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Bail to Get Out of Jail When Charged with Residential or Commercial Burglary in Selma, CA

If you get convicted or burglary in California, chances are pretty good you’ll be spending time in jail or prison. How much time will all depend on a few factors… more »

Can You Go to Jail or Need Bail for Shoplifting 459.5 PC if it’s Your First Offense in Traver, CA?

Common among youth and even adults, shoplifting is something many attempt as it is often a crime of opportunity. In some cases, it can become a compulsive problem. In the… more »

Can You Be Arrested For Marijuana Drug Possession in Wineland, CA? How Much Weed Can You Carry?

One of the hot topics these days around the United States are the areas that are working on legalizing the use of cannabis or marijuana. This substance has been used… more »

Types of Bail Bonds in Kingsburg, CA; Cash, Federal, Immigration, Property, Surety & More

There are different kinds of bail bonds that can be used to help bail a loved one from jail. Some bonds are far more applicable and/or more beneficial in the… more »

Similarities & Differences Between Jail & Prison in Dinuba, CA; Bail For Inmates Awaiting Trial & More

If you have never been arrested or you are helping a loved one who has been arrested there are lots of things that you need to know. One thing that… more »

First Time Inmate Visiting in Fresno, CA; Requirements to Visit Someone in Jail & Bail to Get Them Out

When a loved one gets arrested, your first response is to visit them in jail and check for their well-being, offer support, and encourage them to do what they can… more »

Drunk Driving Accidents & Other Bailable Arrests Made During the Holidays in Malaga, CA

The cool weather and celebrations of the holidays make it a favorite time for many people. This is true but there is an underlying problem during this time. No one… more »

Factors in Determining Bail Amounts & How Bail Bonds Work to Prevent Jail Overcrowding in Muscatel, CA

Some vilify bond agents, while others recognize that they perform a needed service. Most of use don’t have the money to post a cash bail if we’ve fallen afoul of… more »

Infraction AKA Petty Offense Meaning & Punishment in Selma, CA; Fines & Rarely Jail Time

For those who have been arrested and charged with an infraction, you may wonder what your charges actually detail. Infractions have a wide range of different charges which typically are… more »

How Much Does Crime Increase During the Holidays in Traver, CA & Bail to Get You Home!

The holidays often bring joy and good times for many people. There are far more acts of kindness, time spent with loved ones, and memories being made with the traditions… more »

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