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Signing a Bond for Bail in Merced, CA; Make Payments on Time, Court Appearances & More

No one wants to get a call in the night from someone saying they have been arrested. This can be a frightening call that might send you reeling. The call… more »

Bail for Common Misdemeanor Charges in Atwater, CA; Drug Possession, Shoplifting & More

A misdemeanor is considered to be a more minor crime. In California, despite such, there are still firm consequences. You will be held in police custody until your bail hearing… more »

Transfer Bail Bond Services in Selma, CA for Out of State Criminal Charges & Arrests

There are laws, rules and regulations that we all have to adhere to. They are there to keep yourself as well as the people around you safe. The laws are… more »

Inmate Rights in Fresno, CA; Prisoners First Amendment, Medical Care Rights etc While in Jail

When you or a loved one is arrested, it is important to know your rights. Until you are able to see the judge or have the opportunity to be bailed… more »

How to Stay Out of Jail when on Probation in Kingsburg, CA; Attend Court Appointments & More

When you are arrested you are going to be taken into custody. The arrest is being made under several instances that include an officer witnessing a crime. It can also… more »

Differences Between Parole & Probation Such as Purpose & How They are Alike in Dinuba, CA

Generally, most knowledge from the legal systems comes from police procedures and courtroom dramas. Where so many watch and enjoy these films, the facts are not accurate and Hollywood often… more »

Police Booking Process in Malaga, CA; What Happens when You Get Detained & Arrested?

Once you are an adult the choices that you make on a regular basis can impact your life. If you choose to break the law there are consequences that will… more »

Top Jail Bookings & Arrests in Muscatel, CA; Bail Bonds for DUI, Drug Possession Charges & More

If you have never been arrested you may not know what the process is. No matter what type of crime you have been arrested for you have to be processed… more »

Medical Misdiagnosis & Prisoners Denied Medication in Jail? Get a Bail Bond in Madera, CA!

When a loved one finds themselves sitting in a jail cell, it can become a frightening experience and even more so if the person requires routine medication. When a person… more »

Typical Bail Amounts for Different Crimes in Hanford, CA from Assault to Weapons Charges

Despite what may be frequently shared in the local news, there are some crimes more common than others in California. Throughout the state, when these common crimes are committed there… more »

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