and if you are a law-abiding citizen, you stay out of trouble and stay safe. Whether misunderstandings, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, vendettas, or hanging with the wrong crowd, innocent people find themselves getting arrested all the time. More often than not, these are the people that are more stressed than those that are guilty. Being put behind bars unlawfully can be an anxiety filled event. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to expound on how common unlawful arrests are in Southern California.

What is an Unlawful Arrest?

An unlawful arrest is when law enforcement arrests an individual without sufficient evidence. Where there are countless reasons as to why officers will arrest you, many times they often act because the police may have information about a warrant, informant’s knowledge, or other influences; this isn’t always the best choice.

How Common are Unlawful Arrests?

Unlawful arrests, here in California, are relatively common. Between 2011 and 2015, police made 1.5 million felony arrests in the state is revealed in a study by Human Rights Watch. One in three of the arrestees were never found guilty among these statistics. A portion of them were indeed illegal, but this does not suggest all of these arrests were unlawful. Some counties are more notorious for unlawful arrests than others. Crimes range from mild to severe for unlawful arrests.

What to Do if You’re Unlawfully Arrested

With the right tools and support, you can fight back even when you been unlawfully arrested. You may feel hopeless and frustrated but your first step after being wrongfully arrested is to post bail. Contact Ajua Bail Bonds to get bail posted quickly, discreetly and efficiently as possible. Most felony charges are subject to bail to help you get out of jail and begin working on your defense and settling personal matters before trial. This step is essential as it is the beginning of recovering your life and proving your innocence. Once outside of jail, you will feel less stressed and overwhelmed where you can have access to legal support and endless supply of resources. You can discuss with your lawyer the evidence, witnesses, and gather other uses for your defense. You should also maintain a personal life, such as working to jeep up on financial responsibilities. Your next priority is the legal counsel. Be sure to make sure you file a claim for false arrest and imprisonment with the police department. Your lawyer can help you with the details; but keep in mind you have six months to sue and if you wait until the time expires, you lose this option.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced, Visalia & Tulare, Hanford & Kings, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

With so many circumstances to the individual’s arrest, there is an urgency to post bail and get with an attorney as soon as possible. To get your bail posted quickly, call Ajua Bail Bonds today and let our experts do the rest.

You never want to be arrested but it can happen and that is why it is a good idea to know what you should do. The arrest is not something that you can get out of because the officer is likely not in the position to decide innocence. That is what the court system is for and that is why it is best to avoid arrest at all costs. There are all kinds of arrests that you can be taken into custody for. Some of them are minor and won’t cause too many problems later in life while others can be damaging to you and your family. When it comes to a domestic violence arrest they can be damaging for many reasons. One is that there is an obvious unrest in your home if there is some violence. You want to make sure you are aware of what comes when you are arrested for domestic violence.

Ajua Bail Bonds Offers Tips for Dealing with a Domestic Violence Charge

What is Domestic Violence?: Some people are under the impression that if you are not married the arrest cannot be considered domestic violence. That is not true in terms of the law. You can be arrested under domestic violence if you have any altercation with a spouse, someone you are dating, someone you have a child with or even between siblings and parents. The violence that can occur can be from pushing, hitting, punching or any abuse that includes emotional. There is usually a buildup of things that happen to cause a spouse of relative to act out in a certain way that includes any level of violence. It is best to avoid a volatile relationship with anyone so that you are not stuck getting arrested for reacting or acting out.
Who Presses Charges for Domestic Violence?: When you are in a fight with a loved one or someone that you had any level of intimate relations with you could be arrested. The person that you are fighting with can call the police on you and tell them the situation. An officer will arrive on the scene and take a report on the story and what they deduce has likely happened. The person that has been deemed the aggressor of the person that has injured another will be arrested. The problem is that the person you are in a fight with is not the only person that can call on you. A neighbor that overhears the fight or someone who can see what is happening can also call. The officer may pull up and see the fight in progress and take the arrest into their own hands.
Can You Get Bailed Out of Jail for Domestic Violence?: The arrest for domestic violence will still be addressed by a judge and your arrest record will play a role. The odds of being released on bail is likely as long as there aren’t any serious charges still pending. You want to make sure that you use a bail service to get you out and be sure that you have a place to go to not cause more unrest at the house.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced, Visalia & Tulare, Hanford & Kings, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

Ajua Bail Bonds can help to get you released from jail after a domestic violence arrest. Contact our office to get out of jail fast!

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