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Experienced, Licensed Bail Bondsmen Available 24/7

Our staff at Ajua Bail Bonds is made up of a great team of some of the most experienced bail bondsman in the Fresno area. Our bail bondsmen are available 24/7 to field your calls and give expert advice on California bail bonds. Our website provides information that will help you understand the bail process. We know the ins and outs of the California Judicial system and are here to assist families and friends deal with the difficult time when a loved one gets arrested. Our goal is to provide our clients with the fastest, most reliable and confidential services when it comes to getting a loved one released.



Ajua Bail Bonds is a licensed, owner-operated bail bonding company which allows us to provide reliable bonds. We take pride in guiding you throughout the entire bail bonding process, including follow up information and attorney referrals. If you, your family or friends need a bondsman to arrange bail, call us!

Smaller owner-operated bail bond companies like Ajua Bail Bonds deal in a very competitive market. We are confident that our excellent customer service will encourage repeat business and referrals. Offering a personal touch is important to us and our special attention to friends and families of ones that are in the legal system is our top priority. Our bail bond agents are here to offer you quick bail bond information and sense of relief in knowing you are in the trusted hands of bail bond experts looking out for your best interests.


Ajua Bail Bonds is the company to call for bail bonds. Whether it is you, your loved one, a family member or friend in need of bail, we are available to personally assist you without delay. To receive professional assistance securing your bail bonds, call us at (559) 237-0777.

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