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If you are ever in a position to get a phone call letting you know that someone you love has been arrested you know that it can be stressful. The call that they have been arrested can bring out many questions but there is not a lot that you will be able to get out of the call. The majority of the time the call is short and there is enough time that you can get where they are and some small amount of details. The rest of the information will come when you are able to talk to their attorney. You want to make sure that you know what you are supposed to do. You need to talk to them about being bailed out of jail. Bail is a way that you can get out on a temporary basis so that you can continue to function. The bail is set once your loved one has been seen by a judge. They make the decisions about what the cost will be and when it can be posted. In the meantime or if they are not able to get bailed out you want to do what you can to help them. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines how to help your loved one in jail.

Visiting Someone in Jail

When someone has gone to jail it can be their first time or not. Either way they are now cut off from the rest of the world. The way that they were able to function before being arrested changes drastically. They are told when to eat and when to sleep. The problem is that they also have no way to catch up on the outside world. They do not have any way to talk about what they are going through and that is why it is important to visit as often as you can. When you go to visit you are bringing some love from home to them. You are also letting them talk to you about what they are going through and how they feel. If you have more than a single person that can go out and see them it is better.

Inmate Legal Assistance

When the person has been arrested they are stuck working with a legal representative. This is the way to get ready for the case and work on what they need to know. The problem is that if you are doing this while you are in jail it can be difficult. There is a limited amount of time that you can talk to your lawyer. That is why it is important to have someone that is on the outside that can also get information about the case and help with the case. They can also help to keep you informed.

Put Money in Inmates Account

When you are in jail you do not have your favorite snacks, clothes and toiletries. The jail does not offer this to you and that is why it is important to have someone that can send money to you. There is usually a way to do that so that the jail has the money and the inmate is able to spend it on a store that is set up. That way they can try and get some of the things that they want like food and clothes.

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Bail is not always promised when someone gets arrested, and the cost reflects the crime and surrounding circumstances. But in order to get released from jail while awaiting the court procedures, a defendant will need to post bail. Because of the cost, most cannot afford it and seek to make bail through a bail bondman. The bail bondsman, generally charging 10%, will help you get you or your loved one released ask quickly as possible. However, as unorthodox as you may think, two different individuals working with separate bail bond companies may post the same bail for the one person who was arrested is actually more common than you may think. When this does happen, many are uncertain of what to do next.

Who Should Post Bail

For example, a man who has been arrested may call their spouse about their predicament, the spouse than gets to work with a bail bond company to get their husband bailed out. However, word traveled to the man’s parents, where they begin to take the steps, working with another bail bond company, to bail their son out of jail unknowing the spouse is already on top of it. Seeing the scenario, it is understandable that miscommunication lead to the two different parties posting bail for one individual as they attempt to secure their loved one’s freedom but did not happen to contact each other with the stress and immediate action.

Bail Bond Process

From there, many questions are asked when two different parties both begin the process of working with a bail bonding company. For starters, will the jail process two bail bonds for the same defendant? What happens with money if so? Many similar questions and concerns are addressed below as we at Ajua Bail Bonds share the general process when two bails are posted for one defendant. In the above-mentioned scenario, the answer is simple, the person who arrived with the bail first completes the process and the second party is turned away at the jail when they attempt to post the bond. For one individual, only one bail can be posted. The second party is not out any fees or the bail cost if someone has already completed the process of posting bail. Once the person discovers bail has been paid, the money is refunded because the bail bonding company’s fee is not earned until the bail bond is posted.

What Information Do I Need to Post Bail?

When it comes to posting bail, knowing the jail the defendant is being kept, their full name, and the charges can expedite the process with the bail bond company. Remember they are happy to help and answer your questions and address your concerns. They will get the bail paid as quickly as possible once bail has ben set for the defendant.

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Throughout the Greater Fresno, CA area, Ajua Bail Bonds is readily available to provide bail bond services. Our experience and qualified team will get to work to help you get out of jail as quickly as possible. Call us immediately when you need bail to get the defendant out jail quicker.

When you are arrested you are likely about to be charged with a crime. The crime is something that is done in the presence of law enforcement or someone that has witnessed it. The crime has only been charged at the time of the arrest and you are considered innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. Many times the person has been arrested and they are unsure of what they should do and how to react. Of course it can feel frightening and uncertain but there is a lot that you can do. When you are arrested usually in the first day or two you will be up in front of a judge. You will find out then what the cost of your bail is. This is a cost that you are required to pay to be released from jail on a temporary basis. There are some that are unsure is bail is necessary and if there are any benefits to posting it. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines why you need to use bail when you have been arrested.

You Can Work when Out of Jail on Bail

When you are arrested and you are stuck in jail you are unable to bring any income into your family. You are not only not bringing in any income but you are becoming a burden to those around you. They will have to come visit you and send money to the jail so you can buy the things you need. One of the main benefits of using bail to get out of jail is that you can continue to work. The court will find that you are a good and functional community member when you are out and working. You can save money to use on your case instead of being stuck in jail the entire time that you are waiting for a hearing or a trial.

You Can Visit Family when Bailed Out of Jail

There are lots of times that the crime that you have committed is actually true and you are looking at a trial as a way to lessen the time that you have to serve. When you are stuck in jail you are unable to have any type of loving and kind relationship. You will only be able to talk through the phone or maybe see them under supervision. This is no way to have good quality time with your family and friends before you may be sentenced to time in jail. When you get out of jail you are sure to have those relationships.

You Can Work On The Case After Bailing Out of Jail

When you are in jail you are not able to communicate freely with your attorney. The jail has rules that require you to stay in your cell for a certain amount of hours a day. When you are out you have to make calls from the phone which may not be available. This is a hard way to try and make sure that you and your attorney are on the same page. When you are out on bail you will be able to call at your leisure and meet with the attorney to create a case.

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When you have a friend or family member that has been arrested and charged most people want to do all they can to help. Being in jail is not something that anyone wants to have to deal with. It is also something that you want to help avoid for the ones that you love. Being arrested can be quite traumatizing and it is important to know what you need to do and how you need to act. The arrest is really only one part of what you will need to go through. Then you need to be booked at the jail and given a time to see the judge. During this time you will be surrounded by other inmates and you could be stuck staying overnight or longer. That is why you want to use your right to bail out of jail and many times that will require a cosigner. The cosigner should really consider what they are getting themselves into before they take that step. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines what you need to know before cosigning bail.

Who Can Cosign a Bail Bond?

Most bail bond companies will not just take anyone on as a cosigner. If you use someone to cosign for a loan they need to have good credit. There are some criteria that a bail company will want to see if you are to be qualified to cosign for bail. You of course must be an adult to start off with. They also want to see that you have a steady job and you have a proper credit history. They are allowing you to sign for bail as a backup if the person does not live up to their end of the bargain. You are on the hook for the responsibility. They want to try and produce some evidence that you are in fact responsible before they take you on as a cosigner. You want to make sure that you call in advance and find out what they want you to bring in terms or proof and identification. If you are approved to be a cosigner then you want to still take in some other consideration.

What Happens if Someone Jumps Bail and You’re the Cosigner

You need to be prepared that any money or collateral that you use for the bail can be lost for good. The person that has been bailed out is under some restrictions as well as requirements to arrive and show up. If you are not prepared to make the payments of have a potential lien on your property than being a cosigner is not right for you.

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You want to make sure you look at the person that has been arrested and decide what kind of trust you have in them. Many people have been arrested and are very responsible and very dedicated to clearing their name. If you are not sure about them showing up for appointments and court or they may not make their payments you may want to rethink your role as cosigner. Ajua Bail Bonds can help get your loved ones out of jail fast. Call us today to talk to our staff.

When you are getting ready for the summer you might be thinking about the best ways to spend your time. The outdoor weather is warm and perfect for some fun in the sun. That is why many people are looking for water activities that might include a trip to the beach, ocean and lake. These are all great places to spend a day in the summer but if you have a boat it is even better. When you are able to go out boating you want to make sure you understand what the rules are. The rules about how to drive a boat safely include where you can go and how fast you can travel in certain areas. The other part about being in a boat and having a good time for many people will include alcohol. Have you ever wondered if you can get a DUI for driving a boat while under the influence? Ajua Bail Bonds outlines what you need to know about getting a DUI while boating.

Can You Drink on a Boat if Your Driving?

Everyone knows that you should not consume alcohol and drive a car or truck. They know that this is considered a DUI and that you can be arrested and get in trouble for it. They may not know that they can also get in the same amount of trouble by drinking alcohol and driving a boat. It is illegal to be driving a boat, airplane, helicopter and even water skis and jet skis. It is important to make sure that you have a designated driver that is established for day when you choose to go out on the water. The driver should remain sober throughout the day. If you are stopped while operating any of the water crafts they can test for the presence of alcohol and if found above the legal limit you will be arrested. You want someone with a sound mind to be operating the boat or other vessel.

Open Alcohol Container Boating Laws

If you are in a car you are not permitted to have any open containers of alcohol. This is an offence that can be punishable by an arrest and a date in front of the judge. When it comes to boating it is not the same rule. That means that as you are driving around on the boat you can allow all your guests that are of legal age to consume the alcohol. The driver must remain under the legal limit to be within the laws regulations.

Does a BWI (Boating While Impaired) Affect Your Drivers License?

You may think that if you get in trouble for a DUI while driving a boat it will not affect your driver’s license but it can. The boating under the influence can lead to your drivers license being revoked or even suspended. You want to make sure that you avoid any trouble while on the boat this summer. This can help you keep a good clean driving record and keep you out of jail as well.

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