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Common Crimes During the Holidays in Springville, CA; Bail for Shoplifting, Drunk Driving & More

The holiday season, for many people, marks a season of joy and happiness. The traditions, activities, and parties are in full swing and the masses find more time to spend… more »

Bail for Arrest on Vandalism & Destruction of Property Charges in Sequoia National Park, CA

There are many laws you have to follow as a citizen of the United States and a member of your community. There are lots of laws that most people know… more »

How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney After Getting Out of Jail on Bail in Richgrove, CA

With quick and discreet action, Ajua Bail Bonds will help you get bailed out following an arrest. Whether you are guilty or not of the charges, you want someone who… more »

Not Checking in with Bail Bondsman, Missing Court & Other Mistakes to Avoid in Porterville, CA

When you are arrested you will be booked into the jail no matter what the crime is. Whether you are picked up for an outstanding traffic citation or a charge… more »

Bail for Criminal Homicide in Pixley, CA? Murder, Manslaughter & Justifiable Homicides

Among the most seriousness of crimes, homicide tops the list in most states. Though there are some less severe forms of homicide, others may lead to life sentences or capital… more »

What Information Does a Bail Bondsman Need in Orosi, CA; Location, Identification & More

When you or a loved one has been arrested and need a bail bond, you may wonder what information you will need to provide the bondsman. To make the bond… more »

Bail Bond Mistakes in Lindsay, CA; Bondsman Given Wrong Details, Arrested Again & More

Many have made regrettable mistakes in their lives, as no one is perfect. Whether they are guilty of the crime or not some have found themselves in trouble with the… more »

Busting Bail Myths in Ivanhoe, CA; Bondsman Can’t Get Everyone Out of Jail or Bail Lowered & More

Hollywood movies and crime shows have helped form some opinions about what professional bail bond agents do. Many times, they are portrayed as big, tough intimidating brutes. But they are… more »

Do You Need a Bail Bond in Goshen, CA? Prepare for Case, Be Employed, Family Time & More

When you are arrested no matter what the crime is the person can fill embarrassed. You may think that it is too uncomfortable to talk to anyone about and if… more »

Do I Have a Right to Phone Calls After Being Arrested to Arrange Bail in Farmersville, CA?

Being arrested is not something that anyone wants to go through. This is often one of the worst times of your life even though many times it is due to… more »

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