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Family Member in Jail? Bail Out & What Else to Do in Huron, CA, What to Say & More

Even minor offenses and short sentences can be stressful when you or a loved one goes to jail. There is a lot of stress involved in the personal lives that… more »

Why a Court May Revoke Bail in Fowler, CA & What Happens at a Bond Revocation Hearing

If you think that once you have gotten out of jail on bail that you are out of the woods as long as you show up for your court hearings,… more »

How Does Time Served in Jail Work in Firebaugh, CA? Bail Bond to Avoid Awaiting Trial in Jail

When you are arrested for any type of charge you are taken to the jail and booked. The process of booking an inmate into a jail is the same whether… more »

What Happens when You Turn Yourself in for a Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear in Coalinga, CA?

A bench warrant is the most common type of warrant issued in the State of California. Bench warrants differ from arrest warrants, and the bench warrants are issued by a… more »

Common Arrests & Bail Bond Estimates in Caruthers, CA; DUI, Drug Possession, Assault & More

Have you ever wondered how much bail bonds cost? You may have a friend or family member in the position of needing help getting a bail bond. When you are… more »

Courtroom Etiquette Tips for Defendants in Big Creek, CA; How to Dress for Court & More

Following an arrest, Ajua Bail Bonds is there to bail you out of jail, and from there, you should be responsibly getting organized to get your personal life, and most… more »

Who Can Cosign a Bail Bond in Auberry, CA? Can You Revoke & Be Removed from a Bond & More

When you have a loved one or a family member that has been arrested it can be very stressful. If this is the first time that you are dealing with… more »

Benefits of Using a Bail Bond Company in San Joaquin, CA; Get Out of Jail Faster & More

When you are getting arrested the first thing that most people are thinking is what they can do to get out. Even before you get to jail most people can… more »

Bail for Wire Fraud Charges in Sanger, CA; Statute of Limitations & Federal Sentencing Penalties

Often falling under the category of “White Collar Crimes,” financial crimes in California, such as wire fraud, can see pretty harsh punishments. In addition to hefty fines, wire fraud can… more »

Rules & Bail Conditions While on Bond in Hanford, CA; Alcohol & Travel Restrictions & More

When you are arrested it is often because of a crime that you may or may not have committed. The crime has to be tried and brought before the court… more »

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