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Archives: May 2016

Inmate “Capping” An Unscrupulous Practice that Occurs Inside Jails

Capping has been occurring inside our jails for years, in fact this illegal activity has occurred in every jail in California for decades. Unfortunately this unscrupulous practice shows literally no signs of slowing down and new victims fall prey to this method of illegal referral almost every day.

What is the Meaning of Capping?

What is capping? Capping is used by fraudulent bail bond companies to build up their businesses. How is it done? The corrupt bail bond company literally hires inmates inside the jail to refer them new customers. Reputable bail bond agencies, like the experienced professionals at Ajua Bail Bonds are strictly against this illegal practice. In fact under California Penal Code 160(a)1, it is illegal for inmates within the county jail system to recommend or solicit any bail bond agency to another inmate.

Bail Bond Solicitation in Courts & Jails

Bail bond agencies are regulated by the California Department of Insurance (DOI). The practice of solicitation is prohibited inside courts and jails because of the ability for one inmate to abuse another inmate along with conflict of interest between the seasoned inmate and the bail bond company and the inmate that is being solicited.

How Does the Bail Referral Capping Scam Work?

How does the capping scam work? Once you have been arrested and taken to jail, you begin the booking process which is known as “the loop” at the intake release center (IRC). You will be photographed, fingerprinted and your identity will be run through a database for a background check. Once this process has been completed, you will be placed in a holding cell with several other inmates. Payphones will be available for you to contact family, friends or someone else who can help such as a bail bondsman. It is at this point that another inmate will approach you and begin a conversation. What starts as a seemingly innocent exchange turns to questions about you and the reason for your arrest. Before you know it, the other inmate is recommending a bail bondsman that can help you and next thing you know, he is offering you the phone number. What your probably don’t even realize is that your newly acquired friend is being paid by the bondsman that he is referring you to for your business. It is not uncommon for these paid inmates (cappers) to use forceful tactics along with threats if you don’t want to take their suggestions. Remember, they are being paid for generating business for the bail bond company and will do everything in their power to make sure you call their favored bondsman.

Fraudulent Bail Bond Companies Use Capping Today!

Despite efforts by law enforcement officials, capping continues to remain an ongoing problem and is one of the single sources of revenue generated by fraudulent bail bond agencies. Victims are numerous, and it comes as no surprise to the defendant and the defendant’s family that a company that is using this illegal practice to generate business will take their money and then impose additional and unnecessary conditions along with extorting more money at every available opportunity. Indemnity Agreements or bail bond contracts, give the issuing company authority over their clients. It is not unheard of for these unscrupulous bail bond companies to surrender clients back into custody even if they are doing everything they are supposed to and making all of their scheduled court appearances. Despite how common this practice is in our judicial system, there is no recourse or refunds for victims. The business of capping affects everyone including the courts and taxpayers in the form of unpaid summary judgments.

Licensed, Reputable Bail Bond Services to Get You Out of Jail Legally in Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Selma, Visalia, Hanford and Madera and the Central Valley of California

For a bail bond service you can trust, contact the knowledgeable professionals at Ajua Bail Bonds today. We are family owned and operated, licensed and insured for your complete satisfaction and peace of mind and available 24/7 for immediate response. You are in honest, capable hands when you contact the experienced and knowledgeable bail bonds men at Ajua!

If you have broken the law, whether the crime is big or small the chances that you can get bail are pretty good. Depending on the crime an amount will be set by the judge and that will determine how much you have to pay to bail out of jail. There are some circumstances that bail will be denied and you will have to wait in jail for your trial and sentencing. Just because you get out of jail by bailing out you are still on the hook for the crime that was committed. You will be required to attend all court dates and spend the time that is given to you when you are sentenced. That does not mean that you will be sent back to jail. Each case is handled individually and there are many circumstances that go into the sentencing and the fines that may be assessed. Now the question is why getting bail is even allowed and how is it a good idea for the court system to allow a person that is arrested for a crime to be set free?

Ajua Bail Bonds has the reasons behind why bail is an option after you have been arrested for a crime.

How Does Posting Bail Benefit You: When you are arrested for a crime, you are then sent to a judge. That judge will then set a price that it will take to allow you to get a bond that you will use to bail yourself out of jail. If you forgo bailing yourself out of jail you will then sit there and wait for your turn in court. That can end up being a long time depending on the amount of time that the attorney takes and the court has for openings. The bail will allow you to get out of jail to continue working to earn a living and be productive while you await your court dates and trials.
How Does Bail Work: The best thing about the bail system is that it is not for everyone. The justice system still wants to keep the public safe so that is why the bail system is not for every criminal. If you are a deemed a dangerous criminal or a risk to the people around you bail will not be allowed for you. With that said the majority of crimes that people are arrested for are in the realm that bail will work and you can get out of jail while awaiting your trial. This is great for people that are in a bad situation and made a mistake but want to continue to contribute to their family’s lives.

Ajua Bail Bonds offers fast bail services in Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Selma, Visalia, Hanford and Madera and the Central Valley of California.

If you ever watch crime shows on TV you may hear the terms bail, bail bondsman, jumping bail, bounty hunter, and bail bond forfeiture. These are all terms relating to someone who is charged with a crime and what happens between being charged and their court date.

What Happens After You are Charged with a Crime

When someone is charged with a crime they are allowed to post a bail bond which permits them to be released while their court case is pending. This temporary release of an accused person awaiting trial is done with the condition that a sum of money that is agreed upon will be paid should they not appear in court. The bail bond company agrees to pay the amount of money if the criminal doesn’t show up making the bail bond kind of like an insurance policy insuring that their client will show up for court. If collateral such as a mortgage or a car is used instead of cash, the bail bond company can sell it to get the cash needed to pay the bond in the event the defendant doesn’t show up or skips bail. The family mem

Bail Bond Forfeiture?

A bail bond forfeiture happens when that criminal or defendant fails to be in court on the scheduled date. The judge will then order a hearing to determine if the defendant had a good reason to miss their court date. Acceptable reasons to miss a court date are; no notification of hearing which means the defendant didn’t get their notice. This only happens when it is proven that the notification wasn’t mailed, if there is an unforeseeable medical emergency like being rushed to the hospital or being forced to stay in a hospital overnight making it impossible for them to be there. The other reason is if their lawyer withdraws without notice within a week of their court date. Those are the only reasons that can allow the defendant to miss their court date. If the reason isn’t a good one then a warrant for their arrest will be issued. If the person cannot be located by the date selected the court will go forward with bond forfeiture proceedings. The company or the individual who posted the money for their bail is then responsible to pay the amount that bail was set at.

Finding Defendants Who Miss Court Dates

Bail bond companies will sometimes hire individuals called bounty hunters or skip tracers to find fleeing defendants. Jumping bail is a felony offense in many jurisdictions which can lead to additional jail time. If they are able find them before the bond forfeiture is finalized then the court generally won’t require the company to pay the bond. If the bail bond forfeiture does go through and the bond is collected, it cannot be refunded.

Emergency Bail Bonds in Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Selma, Visalia, Hanford and Madera and the Central Valley of California

Having a loved one go to jail can be very upsetting. There are steps you can take to get them out to prepare for their day on court. Call Ajua Bail Bonds to make it happen in the Central Valley of California!

Ramey Warrant Definition

In layman’s terms a Ramey Warrant is still an arrest warrant but the means in which the warrant is obtained by law enforcement is vastly different. A law enforcement agency will typically obtain a warrant through the District Attorney, in the case of a Ramey warrant; the police agency will bypass the District Attorney and instead go directly to a Judge.

How Does a Ramey Warrant Differ from a Walk Through Arrest Warrant?

In most cases, law enforcement agencies will submit a report to the District Attorney’s office. If the District Attorney feels that the evidence supports the need to file a case, the police agency can ask that the case be filed and a warrant issued simultaneously. This process is referred to as a Walk-through Warrant. With a Ramey Warrant, the arresting officer may choose to skip the District Attorney at least for the time being. The law enforcement agency will submit a report and a declaration to the judge that sets out the reasons for the requested warrant. If the judge feels there is sufficient evidence that the person in question has indeed committed a crime, then he/she will issue a Ramey warrant. Ramey warrants are often requested and processed after normal business hours which makes the process much faster than waiting for more traditional channels to become available.

What is the Purpose of a Ramey Warrant

The most common reason for law enforcement officials to request a Ramey Warrant is when the officer feels he may not have enough evidence for the District Attorney to file the charges. If the judge issues a Ramey Warrant, the police officer can arrest the person and question them to try and obtain additional evidence to further support the case. Should the individual in question refuse to co-operate, the officer will either file the case with the evidence he/she has or release the individual. A Ramey warrant is typically three to four pages long and contains information that includes the name of the suspect, last known address as well as a physical description. A statement of probable cause is also included in the warrant and is prepared by the law enforcement officer under penalty of perjury, along with a description of the crime or crimes that have allegedly been committed by the suspect and a full list of name(s) of any victim(s).

Bail Bonds & Walk Through Bonds in Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Selma, Visalia, Hanford and Madera and the Central Valley of California to Get You or a Loved One Out of Jail Fast!

A bail amount will also be specified in the warrant. Once the suspect is arrested on the Ramey Warrant, he or she will be held for 48 hours to be interviewed and allow the officer to turn over the file containing evidence and statements to the prosecutor’s office. Once this is completed, formal charges may then be officially filed against the suspect. A Ramey Warrant remains valid for 90 days after the date it is issued. If you are interested in learning more about Ramey Warrants, contact the professionals at Ajua Bail Bonds today. Our bail bond agents are available 24/7 to answer your questions and help you through the bail bond process quickly and discretely.

If you have been arrested, the first thing that is running through most people’s mind is how fast can you get bailed out. The next thought is who you are going to call. You may think that you need to call a relative to get you out of jail but you are wrong. You can ask a friend or someone that you know to bail you out of jail. The issue will come down to how well you know that person and whether they are willing to stick their neck out on your behalf. They are going to have to feel confident enough that you are going to make it to all your court dates and pay whatever fines you are required to pay. If they are not confident that you will do these things or pay them back the fees that they had to pay to the bail company for the set bail amount, they may not be willing. There are many people that call a friend to bail them out because their family is unavailable. There are also times that you can bail out of jail on your own without using anyone to sign on your behalf. This is getting out on your own recognizance and it will require you to be responsible for yourself. This is not always an option but the judge or bail company will be able to let you know what options you do have.

Ajua Bail Bonds Lists What the Person Bailing You Out Needs to Know.

Responsible For You Appearing in Court: If you are going to ask a family member or a friend to come and bail you out of jail they become partially responsible for you when it comes to this specific aspect. They can be on the line to the bail company if you do not show up for your court date. If you miss a court day, a warrant is issued and the police can pick you up. Be sure that whoever it is that bails you out knows that they are on the hook until the case is completed.
Contacting The Bail Company: The person that is going to bail you out will have to contact the bail company so that they can get the details and information needed. They will need to know personal information such as your name, address and phone number. Then they will need to pay the amount that has been set up by the courts to get you out.

Ajua Bail Bonds Can set up bail for you or a friend in Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Selma, Visalia, Hanford and Madera and the Central Valley of California.

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