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Why Should You Exercise Your Rights when Arrested in Hanford, CA? Bail to Prepare for Court Date & More

Getting arrested is a situation that no one wants to be put into, but unfortunately mistakes are made, accidents happen and arrests are made. With summer in full swing, law enforcement is on high alert, making arrests for drinking under the influence, domestic disputes and other offences that tend to go on the rise during…

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Drunk Driving will Put you Behind Bars in Reedley, CA; Be Responsible when Drinking Alcohol to Avoid Needing Bail!

As a bail bonds company, Ajua Bail Bonds knows that one of the most common crimes that puts people behind bars is drunk driving. Drunk driving kills about 32 people every day in America, every year an astounding 10,000 plus people die from the result of drunk driving. Drunk driving takes lives almost effortlessly and…

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