What if More than One Person Arranges for Bail in Selma CA? A Look at the Bail Bonds Process to Get out of Jail Fast!

When a person is arrested they are taken into custody and have to go through the booking process. This usually consists of the jail searching them and removing and bagging all their belongings. Then the person is taken for fingerprinting and a photographing to document them as they were the day they were arrested. After the booking process, the jail will usually allow the arrested person access to a phone. This is when they are able to call a family member or a friend and ask if they are going to be able to bail them out.

Bail Bonds Process

The process for bail is an entirely different entity than the jail. A bail bonds company is someone that you can hire and pay to get your loved one out of jail and released as soon as possible. When the person that has gotten arrested is able to make a call, they may call a girlfriend or boyfriend and ask for help. This person might get started with a bail bonds company right away. The arrestee might have also gotten a hold of a sister or parent to alert them of the arrest. This family member might also take it upon themselves to start the bail bond process as well. Now you have two different people that are getting everything ready to bail you out and you are only going to need one!

How to Bail Someone out of Jail

When the jail talks to bail bonds companies, they have no way to keep track of which company is working with each person trying to post bail for an inmate. They will offer the information to anyone that calls looking for it. What does that jail do if two people are trying to post bail? They are not going to accept them both. The jail will process whichever bail bond company got their paperwork to them first. The bail bond that comes in second will be returned to the company with a note that says the inmate is no longer in their custody. The person that has gotten their bail bond in first, will be responsible for the person that was arrested just like the paperwork stated. The other person that tried to post bail bond after the first one was processed will be able to void out all the activity with them and should not have any responsibility any longer.

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