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Bail for False Arrests, Wrongful Warrant & Unlawful Detention or Detainment by Police in Tulare, CA

Arrests are stressful especially when you didn’t commit a crime, and unfortunately unlawful arrests are very common in the State of California. Misunderstandings occur all the time and as busy… more »

Adjusting to Life After Incarceration in Visalia, CA; Educational Programs, Jail Counseling & More

Hopefully, after Ajua Bail Bonds posted your bail after you had been arrested, the court system was just for your particular situation. Prisoners being released can attest that the California… more »

How is Bail Amount Determined in Merced, CA? Factors in Determining a Bond & More

When you are being arrested you are likely not thinking clearly about what you need to do to get out. You might be arguing about what the arrest is regarding…. more »

Best Time to Turn Yourself In on an Active Warrant, Getting a Bail Bond & Other Tips in Atwater, CA

There might be a time in your life that you get sent a notice that you have a warrant for your arrest. An arrest warrant is often sought after and… more »

Police Procedure when Arresting Someone in Selma, CA & How to Act; Calling a Bail Bondsman & More

There are some moments in your life that might seem unexpected and one of them happens to be when you are arrested. Not everyone has to go through being arrested… more »

Reasons a Judge Can Deny Bail in Fresno, CA; Crime Severity, Flight Risk, Repeat Offender & More

It is always advisable after someone has been arrested to hire a bail bonds agent in order to get released prior to their trial. However, it depends on if you… more »

Common Holiday Crimes in Kingsburg, CA; Bail Bonds for DUI, Shoplifting, Burglary & More

For many folks, the holiday seasons marks a season of joy and happiness. There is more time spent with loved ones, people tend to be a little kinder, and the… more »

How to Help Someone Arrested & in Jail in Dinuba, CA; Find a Bail Bondsman & More

Nobody wants to get a call letting them know that their friend or family member has been arrested. There are many reasons that a person can be arrested from very… more »

What to Do if You are Unlawful Arrested in Malaga & Southern CA? Post Bail, Get a Lawyer & More

Getting arrested without committing a crime is a lot worse than getting arrested for one you did. For many individuals in Southern California, this occurs nearly daily. Most would like… more »

Can You Get Bailed Out of Jail for a Domestic Violence Charge in Muscatel, CA? Arrest Record & More

You never want to be arrested but it can happen and that is why it is a good idea to know what you should do. The arrest is not something… more »

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