What Happens when You Await a Trial in Jail in Riverdale, CA? Get Bail to Avoid Self-Incrimination & More

If you find yourself arrested for a crime, it is a tumultuous time that is filled with a lot of uncertainty. Trying to figure out your next move can be and overwhelming thought. Depending on the crime you’re being accused of, you may be eligible for bail so that you can wait for your trial at home. However, there are some people that feel that they can’t afford bail and will choose to wait for their trial in jail. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about some of the risks that come with staying in jail while you await your trial.

Dangers of Awaiting Trial in Jail

When someone feels that they can’t afford to make bail, they might be tempted to stay in jail while they wait for their trial. However, there are several dangers that come with that decision. Here are some of the ways that can negatively impact you when you choose to take this route:
– Livelihood Implications: If you are in jail, you aren’t able to continue working. Your employer may not keep your position for you when you are in jail for a crime whether you committed it or not. If you are out on bail and able to work, your employer will much more likely to allow you to continue working in your position and you won’t have the same financial challenges.
– Compromises Defense: It is important that a defendant works with their lawyer to build a bulletproof defense. When you are in jail, your access to your attorney is going to be much more limited. This could put your defense at risk. You won’t have the ability to assist your attorney in gathering evidence, speaking with witnesses and other aspects of building a defense.
– Self-Incrimination: Anything that you say while you are in jail is going to be used against you. You might feel that you can confide with someone that you are sharing a cell with, but that can come at a cost. Not only interacting with inmates is a bad idea, but police officers, security guards and anyone that you come in contact with could use your words against you.
– Exposure to Violence: There is always a resin of violence and harassment when you are spending time in jail as well. Not only can you have altercations with other inmates, but you can also have issues with police officers. Subjecting yourself to this kind of violence is never a good thing.

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