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How Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery Agents Work in Kingsburg, CA; How Bounty Hunters Look for You

There are several consequences when a person skips bail. For those who got out of jail on a bail bond and fail to appear for their court date and/or leave… more »

What is a Bail Bond Indemnitor Agreement in Dinuba, CA & Can a Cosigner Be Removed?

If you have never had to deal with a bail company there are lots of terms that we will use. We use specific legal terms as well as terms that… more »

How Do Bail Bonds Work in Malaga, CA & What Does a Bail Bondsman Do?

If you have never been arrested then you may not know what bail is all about. If you have been arrested and you have posted bail before you still may… more »

Can Charges Be Dropped Before Trial in Muscatel, CA? What Does this Mean for Your Bail Bond?

Getting arrested for any crime can be an overwhelming and stressful experience, no matter if it is a misdemeanor or a felony. Being first introduced to the legal system can… more »

Drug Sentencing; Bail for Possession of Controlled Substance Charges in Madera, CA

Have you been arrested for possession of a controlled substance? Most people have a good understanding that marijuana, heroin, and cocaine are some of the most obvious control substances that… more »

Need a Bail Bond for Impaired Drunk Driving After a DUI Charge in Clovis, CA?

You may not realize this, but during the summer months, crime increases about 10% from other times of the year. Some would think that would happen during the holidays rather… more »

Domestic Violence Court Process in Selma, CA; Pre-Trial Hearing, Bail Bond Info & More

Each year, millions of people are affected by domestic violence. Every family has disputes, but sometimes it goes too far. The line between going too far and having a simple… more »

Drunk Driving Solutions & Strategies to Prevent Needing a Bail Bond in Fresno, CA

Nobody sets out on an evening with every intention of driving drunk. At least we hope that is never anyone’s intent. The problem with alcohol, though it helps people unwind,… more »

How to Quash & Clear a Traffic or Other Arrest Warrant with a Walkthrough in Hanford, CA

When you know or find out that there is an active warrant out for your arrest you might panic. There are times that people are unaware of a warrant because… more »

If I Bail Someone Out of Jail, Can I Revoke it in Visalia, CA? What Happens if They Run?

A person who signs a bail bond on behalf of the person receiving it has then become the “Indemnitor.” Some may not fully understand the role or the responsibility of… more »

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