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A bench warrant is the most common type of warrant issued in the State of California. Bench warrants differ from arrest warrants, and the bench warrants are issued by a judge. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share some basic facts of a California Bench Warrant.

Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear & More

1) Bench Warrant issuing reasons. In cases where someone fails to show up for a trial is the most common reason for bench warrant, they are also frequently issued by a judge to people who refuse to pay a fine or does not respond to a court order. Bench orders are issued when you are in contempt of court, generally speaking.
2) Bench warrants often paired with additional penalties. Bench warrants are often in conjunction with other types of punishments; such as fines, prison sentence, and driver license suspension.
3) Missing court date excuses. You may potentially get the warrant eliminated should a bench warrant has been issued because you forgot to go to your trial. Within 180 days of the bench warrant being issued, you need to go to the courts to do that. The courts may accept excuses related to severe illnesses, disability or being detained by a jail in another jurisdiction, among other exceptions.
4) Bench warrant can cause you to lose bail. You may end up losing bail that you have posted in some instances where a bench warrant is issued for failure to appear for your trial. Not only will the courts keep the bail and issued a bench warrant, the bail bond company loses that amount if you worked with a bail bond company. For them to get their money back they have the right to pursue you, have you arrested, and delivered to the courts.
5) Bench warrant protocol. Before the courts can keep your bail there is a protocol that they need to follow. The bench warrant must first be entered into the National Crime Information Center database by the courts in particular. Regardless of whether you or a bail bond company paid it or not, the courts cannot keep your bail amount if it is not done correctly.
6) Bench warrant payment. A few different things may happen whether a bench warrant has been issued and you get arrested or voluntarily appear before the courts. There are some instances where you may be taken into custody until the bench warrant is payed. In some cases, the courts may release you and arrange a payment for the bench warrant. Also, the courts may even reduce the amount in few cases.
7) Paying a bench warrant with a bail bond company. You can work with a bail bond company if you cannot afford a bench warrant on your own. The bail bond company covers the rest of the amount after you pay a fee, in basics. There are a few surrounding circumstances that if you meet the qualifying credit, you may not have to pay upfront costs and pay the bail bond on payments.

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If you need assistance paying bench warrants or need any other bail posted, call Ajua Bail Bonds and work with our experienced professionals to get your bail paid.

Have you ever wondered how much bail bonds cost? You may have a friend or family member in the position of needing help getting a bail bond. When you are faced with paying a bail bond you might be surprised how much it cost. Most may think it’s only a few hundred dollars when in fact, most start near $20,000. Depending on the crime or charge, the bail bond can vary. It may also vary if it was a first time offense. The more often a person is arrested, the higher the cost of the bail will be. Ajua Bail Bonds would like to cover the top crimes or arrests in California, and an estimate cost of the bail.

Bail Bond for DUI

One of the more common arrests made in the state of California is Driving Under the Influence or DUI. A DUI occurs after a person has either consumed too much alcohol, legal or illegal (prescription) drugs, or even if one is sleep deprived. There are a number of ways the officer can determine if you are under the influence. Determinations can be made by test, or by observation. First time DUI arrests can run around $5000 and goes higher for repeated offenses.

Bail for Drug Possession

Possession of drugs is another common and sometime confusing arrest. To explain, marijuana is legal. However, there is a limit to what is legal. If you have in your possession over the allotted amount and you are not an authorized seller, you can be arrested for possession. Prescription drugs are another confusing case. If you are found with a prescription drug that is not yours, it is considered illegal possession. If you are found with illegal drug in your possession, the bail amount varies depending on the amount of illegal drugs that are found in your possession. It varies as well if it is your first offense. However, bail costs can easily be between $20,000 to $100,000. Some extreme cases have even gone up to one million dollars to post bail.

Bail Bond for Assault

If you were arrested due to a fist fight or with a weapon and injuries occurred, this is considered aggravated assault. The severity of the assault will determine how high the bail cost will be set by the court. For example a fist fight is considered minor, while an assault involving a weapon can get really high. Assault on an officer will easily cost $100,000 for bail. With assault charges the bail cost can range from $25,000 and can go up to a million dollars.

Bail Bond for Theft and/or Burglary

Theft and burglary charges vary on how much bail will be set at by the court. Petty theft, such as shoplifting, is a misdemeanor and even repeated offenses can start at $20,000. If arrested for a home or residential burglary, the bail cost will often start at $50,000. If violence or sexual offenses occurred during the crime, the bail will be set even higher. Stealing large equipment or even automobile theft often starts around $20,000 and can go higher.

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Coming up with paying for bail can be impossible, which is why bail bond services are often provided. If you have a loved one or a friend that needs help posting bail, contact Ajua Bail Bonds today.

Following an arrest, Ajua Bail Bonds is there to bail you out of jail, and from there, you should be responsibly getting organized to get your personal life, and most importantly, beginning your defense with an experienced attorney. During the proceedings, you likely go before the judge several times, and while there, making an impression is important to your cause. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to list the basic courtroom etiquette you should apply.

Courtroom Laws & Court Etiquette

1) Arrive at court early. Before you appointed arrival time, experts recommend that you get there 30 minutes early. Make sure to park legally, and avoid arriving with the scrupulous characters that might arouse attention from the prosecutors and courtroom deputies. You make a poor impression arriving late as it is perceived as disrespectful to the judge, court, and everyone else attending.
Bes sure to take your seat at the designated area when you enter the courtroom; the bailiff will direct you. As you wait, sit patiently with good posture as the judge will often take note.
2) Dress for success in court. Dress in the appropriate attire such as something you wear as a CEO or attending church or a funeral. You make a lasting impression and dressing with class will show you have respect for yourself and the court. Ensure if you wear a bread it is well-trimmed, or you are freshly shaven, your hair is clean and kept, nails and other grooming care is done with quality and care.
3) As a defendant, maintain a respectful attitude. Your demeanor and behavior reflect you, as no one looks forward to dealing with the court process, guilty or not, coming in with a despicable attitude, having rude remarks, body language is displaying idiocy. This will have the judge and prosecutor perceive as nothing more than a fool.
4) Stay clear of the prosecutor. Remember that the prosecutor is working against you. Buddying up to you is nothing more than a ruse. Either say nothing, or with a respectful tone address pertinent questions, but be mindful of what you say as they will gather ammunition against you.
5) Address the court with courtesy. When you stand before the judge, in any step of the proceedings, stand with excellent posture, speak softly, but loud enough to be heard. Let your attorney do the talking, and only speak when they instruct you to. Should you need to answer his questions, be sure to use a distinct whisper.
6) Control your emotions in court. During your trial, a poker face is important. Keep your emotions under control even if witnesses are speaking against you truthfully or not. Displaying signs of stress, cockiness, or being upset with waves of emotions can be wrongfully interpreted to not only the judge, but to the prosecutor and jury as well.
7) Exit the court with dignity. Be sure to exit the room with the same respect and class as you came into when it is time to leave the courtroom. Avoid lingering behind as there are likely other scheduled cases after you. Keep conversations with your attorney private and in a quiet corner, or out of the building with no one around.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced, Visalia & Tulare, Hanford & Kings, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

Contact Ajua Bail Bonds to get you out of jail fast to give you the best chance to prepare a winning case!

When you have a loved one or a family member that has been arrested it can be very stressful. If this is the first time that you are dealing with an arrest there is a lot that you might not even realize. The process of someone being arrested is the same no matter the crime that was committed. There is not much you can do about the person that has been arrested while they are being booked into the jail. The part that you can help with is calling to get their bail taken care of so that they can get released from jail as soon as possible. The bail bond process is something that you can help with but you want to make sure you know what you are getting yourself in for. There are some ramifications for you when you become a cosigner for bail. Often people are okay with these because they have a trust for the person that was arrested.

Ajua Bail Bonds Outlines What You Need to Know About When Becoming a Bail Cosigner

What Happens if They Miss a Court Date: One of the most important necessities that come when you cosign is to ensure that they attend all court dates. The court is where they will get through the legal process so that the results and the punishment can be reached. They are required under the release guidelines to attend court and if they don’t a warrant will be issued for their arrest. Sadly when they skip a court date you as the cosigner are now in a position that you can be and will be held liable. Any costs that are used to find the defendant that has skipped their court appearance can be billed to you and you would then be liable. You want to make sure that you do all that you can to help locate them so that the cost does not become too high a price.
You Can Revoke The Bail: As a cosigner for a person that is being release on bail you have a responsibility to keep them on track to protect yourself. If you find out that the person that you are signer for is going to be missing court or is doing something that is against their release you can call and have the bail revoked. This will cause the bail company to reverse the bail and then send someone out to pick them up. They will be booked back into jail and must stay there until they are able to see a judge and answer for the crime that they were arrested for. This is a way to protect yourself from being held liable for any trouble.
You Need To Make Payments: Often times the defendant that you cosigned for will have to continue to make payments. They usually are the one that should be making them but if they miss a payment you will be required to make it on their behalf. It is a good idea to keep in contact so that you know if you are going to need to make a payment.

Bail Bond Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced, Visalia & Tulare, Hanford & Kings, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

Ajua Bail Bonds can help you with cosigning for bail when you want to help out a loved one. Call us today!

When you are getting arrested the first thing that most people are thinking is what they can do to get out. Even before you get to jail most people can imagine it is not a place they want to spend very much time. The problem is you will have to get to the jail, be booked by the officers and then await your turn to see a judge. The process is the same for all and that part is something that cannot be skipped over. The busier the jail is on the day that you get arrested the longer that process can potentially take. You want to make sure you are aware of what your rights are and it is best to call and use a bail bondsman as soon as you are able. You might think that you can take care of getting out of jail yourself but there are many benefits that exist when you use the services of a bail bondsman.

Ajua Bail Bonds Lists Pros of Hiring a Bail Bondsman to Get You Out of Jail

A Bail Bondsman Does All the Paperwork: One of the most beneficial things about using a professional bail bonds company is that they can get the paperwork done for you. You will need to have the right paperwork prepared and filled out to allow you to be released from jail. They know what the jail and the court expects and that is why letting them do all the preparations is the best option. If you don’t have all the paperwork in order, filled out and signed by the right people they will not get out of jail.
Get Out of Jail Faster: When you are arrested you want to do all that you can to get out of custody as soon as you can. Being in jail is not enjoyable and that is why you want to be released when you are allowed. When you use a bail company to get you out of jail you can rest assured that the process will move along quicker than if you didn’t. We can start the process as soon as you make the call. We can call the jail and receive the information that is needed to get you out of jail. That allows us to start getting everything together and as soon as you see the judge you can get released.
Get Released from Jail: Lastly you can benefit from the fact that you will be released from jail. That is what you want to do when you are arrested and if the judge allows you need to pay the bail. Then you can get out of jail but you are not free to do what you want. There will be further court dates that need to be addressed and that you will be required to attend. While you are out of jail you can use some of your time to prepare for a case that might be lingering ahead of you.

Bail Bonds Services in Selma & Fresno County, Atwater & Merced, Visalia & Tulare, Hanford & Kings, Madera County and the Central Valley of California

Ajua Bail Bonds can call the jail and make arrangements to get you or your loved one released from jail in an expedient manner. Call us for assistance.

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