How Much Does Bail Bond Cost for DUI, Domestic Violence, Assualt, Drugs & Other Charges in the Central Valley California

If you have been caught and arrested for a crime you are usually arrested and booked into jail. This can be a scary situation if it has never happened to you. Once you are booked into the jail and sent to holding, you can start to figure out what you are going to do to get out of jail by using a bail bond agency.

Ajua Bail Bonds has prepared some specifics that might help you know what to do when you get arrested and need bail.

What will bail cost you? There is not any way to determine what the exact amount of your bail will be. This can only be found out when you meet with a judge and he sets the order. This can make it hard for a person that is now stuck behind bars and has no access to their own funds.
How does the judge decide what your bail will be set at? When you see a judge they usually have a file that has any and all charges that you are being faced with in front of them. There are many jails that have a fee schedule for specific crimes and can tell you what the bail will be. This will allow you to find out bail much quicker. There is an amendment that is set that makes sure that the bail is not set in excess. This will make it so that most people can afford the price that is set.
Are there bail conditions? When you are getting information about what the cost of bail is, you will also receive a set of rules that are called conditions of release. These will lay out what you can and can’t do while you are awaiting your date to see the judge to plead to the crime you were arrested for.
How do you pay your bail? You can find out the cost of the bail which is the entire amount set forth. After you know this you may have the funds available to pay the entire amount. You are still required to go to your court ordered appearance date. If you do not have the whole amount of the bail you need to hire a bondsman like Ajua Bail Bonds. We will have you pay us typically 10% of the bail amount as a down payment. We have relationships with the county and state court systems that make us liable for the entire amount should you not return for your court date. It also means that while you are awaiting your date set to see the judge, you will have to report to us.

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