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When you are being arrested you are likely not thinking clearly about what you need to do to get out. You might be arguing about what the arrest is regarding. You might be wondering how you got caught. There are lots of things that run through your mind but the best thing you can do is act correctly when you are being arrested. You want the officer that is arresting you to not add more to your arrest report that might look bad. When you are arrested the jail will be booking you in and then you have to wait to go to court and see a judge. This is the part of the arrest that is needed in order to get bail and get out of jail. The bail bond company is not able to solidify your release until you have seen the judge and they have set the bail amount. The process of the judge setting bail can differ from person to person depending on several factors.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines How the Court Judge Determines Bail Amounts

Bail Amounts By Crime: When you are being seen by the judge after you have been arrested they will be looking at several factors. One of the main ones happens to be what the crime is that you were arrested for. If you are being charged with a crime that is quite heinous or intense there is a more likelihood that the bail amount will be set much higher than a crime that is low. The nature of the crime is a huge part of the bail setting because the judge will want to keep you from being able to pay the bail if they want you to stay locked up. There are some lesser crimes that the bail is set quite low because it did not include anything that would really harm another person.
Have You Ever Been Arrested?: Another thing that the court will have to consider when you are being looked at for bail is what other arrests you have. They want to go through your arrest report to see how often you have been arrested, what the crimes were and what intensity is of the crimes. If you have never been arrested before the bail may be set lower. If you have a list of arrests that include for the same crime you are there for, the bail be bumped out more. They will look for a pattern that shows that you did not seem to learn your lesson and that you are still on the same path.
Skipping or Jumping Bail: They also want to look at the person and determine if they have a likelihood to flee. You will be required to show up to any and all court appearances and turn yourself in if you are convicted and sentenced. They will look at each person and if they think that you will leave the country or they think that you will not show for court they will set the bail higher.

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There might be a time in your life that you get sent a notice that you have a warrant for your arrest. An arrest warrant is often sought after and given by a judge in the district that the crime has been committed. Some people believe that the only way you are arrested is if an officer comes to get you. That is not true and in many circumstances you can be sent notice or a warrant. The warrant is from a crime or offense that you are being charged with. When you get this notice you can be confused about what it is for or you may not know what to do about it. The warrant is a notice to turn yourself in and to booked in and arrested. The arrest is the same as when you are taken in by an officer. An arrest can be from a plethora of crimes that all range in severity. You want to make sure that you know what to do if you received a notice of an active warrant. It will usually be mailed to your last known address and you are required to act accordingly.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines How to Turn Yourself in on an Active Warrant

Start with a Bail Bond: When you get a summons that you have an active warrant whether through the mail or through a phone call or an attorney, you want to make sure that you take the appropriate steps. The notice can send you into anxiety and fear over what is about to happen but there are some things that you can do to make it smoother. First thing you should do is to call a bail company that can work with you when you turn yourself in. When you call them before you turn yourself in you can get them all the information that they need. You can take time to discuss the summons as well as your personal information. The information will allow the bail company the ability to call in and retrieve what they need from the jail as well as the judge. You can also set up how your bail will be paid and sign any documents that is needed to get you bailed out.
Process of Turning Yourself in on an Active Warrant: When you are ready to turn yourself in you want to make sure you are ready to be processed. Make sure you get a ride down to the jail so that you don’t have to leave a vehicle in the parking lot. You also want to make sure you wear something that is comfortable and closed toe shoes. They will search you and some jails require you to change out of your street clothes during the booking process. You also want to make sure that you have any numbers that you may want to call in your memory or on a piece of paper. Your phone and other belongings will be taken from you when you are taken into custody. Don’t take anything that can get you into trouble such as knives or other weapons.
Best Time to Turn Yourself In on a Warrant: You want to also make sure that you get yourself turned in as soon as possible but there are a few days that tend to be busier than others. To reduce your stay or how fast they can process you it is best to go in midweek. You want to avoid Mondays while the staff is likely catching up from the weekend crowd. Also avoid Friday so that you do not miss seeing the judge and being given a bail so you can get out.

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There are some moments in your life that might seem unexpected and one of them happens to be when you are arrested. Not everyone has to go through being arrested but if you do it is not a moment that you are going to enjoy. It can be scary and not something that you want to have to worry about. When it does happen it is important to know what you should be doing and how to help the process go smoothly. If you have never been arrested then this whole thing will be new to you. It is a good idea to know what to do and how to act.

Ajua Bail Bonds Offers Tips for How to Act When Being Detained & Arrested

Don’t Make Quick Movements when Being Arrested: If an officer is approaching or talking to you, it is in your best interest to stay calm and not make any quick and sudden movements. They are coming into a situation that oftentimes has many unknowns. They might have gotten a call with a small amount of information and they have to react in a way that keeps them and the public safe. When they notice that a person is making quick movements they have to assume that they are looking to run or get their hands on something that could be dangerous. It is best to be slow and smooth with any movements that you do take.
Cooperating with Police: The interactions that you have with the officer that is placing you under arrest will have an impact on the process. They have to come up to a potentially volatile situation and diffuse it as well as take a person or persons into custody. They want to feel as though they have the upper hand and that each person is cooperating. Many people have a bad experience with the officer because of a compliance issue. Be sure that you are listening and acting according to the demands of the officer. Smooth and calm movements are best and you want to make sure that you do only what they say. During this part of the arrest you are not able to plead your case or ask for clarification until the scene has been secured and the aggressors have been secured as well. The faster and the smoother that goes the better for all that are involved.
Call a Bail Bondsman: Now that you are ready to cooperate with the officer it is a good idea to form a plan. You want to make sure that you are listening and also taking mental notes about information regarding your arrest. You can think of who is there and what the circumstance is. Then you want to be ready to get booked in the jail and also call a bail bond company that can start your paperwork right away. We can call into the jail and get the information we need to bail you out. The more prepared you are the faster the process usually will go.

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It is always advisable after someone has been arrested to hire a bail bonds agent in order to get released prior to their trial. However, it depends on if you have been granted bail. There are multiple reasons as to why a judge may exercise their right and discretion and deny bail. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to take the opportunity to share the reasons as to why bail is denied by the judge.

Wy Might a Judge Deny Bail

Crime Severity Scale: One of the biggest reasons a judge will deny bail, is due to the severity of the criminal act. It is frequently denied for violent crimes, such as the murder, rape, or armed robbery crimes. The ruling of the judge can decide that the severity of the crime deems hem unsafe for the general populace before their trial.
Missing a Court Date: Making it to the pre-trial court dates is essential for the defendant as the await trial. Not making it to the court appointments can deny you bail. The courts recognize that the defendant not coming to their court case is not taking the situation seriously. Being granted bail is a privilege, not a right, a judge might look unfavorably upon someone who is not appearing to their court dates.
Flight Risk: Granted bail is basically being on the honor system. It is made with the understanding the individual will face their obligations and stay in the area until they are fulfilled. In the event a judge feels the defendant will post bail as an opportunity to flee, they will not grant bail. Judges will appropriately use their discretion, such as someone with a criminal record, or serious crimes that face harsh penalties, might influence the judge to deny bail.
Public Threat: For those that are not a perceived threat to the public, bail is typically granted. Those that are charged with crimes that’s especially violent and/or antisocial are likely be considered a threat to the public. When deciding on bail, a judge needs to keep the safety of the general populace in mind. As a result, bail will be denied of the judge truly believes the general public’s safety is at risk.
Repeat Offender: Granting bail is particularly difficult for those that have been convicted of crimes time and time again. Their repeat offense habits suggest that they are menace and are not trying to rehabilitate. Though it may not be considered fair for those who have been charged with past crimes, it is their responsibility to use their freedom in accordance with the law. Continuing to get into more trouble suggests to the judge they do not feel accountable for their actions.

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When you have been granted bail, you have the leading experts of Ajua Bail Bonds on your side. Our experienced and talented staff immediately gets to work on posting your bail. We get you out as quickly as possible. We are discreet and professional through every step of the way and will happily answer any questions we can give you answers to. Contact us today!

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