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Often falling under the category of “White Collar Crimes,” financial crimes in California, such as wire fraud, can see pretty harsh punishments. In addition to hefty fines, wire fraud can get a sentence of up to 30 years. With a much higher conviction rate, this crime gets prosecuted on a federal level rather than a state level. When being accused of wire fraud, retaining the services of Ajua Bail Bonds to get bailed out of jail early can be a huge advantage to get your defense prepared with an experienced attorney. Otherwise the charges brought on from the Federal Department of Justice can potentially result in harsh consequences.

Statute of Limitations for Wire Fraud

In California the wire fraud statute of limitations, is set at 5 years. The statute of limitations is 10 years, however, is when you committed a wire fraud or mail fraud crime that was against a financial institution. Should someone face fraud charges in California, they should consider preparing for a wire fraud defense with an experienced attorney. Since the birth of the internet, cyber fraud has been a common crime and when these charges are brought against you, you need to know how to come out on top. Depending on the type of fraud that the individual allegedly committed will dictate the defense for wire fraud. If convicted, sentencing will also be determined according the factors such as victims, the stolen amount, the defendant’s intentions, and the marketing techniques that they used.

Penalties for Wire Fraud Per Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Though few receive the minimum sentencing, the wire fraud minimum sentence could be as low as a few months of probation. The sentencing considers what kind of financial crimes you committed in the process. On the high penalties, convictions can result up to 30 years in prison. You can be subject to a lengthy sentence for wire fraud punishment depending on the type that you committed without qualified legal representation as the types of wire fraud in California are the same as everywhere else in the U.S. and depending on the type that you committed.

Necessary Circumstances for a Conviction

In the event the prosecution convicts the defendant of California of wire fraud, the courts require three main elements that must be present in the case. Being one of the white-collar crimes, it is essential that the prosecution must first prove that an individual had a scheme to commit fraud. Then the prosecution needs to prove that they had a scheme and they used a wire, TV or radio. For example, even the use of email can lead to one of these cyber fraud convictions. Lastly, the prosecution will need to prove that the defendant had the intent to commit one of these California fraud offenses. Unless it is proven that they had a plan for fraud and all three elements were present, under California law, an individual cannot be convicted of one of these white-collar crimes.

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If you find that you have been accused of wire fraud in California, call Ajua Bail Bonds to get bailed out of jail so you can start working on your defense and find an experienced attorney to help in the process.

When you are arrested it is often because of a crime that you may or may not have committed. The crime has to be tried and brought before the court before you are convicted and found guilty or not. After you have been arrested you are sent through the booking process but you have to see a judge if you want to be able to get out on bail. The judge will set up the bail amount that has to be paid by the use of a bail bond company. After you are out of jail on bail you are not free to do what you want. You are still under that guise of the courts and you have to follow a code of conduct that will keep you out of the jail. When you make a mistake and break any of the rules the bail can be revoked and you will be sent back to jail while awaiting your next court appearance.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines How to Act when You Get Out of Jail After Posting Bail

Avoid Bad Influences when Out on Bail: When you are out on bail you want to do all that you can to not end up in trouble again. The best way to do that is to look at the level of people that you are hanging out around. The people that you are around will lead you to what you do. If you have friends that are into behaviors that can be seen as bad or bring the attention of police officers it is best to avoid them. They can be doing something that is bad and just by you being around them can land you right back in jail. These may be the same people that you got in trouble with in the first place.
You Can Go To Work when Out on Bail: You want to show the courts that you are good productive citizen. This means that when you are out on bail you need to procure employment or go back to a job you already had. Be sure that you do all that you can to go to work and don’t make excuses to miss. This will show that you are functioning on a regular level and that you are contributing to life.
Visiting Local Family when Out on Bail is OK: You also want to make sure that you see your family members that are important to you. You want to spend some quality time with your parents or other members that you want to have a good relationship with. The reason behind this is because you do not know if you will be found guilty and sentenced to jail time. This means that you will be missing time with your family that you otherwise might want.
Keep In Contact With the Bail Bondsman: Another very important part of your release is that you need to keep in contact with the bond company. Be sure to check in with them if you have any changes in your life such as job, address or health. You also want to make sure that you are aware of any court appearances that you are required to attend.

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Ajua Bail Bonds can help to get you out of jail after you have been arrested. Call us today!

Arrests are stressful especially when you didn’t commit a crime, and unfortunately unlawful arrests are very common in the State of California. Misunderstandings occur all the time and as busy of a state as California is, unlawful arrests do happen. When defining unlawful arrest many don’t always know what is means or what to do when they find themselves arrested without reason. Ajua Bail Bonds will share more about unlawful arrests and what should should do when you find yourself arrested.

Defining False Arrest

To properly know when you been unlawfully arrested you will first need to know how the court system defines unlawful. Unlawful arrest is when a police arrests a person without ample evidence. When a police officer chooses to arrest someone it is due to personal or witness account they committed a crime or they feel the person may be an endangerment to themselves or other. Often people may get an arrest when there is a warrant out for their arrest. Even though they didn’t commit a crime the police officer has the right to still arrest them. If you were witnessed committing a crime or have a warrant out for your arrest it is lawful for the police officer to arrest you. If none of these accounts are not present you may be victim of an unlawful arrest.

Why are Unlawful Arrests & False Imprisonment Common in California?

Within the state of California unlawful arrests are all too common. A study revealed from 2011 to 2015 there were 1.5 million arrest made and about 1 in 3 arrests were considered unlawful or found not guilty. This is a surprising report since many jails suffer from over crowding and do not have enough funding. Even more surprising is many people were falsely arrested for major crimes including murder, rape and theft. On one hand you can see law enforcement dedication in putting away criminals however, often they don’t have sufficient evidence and hope they caught the right guy. When you find yourself arrested and you never committed a crime this is very unjust and leaves you with a feeling of helplessness and despair.

What to Do When Unlawfully Arrested

You may feel very lost and confused when you are arrested for a crime you never committed. However, it important to your future that you prepare to fight back. Your first step is to make bail. There are a number of ways you can make bail, depending on the amount you may want to attempt to post bail yourself or seek for a bail bond service. After posting bail and you are out of jail you can begin working on your defense. First you will want to seek out legal conceal, then seek out witnesses that can help aid you in your defense. You defense lawyer can help guide and seek out what information that can best help you prove your innocence.

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When you find yourself unlawfully arrested and need help posting bail, contact Ajua Bail Bonds. We can help walk your through the bail process and help get you out of jail fast. When you need help Ajua Bail Bond is here. Contact us today.

Hopefully, after Ajua Bail Bonds posted your bail after you had been arrested, the court system was just for your particular situation. Prisoners being released can attest that the California jail system is not perfect. Prisoner rehabilitation has come much more front and center these days. Inmates are given the benefit of an “Inmate Welfare Fund”, thanks to California Penal Code 4025. These funds can be used to set up inmate education programs while being on the inside or contributed to them on their release for treatment centers around California after prison. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share a few ideas for life after jail.

Educational & Vocational Programs for Inmates

The Division of Rehabilitative Programs DRP helps to place them in programs that will benefit them both inside and outside of the prison walls, while prisoners are serving their time in prison. Educational programs, for example, are the most beneficial. People on the inside can earn their GED or get a technical education. Educated inmates have a better chance of getting job after they have done their time and will help decrease the stress on being out of incarceration. Sometimes for years at a time, while inmates are in jail, they can do more than just wait for the time to pass. They’re going to qualify for better jobs and show the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation that they are making steady progress on their education and personal goals by the time they are released.

Adjusting to Life After Jail with Therapy

Another huge program inside prisons today is inmate counseling or therapy. There are quite a few inmates that have mental health problems, which is often the cause that lead them to a life of crime. Getting help for inmates on the inside can have a positive impact for them once they are released. The more intensive the counseling needs to be for the more serious the offense and intake for the prisoner. The Division of Rehabilitative Programs DRP helps to place inmates in the kind of counseling that they need, whether it is individual counseling, group therapy, or both.

Inmate Group Counseling

A huge part of rehabilitative program is peer support groups. AA and NA, prisoners with drug and alcohol issues are able to get help while serving their time and better prepare them for sobriety after they have met their sentence. Many criminal behavior cases are derived from drug or alcohol related use. The criminal can re-enter society and live a more productive life after they have full ceased using drugs or alcohol.

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There is a wealth of information out there if you have further questions about the rehabilitative process for yourself or a loved one. As it seeks to understand the needs of its prisoner population and how best to help them re-enter society as law-abiding citizens with respect for the law and society’s rules, the California Penal System is making steady progress of its own. Contact Ajua Bail Bonds to get out of jail fast!

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