Bail Bond Frequently Asked Questions

Ajua Bail Bonds is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to offer those who have been arrested in Greater Fresno, CA an opportunity to get out of jail with our bail bond service. With our years of experience and resources, we are the go to place when bail needs to be posted. When a loved one is jailed, it can be stressful, especially when you are unfamiliar with the process. Ajua Bail Bonds goes above and beyond to help our valued customers understand the system and the procedures. No matter how big or small your bond, Ajua Bail Bonds is ready to serve the locals of Fresno, Madera, including Kings and Tulare County, California.

Bail Bond Frequently Asked Questions

To better help our customers understand what to expect, Ajua Bail Bonds have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions. If you should see your question is not listed here, our friendly staff is available to answer any additional questions.
Q: What information should I have when I call Ajua Bail Bonds?
A: There is some information we would like to know, including:
– Full name of the person in jail, and booking number if you know it. We can get the booking number if you do not know it, but it makes the process more efficient and quick.
– Location of the person in custody; city, state, and the name of jail.
– How much is the bail? If you have not contacted the jail to find out the set bail amount, Ajua Bail Bonds will. Once we know the bail amount we can then tell you the cost of your bail bond.
Q: How can I get a bail bond?
A: There are four ways you can get your loved out of custody
1) Utilizing Ajua Bail Bonds to have a bail bondsman post bail.
2) Paying the cash bond amount directly to the jail or court.
3) You are able to use property assets as collateral to pay the bail bond.
4) You can petition the judge allow the defendant go on their own recognizance.
Q: After the case is resolved, do I get money back?
A: In most cases you get your bail bond amount, but you do not get refunded the premiums paid to the bail bondsman. There are some circumstances where you do not get refunded the bail amount.
Q: What happens if I suspect the defendant will not show up for court after I already posted bail?
A: With a few choices, it is optimal to call Ajua Bail Bonds immediately to discuss your options in full.
Q: Is the defendant permitted to leave the state and/or the country while out on bond?
A: A written permission agreement from the bonding office is necessary before any plans are made to leave. If the court has directed the defendant not to leave the state or country, it is crucial you get permission from the bail agent and the court before leaving. Without both parties giving permission, the defendant is subject for arrest.
Q: What can be used as collateral?
A: Each bonding office will have their own guidelines but they may accept some or all of the following as forms of bail collateral.
– Real estate
– Cars
– Credit cards
– Stocks
– Bonds
– Jewelry
– Personal credit
Q: What will happen if the defendant gets arrested again while out on bail?
A: You can surrender your bond and your liability once the defendant is in custody; however, if you do surrender your bond you will lose the premiums paid. If you choose to get the defendant out on bail again, you will be responsible for both bonds and both premiums.
Q: How did the bail bond system begin?
A: The bail bond system arose out of common law, dating back to the 13th century England. The posting of money or property in exchange for the temporary release pending a trial was born. Over the course of time, the modern commercial practice of bail bonds has continued to evolve in the United States, but has in fact cease to exist in most modern nation-states.

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