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Drive High, Get a DUI in California; Bail to Get Out of Jail for Marijuana DUI in Kettleman City, CA

Though legalized marijuana has its advantages, there are some legal obligations the people of California have to abide by. The most common is Marijuana DUIs, and they are just as… more »

How to Speed Up Bail Bond Process in Corcoran, CA; Get Inmate Information, Call Bondsman & More

There are times that you may get a call saying that someone that you love has been arrested. There are times that person has made a mistake or they have… more »

Private Attorney VS Public Defender to Represent You While Out on Bail in Avenal, CA

Being arrested is not something that is fun or that most people are ready to deal with. The majority of the time the person that has been arrested has been… more »

How to Show Someone in Jail You Love Them when a Bail Bond isn’t an Option in Wishon, CA

If you are ever in a position to get a phone call letting you know that someone you love has been arrested you know that it can be stressful. The… more »

Can Two People Post Bail for One Defendant in Raymond, CA to Get Them Out of Jail Fast?

Bail is not always promised when someone gets arrested, and the cost reflects the crime and surrounding circumstances. But in order to get released from jail while awaiting the court… more »

Benefits of a Bail Bond to Get Out of Jail in Oakhurst, CA; You Can Work, Visit Family & More

When you are arrested you are likely about to be charged with a crime. The crime is something that is done in the presence of law enforcement or someone that… more »

Who Can Cosign a Bail Bond & What Happens if Someone Jumps Bail in North Fork, CA?

When you have a friend or family member that has been arrested and charged most people want to do all they can to help. Being in jail is not something… more »

Bail for Boating While Impaired & Driving a Boat Under the Influence in Coarsegold, CA

When you are getting ready for the summer you might be thinking about the best ways to spend your time. The outdoor weather is warm and perfect for some fun… more »

Juvenile Justice System in Chowchilla, CA; What Teenagers Should Do when Arrested & More

Most parents want the best for their children. As they grow and develop, some will be relatively well-behaved, others may a have moments of rebellion, where others walk a narrow… more »

Reasons Bail is Denied in Riverdale, CA; Threat to Community, Flight Risk, Crime Severity & More

Being arrested for a crime can be scary especially if you have never been in trouble before. Most people have many questions about what happens and what they can do… more »

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