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Do You Need a Bail Bond in Goshen, CA? Prepare for Case, Be Employed, Family Time & More

When you are arrested no matter what the crime is the person can fill embarrassed. You may think that it is too uncomfortable to talk to anyone about and if… more »

Do I Have a Right to Phone Calls After Being Arrested to Arrange Bail in Farmersville, CA?

Being arrested is not something that anyone wants to go through. This is often one of the worst times of your life even though many times it is due to… more »

How is Bail Determined & Why Would a Bond Be Increased in Exeter, CA? Crimes & Other Factors

Under US laws, the right of an accused to follow their court proceedings out of remand centers is granted by the right to bail. To make sure that the accused… more »

Reasons Bail is Denied in Earlimart, CA; Crime Charged With, Arrest Record, Flight Risk & More

When you are arrested it means that someone has witnessed a crime and that you are the person of interest and you are being charged. There are tons of laws… more »

Pretrial Services Check In, Travel Restrictions & Other Bail Bond Conditions in Dinuba, CA

Taking advantage of a bail bond following an arrest gives the individual opportunity to spend their time with loved ones, return to their jobs, as well as prepare their defense… more »

Terrified? Things to Know After Getting Bail & Before Going to Court to Ease Anxiety in Cutler, CA

There is something about going to court that is nerve racking for most people. Unless you are a professional that goes to court often it is intimidating and scary. Now… more »

California Bad Check Laws in Alpaugh, CA; How Much Jail Time & Bail for Bounced Checks?

From an account that has insufficient funds to cover a check, it is illegal to knowingly issue the check in California. As a misdemeanor and punishable by imprisonment for up… more »

Bail Bond for Underage Drinking and Minor in Possession of Alcohol Laws in Stratford, CA

Possession of alcohol, purchase of alcohol and selling or supplying alcohol to minors, among other varieties of activities are punishable under the underage drinking laws in California. Significant consequences may… more »

How to Get Someone Out of Jail After Getting Arrested for a Misdemeanor in Lemoore, CA

No one thinks they will get a call that someone they know and love has been arrested. The call is not something you want to get but when it comes… more »

Drive High, Get a DUI in California; Bail to Get Out of Jail for Marijuana DUI in Kettleman City, CA

Though legalized marijuana has its advantages, there are some legal obligations the people of California have to abide by. The most common is Marijuana DUIs, and they are just as… more »

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