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Bail Bonds for Unlawful Assembly Charges in Fresno, CA; Civil Disobedience & Protest Penal Codes

No matter where your politics lie, many people see things they feel are wrong in this country and want their voices heard. Forming a protest is a common way to… more »

How Do Bail Bonds Work in Selma & Fresno County, CA & What Are the Consequences for Missing a Court Date & Jumping Bail?

A bail bond is a written surety required by the court, signed by the defendant and issued by an insurance company, promising to appear in a court at a scheduled… more »

How to Bail Someone Out of Jail in Another State; Transfer Bail Bonds in Visalia, CA

Getting arrested is a terrifying experience. If you are getting arrested when you are far from home, it can be even worse. You have no one nearby that you can… more »

California Penal Code 408; Arrested & Charged for Unlawful Assembly & Granted Bail in Atwater, CA

California’s Penal Code Section 408 PC or Unlawful Assembly is a criminal offense that leads to many arrests. We see riots and protesters on the television, radio, hand held devices,… more »

Difference Between a Using a Public Defender or Hiring a Private Attorney After Getting Bail in Fresno, CA

When you have been arrested for a crime of any level there is process that you will need to go through. The jail will process you through the facility which… more »

What Happens After You Are Arrested in Hanford, CA? Searched, Identified, Inventory, Photographed, Fingerprinted & More

An arrest is different than a stop. If you’re stopped by police for brief questioning and the police want to hold you longer, or decide to take you elsewhere such… more »

Bail Skip AKA Failure to Appear VS State Extraditions in Visalia, CA; Laws, Process, Waiver of Rights & More

The fundamental difference between a bail skip and a state extradition across state lines is the process. With the exception of the FBI sponsored Criminal Apprehension Teams (CAT) there are… more »

Research is In; Most Common Reasons for Arrests & Bail Bonds to Get Out of Jail on Valentine’s Day in Atwater, CA

We just celebrated a holiday centered around love. So, you might be wondering what arrests could possibly have happened as a result. There are a couple that seem to pop… more »

DUI & DUID Laws in Fresno, CA; What’s the Difference, How Much is Bail & How Long Do You Stay in Jail?

When you are a driver of a motorized vehicle you are responsible for the control of your car, truck, van or motorcycle. You have taken a driving test as well… more »

Bail Bonds for Disorderly Conduct Misdemeanor in Hanford, CA; Disturbing the Peace, Riots, Refusal to Disperse & More

Disorderly Conduct laws vary in each state and municipalities. There are many types of disorderly conduct laws that cover a wide spectrum of offenses. Disorderly conduct is also referred to… more »

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