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Typical Bail Amounts for Different Crimes in Hanford, CA from Assault to Weapons Charges

Despite what may be frequently shared in the local news, there are some crimes more common than others in California. Throughout the state, when these common crimes are committed there… more »

What Happens when You Get a DUI in Tulare, CA; Is Your License Suspended Immediately & More

After you have had a night out with friends and choose to drive home it is not a big deal. The problem occurs when you have had a few drinks… more »

What Happens After True Bill, Grand Jury & Special or Direct Indictment in Visalia, CA

Being charged with a serious crime can leave the defendant expecting to be indicted. Generally, there is a two part system to the indictment process and we at Ajua Bail… more »

What Happens if You Have a Felony Conviction on Your Criminal Record in Merced, CA?

There are times in your life that you may end up making some colorful choices. This can be a fun night out on the town that has turned bad. It… more »

How to Expedite Bailing Out of Jail in Atwater, CA; Learn About Bail Schedule & More

Getting arrested is never on anyone’s agenda, and if it is your first offense, the shock and worry of being arrested and dealing with the consequences can be stressful and… more »

Posting a Bail Bond After a Domestic Violence Arrest Wobbler Offense in Selma, CA

If you have ever been involved in domestic violence you know that it can be scary and you may not know what you can do. There are some people that… more »

What to Say & Do to Support a Family Member Facing Jail Time in Fresno, CA; Bail & More

Having a loved be help in jail or even prison can be heartbreaking, especially if they maintain their innocence, or simply had a single moment where they made a bad… more »

False Arrests; What To Do If a Wrongful Warrant is Issued Against You in Hanford, CA

Being arrested can be one of the worst experiences that a person can go through. You are taken from often times a bad situation and it gets even worse. An… more »

California Marijuana DUI Arrests; Can You Get a DUI for Driving High & Need Bail in Tulare, CA?

Though people have taken advantage of the legal use of marijuana, there are still some that are illegally using it. Marijuana DUIs are just as serious as Alcohol DUIs and… more »

New California Gun Laws for 2018 Simplified in Visalia, CA; Relinquishment for Criminals & More

With the newer laws having effect since the beginning of the year concerning gun laws in California, it is up to responsible gun owners to stay on top of it…. more »

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