What is the Lowest Bail Amount & Most Jail Time for a Gross, Petty or Other Misdemeanor in Livingston, CA?

When it comes to committing a crime, you certainly hope that you are being charged with a misdemeanor rather than a felony. A misdemeanor is far less serious than a felony is. It is important to remember than even with a misdemeanor, you will see some negative impacts on your life though. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about misdemeanors and what kind of impacts on your life they may have. We would also like to talk about what bail might look like as well.

Different Classes of Misdemeanors

Just like any other crime, misdemeanors have different degrees of seriousness. Here are the different types of misdemeanors you may see.
– Gross Misdemeanors: This is the most serious type of misdemeanor that you can commit. Some of the instances where you may be stuck with a gross misdemeanor is if you assault a police officer or are charged with stalking another individual.
– Misdemeanors: This is the middle ground. You can get a misdemeanor by reckless driving, public intoxication, vandalism and disorderly conduct. It usually carries with it a small amount of jail time and fine.
– Petty Misdemeanor: If you are caught with a small amount of marijuana, you could get slapped with a petty misdemeanor. Sometimes, if you are a first-time offender, you will get charges lessened to a petty misdemeanor as well. Traffic citations may fall under this category as well.

Potential Bail Amounts for Misdemeanors

There is never a set in stone bail amount for any case. There are many factors that come into play when deciding what the bail amount is going to be. Some of those factors include age, criminal history, any other charges against you, and so on. Something that the judge will likely take into consideration is whether or not you pose a real threat to the community. If that is the case, you will see the amount skyrocket. However, even with these factors coming into play, the bail amount is always going to be much smaller than it would be if you were getting charged with a felony.

What to Do Once Bail is Posted

It is important to remember that even when you have posted bail, you need to make sure you’re showing up at your court date. If not, you will more than likely face more charges with a more severe sentence. If you’re looking for the lightest sentence possible, you need to make sure you’re there. If you ever get charged with another misdemeanor down the road, this will help you out then as well.

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Just as there is never a set in stone bail amount for any case, there is not set jail time either. If you’ve been arrested with a misdemeanor and need to get out of jail, you can turn to Ajua Bail Bonds to help you get the money you need to get it done. It is our goal to help you get out so you can be at home where you belong while you wait for your court date. Call us today!

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