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Can You Be Arrested But Not Charged With A Crime in Fresno, CA & When Do You Need Bail?

When you are arrested most people assume they are being charged with a particular crime. They also assume that they cannot be arrested unless they are charged with a crime… more »

California Three Strikes Law. What Constitutes a Strike in Fresno, CA & Results in Accused Needing a Bail Bond?

Ajua Bail Bonds of Fresno, California is very familiar with the process of bail bonds and we are honored to help you through and understand the process. We are experienced… more »

What Are Surety Bonds, What Do They Cost & How Does Bail Insurance Coverage Work in Fresno, CA

In many if not most states in the United States, the regulatory agencies for bail bondsman is the same that regulates the insurance industry. A bail bondsman is an agent… more »

What Are Some Common Conditions Of Bail Bonds in Fresno, CA & Factors Do Judges Consider When Setting It?

When you are arrested for a crime there is a process that you will be put through. The arresting officer will take you to the local jail and you will… more »

Theft Laws in Fresno, CA; Bail for Petty Theft With & Without a Prior, Shoplifting, Grand Theft & More

Each state varies on how they define their laws. When it comes to theft, the state of California defines it as “the intentional and unlawful taking of property. In order… more »

What is a Wobbler Offense or Crime in Fresno, CA? Bail Bonds for White Collar Misdemeanors & Felonies

In the State of California there is an all too familiar crime committed called White Collar Crime. Many are surprised to learn that they or a loved one has committed… more »

California Felony Guild & Levels of Punishment for White Collar Crime, Sex Offender & Other Felonies in Fresno, CA

There are those who keep finding themselves arrested for some kind of committed offense. Over time it can prove more detrimental. Many don’t realize how the State of California sets… more »

Bail Bonds for Unlawful Assembly Charges in Fresno, CA; Civil Disobedience & Protest Penal Codes

No matter where your politics lie, many people see things they feel are wrong in this country and want their voices heard. Forming a protest is a common way to… more »

How Do Bail Bonds Work in Selma & Fresno County, CA & What Are the Consequences for Missing a Court Date & Jumping Bail?

A bail bond is a written surety required by the court, signed by the defendant and issued by an insurance company, promising to appear in a court at a scheduled… more »

How to Bail Someone Out of Jail in Another State; Transfer Bail Bonds in Visalia, CA

Getting arrested is a terrifying experience. If you are getting arrested when you are far from home, it can be even worse. You have no one nearby that you can… more »

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