Early Bail Bond Process & How the Bail Reform Act of 1984 Changed the Rules on Being Released from Jail. Call Ajua Bail Bonds to Get out of Jail Fast in Madera & Central Valley of CA!

If you have been accused of committing a crime and sent to jail, bail is an option to take to get you out of jail and allow you to properly prepare to face the judge. Bail bonds are a great asset to those who require time to hire an attorney and prepare their case to avoid further incarceration. Bail bonds have not always been available and back in the day if you were accused of a crime in medieval England the punishment was usually water torture or being burned at the stake. In those days there was a great deal of “no shows”, which is completely understandable considering the common outcome.

Early Release from Jail

In the early days of our country, crime became a regular and insurmountable problem to deal with without proper procedures in place. Local law enforcement had a difficult time keeping criminals locked up until trial because there was no magistrate in the town and it would be a month or sometimes longer before a judge would hold court. There wasn’t enough room to always hold vandals, poachers and traitors. The decision of who to release until trial was upon the local sheriff. In some unfortunate circumstances, local sheriffs could be paid off by the criminal to avoid staying in jail until trial, in most cases never returning to be properly and lawfully tried.

Bail Reform Act of 1984

In today’s society we have a more stabilized and reliable bail system that keeps most criminals responsible for returning after bail has been posted. The bail reform act of 1984 was passed that helped judges decide whether or not to allow the potential criminal to be released on bail. These points included whether or not the person poses a risk to the community, if they could potentially threaten or intimidate jurors or witnesses, or if they have the potential to commit serious violent or drug related crimes. Any of these would prevent the option of bail from being posted.

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We are lucky to live in a society today where if you are accused of a crime, you are given the opportunity to be released from jail as you await your day in court. This is a much better option than those who went before us were given; which was water torture or being burned at the stake! If you or a loved one has been accused of a crime and wish to be released from jail as you await your court date, contact Ajua Bail Bonds today.

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