Warrant Walk Through

Do you have an active warrant that needs to be taken care of? A warrant can be issued for your arrest for many different reasons such as an unpaid parking or traffic ticket but is always signed by a judge. That means that the officer that is submitting the warrant request has provided information with enough facts to determine that the warrant is necessary. The warrant will show up if you have any interaction with law enforcement that runs your name through the system i.e. if you are pulled over while driving or go to the police station or courthouse on an unrelated matter. When it shows up you run the risk of being publicly arrested! This can be embarrassing and can look bad for your reputation. Fortunately, there is another option to take care of your active warrant and that is with a warrant walk through.

What is a Warrant Walk Through?

A warrant walk through is an arrangement with a bail bondsman that allows you to be booked and processed on a warrant by turning yourself in. For minor offenses, such as an unpaid traffic ticket, a warrant walk through means you do not have to spend any time in jail. Even for serious offenses, it is better to turn yourself in than to wait until the police visit your home or work, or stop you in traffic. Turning yourself in shows your cooperation with the court system and can help your case later on by demonstrating that you are not avoiding the matter or trying to evade law enforcement. If you have been charged with a serious crime, it may be necessary for you to be booked into jail and post a bail bond with a bail bondsman. Having a bondsman on the case with the bond already prepaid means that you will spend as little time in jail necessary. In some counties, a warrant walk through is taken care of through a bail company without you even having to be there! Ajua Bail Bonds offers warrant walk through services and can help you resolve the warrant with less attention and less to no time spent in jail or at the courthouse. How it works depends on which county the warrant was issued in.

How Does a Warrant Walk Through Work In Kings County?

In this county in particular, when you call a bail company to assist with your warrant walk through, you will need to go to the jail to present yourself. The first step is to contact a representative at Ajua Bail Bonds to work with a professional bondsman. We will look into your warrant and go with you into the jail where you will need to be present to turn yourself in for arrest. The great part about the warrant walk through is that you will be able to get through the process much faster and have your bail set in advance. Again, for a minor offense, you most likely will not have to spend any time in jail!

How Does a Warrant Walk Through Work In Fresno, Madera and Tulare County?

These counties offer an even easier process for taking care of your active warrant. These counties allow you, the person with a warrant, to meet with Ajua Bail Bonds at our office and fill out paperwork to make arrangements for us to take care of the jail and court without you even having to be at the jail in person! This makes the process much easier and less embarrassing for you so that you can continue on with your life without the stress, inconvenience and time lost having to appear in person at the jail.

Ajua Bail Bonds works with warrants of all kinds including warrant walk throughs to give you options on posting and bonding out of jail.

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