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How to Quash & Clear a Traffic or Other Arrest Warrant with a Walkthrough in Hanford, CA

When you know or find out that there is an active warrant out for your arrest you might panic. There are times that people are unaware of a warrant because… more »

If I Bail Someone Out of Jail, Can I Revoke it in Visalia, CA? What Happens if They Run?

A person who signs a bail bond on behalf of the person receiving it has then become the “Indemnitor.” Some may not fully understand the role or the responsibility of… more »

How to Speed Up Getting Out of Jail in Fresno, CA; Call a Bail Bondsman ASAP & More!

Getting arrested is no picnic. Whether you are guilty of the crime or not, the process is stressful and tedious. Not knowing the outcome can also be very overwhelming. Following… more »

What Happens After an Arrest Warrant is Issued in Fresno, CA? How to Take Care of it

There are many questions about an arrest warrant especially when one has been issued for you. Ajua Bail Bonds would like to define what an arrest warrant is, what to… more »

Bail For Burglary in Fresno, CA; Defining Misdemeanor or Felony Burglary Charges

How does the criminal justice system define burglary? What is to be expected for those arrested with these charges? The crime of burglary is an all too common crime committed…. more »

Domestic Abuse and Assault & Battery in Fresno, CA; Definitions, Examples & Bail Bonds

Each state has their own definition of the different laws and their punishment. However often they are all very similar. Using the State of California in Penal Code 243 and… more »

What You Should Consider Before Cosigning on a Bail Bond Contract in Fresno, CA

Hearing that a friend or loved one is in jail can cause anxiousness. You may find that you will do anything to get them home as soon as possible. For… more »

What Happens During & After Your Appearance at a Bail Bond Hearing in Fresno, CA

When you are arrested for a crime the normal booking process will occur. The officer that has arrested you will take you to the local county or city jail where… more »

Can You Be Arrested But Not Charged With A Crime in Fresno, CA & When Do You Need Bail?

When you are arrested most people assume they are being charged with a particular crime. They also assume that they cannot be arrested unless they are charged with a crime… more »

California Three Strikes Law. What Constitutes a Strike in Fresno, CA & Results in Accused Needing a Bail Bond?

Ajua Bail Bonds of Fresno, California is very familiar with the process of bail bonds and we are honored to help you through and understand the process. We are experienced… more »

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