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Archives: December 2019

There are some seasons that bring the best out in people and some that bring the worst out. It seems that the best time of year for people to feel good and want to be the best version of themselves is in the holiday season. The end of the year has a slew of holidays that bring people together and usually give people opportunities to give and serve. That means that there is more cheer and happiness and in turn can have a better outcome when everyone is together. Although most people have a good attitude there is a dark side to the holidays. People are stressed over money troubles, relationships with family they have not seen for some time and also drinking alcohol. These can be things that cause people to get in some trouble and end up in jail. Being arrested is not the way that you want to go through the holidays but if you do it is important to know what might happen. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines what happens when you get arrested during the holidays.

Jail is Busy During the Holidays

You might think the holidays would be quiet and that people would stay out of trouble. Although you want to think that, it is very busy down at the jail. The bad behavior is in full force as well with people that are stealing, fighting and more. The jail will see an uptick in the amount of traffic that is coming in during the holidays. It can be anything from thefts to someone that has been driving after a holiday party. They also see arrests from domestic violence when families get together that might have bad blood. They can see people that are stressed out and maybe had too much to drink and then got into an altercation. When the jail is busy the process that it takes to get you booked will take longer as well.

Courts are Closed for Holidays

When you are arrested you will likely see a judge the next day. This is because the courts will continue to operate five days a week. The problem that you will come across when you are arrested during the holidays is that the courts are not open. They will have short days as well as days they are closed all together. You also will have certain judges or rooms that are not working due to illness and being out of town. That means that you will not see a judge right away and could end up staying in jail much longer than you want.

Can You Bail Someone Out of Jail on a Holiday?

If you are arrested during the holidays you want to make sure that you talk with a bail company right away. They can start to work on the necessary paperwork so that once you are able to see a judge they can work fast. The sooner they start the process the faster you can get out and start to enjoy the festivities.

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After being arrested for a crime, many people will seek a bail bond service to help get them out of jail fast. However, once out of jail doesn’t mean the situation is completely resolved. Once out of jail the next step is awaiting your court date. During that time you can prepare and seek legal counsel for the appointed court date. Missing the appointed court date or hearing has a number of consequences. For those unfamiliar with the crime and penalties when missing your court date, we have provided a few below.

Promise to Appear in Court

When arrested and processed out of jail, a court date is given where you as the defendant will need to appear in court. At this hearing the actions of the crime will be given penalties which can include fines, jail and or a prison sentence. Once arrested, the first step is to get out of jail. Often a bail bondsman is sought out to help reach bail. When being released, the police officer will have the defendant sign a PTA (Promise to Appear) form. The form will have the date, time, and location of the court hearing.

Bench Warrant for Failure to Appear

For some, attending their court hearing and receiving a punishment for past actions may not sound ideal. However, it is a crime not to attend the appointed court date. When missing your first court date, very often the court will first note the absence and then reschedule the court date. They can also issue a bench warrant with discretion which will be sent to the arresting officer. A bench warrant is a type of warrant that is issued by the presiding judge which allows the police to arrest the accused who failed to appear in court. At that time, additional charges are added, such as FTA penalties. Additionally the court can change the fine of the accused as well as the jail sentences and even revocation of the bond and the condition of their release. If the court date was accidentally missed, if there is a reasonable excuse as to why a person can’t make their court date, or if one is running late, it is essential to contact the court. If the court date was missed entirely, then contact a criminal defense attorney right away. The attorney can contact the court and help prepare a reason or defense for your absence and prevent the warrant from going out.

Jumping Bail Consequences

When the accused chooses to run and fails to appear for their court date, that most often will change the terms of the bail. Often the bail bondsmen will hire a bounty hunter to locate and retrieve the runner. When applying for a bail bond, often some collateral is required. The bail bond agency can collect the collateral if the person fails to appear in court or skips the terms of the bail. Failure to appear on the scheduled court date will add additional consequences to the fines, or punishment of the accused. It is far better to attend your court date with the aid of a defense attorney as the consequences of past action can be less severe.

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The holiday season, for many people, marks a season of joy and happiness. The traditions, activities, and parties are in full swing and the masses find more time to spend with loved ones and show more kindness to strangers. Especially where the law is concerned, there are those that simply make poor choices and those that are in the wrong place at the wrong time. When compared to the rest of the year, statistically there are more crimes that are committed during the holiday season. Below are the common crimes committed and we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to list them today.

Theft During the Holiday Season

Not only are there specific crimes that increase during this time of year, the crime rate in general increases as noted from a recent study conducted by Allstate Insurance Company. As to why rebelling compels people to turn to criminal acts, there is a host of excuses people have. When thieves walk up to porches and steal packages is by far one of the most committed crimes of theft. Seeing the creatively wrapped gifts, homes are often burglarized as well.

Holiday Shoplifting

Another crime that tops the list, shoplifting is a fairly obvious crime this time of year. Overwhelmed with customer needs and large numbers, employees cannot detect the shoplifter that slips in and out, as they pilfer what they want with little risk of getting caught without substantial manpower to watch the dense crowds.

Identity Theft Crimes

Among the common crimes of the season that increases is identity theft. With the volumes the names on debit cards, credit cards, bank accounts, and lines of credit, dishonest people are ready to pounce. Most are distracted when the unsavory characters are using the identity of shoppers to get away with a good haul as the hustle and bustle of people lets their guard down while spreading good cheer.

Holiday Drunk Driving

The holidays promote more drivers to take the wheel under the influence. Among the merriment comes in many forms, seasonal drinks are widely spread. A lot of people will find themselves getting behind the wheel intoxicated from those spreading good cheer to the other end spectrum where they are drowning their sorrows and bitterness the season brings with alcohol.

Common Seasonal Holiday Crimes

There are countless circumstances that drive people to commit crimes as they holiday season tends to increase criminal activity, no matter if they are looking for a quick thrill or at the brink of desperation. During the holidays, though the above-mentioned crimes are among the most common, the crimes listed below gives you a brief idea of the common crimes committed.
– Identity theft
– Fraud and scams
– Shoplifting
– Sexual assault
– Robbery
– Rape
– Driving while intoxicated (DWI)
– Auto theft
– Family violence

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In the event you have found yourself having to deal with the holiday season this year with poor judgment or have been in a situation that has gotten you arrested despite your innocence, you have a trusted resource in getting yourself bailed out of jail with Ajua Bail Bonds. You can count on our experienced staff that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you get out of jail as quickly as possible. To post your bail, call Ajua Bail Bonds today.

There are many laws you have to follow as a citizen of the United States and a member of your community. There are lots of laws that most people know about because they are basic common sense. There are others that might be obscure and you may be involved in it and end up being arrested. When you are arrested you are charged with the crime and you will need to then see a judge and plead your case. The case is something that will have to be done by a lawyer or attorney that has knowledge of the legal system. When it comes to your personal property there are lots of crimes against it that can end a person in jail. Some of them are severe but most will allow the person to post bail and be released from jail. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines some of the crimes against property that someone can be arrested for.

Burglary Charge

There are several types of crimes that involve your property but burglary is at the top of the list. Sadly there are many homes and other personal property that has been burgled and left someone feeling assaulted and sick about it. The act of burglarizing a home or other personal property is something that people can end up being arrested for. The amount of the items that are taken can determine the level of trouble that they might get in. The problem is that the burglary is not just about the things that are taken but the way that it makes someone feel. Most people feel like they are not safe and are uncomfortable for some time following it. A burglary charge can end with a jail sentence.

Is Extortion a Crime?

Another crime that someone can be arrested for is called extortion. This is a crime that involves a person that is doing an act that is causing someone to give up their property. There are lots of scams out there that include people trying to get money from you even though you are not wanting to. The extortion is something that is considered a crime and will end up with an arrest. The person who has been the victim of extortion may end up in trouble with being able to maintain their bills and their financial situation.

Elements of Theft

There are crimes that involve someone that has taken something that does not belong to them. Theft is something that is given to a crime that involves taking property of any kind that is not yours. The crime can be any level that includes car theft and more. If you are charged with theft the charge can be changed an upgraded if the cost of the items that were taken surpass a certain amount of monetary value. This is a charge that you will likely be arrested and need to see a judge to set bail for your release.

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