Adjusting to Life After Incarceration in Visalia, CA; Educational Programs, Jail Counseling & More

Hopefully, after Ajua Bail Bonds posted your bail after you had been arrested, the court system was just for your particular situation. Prisoners being released can attest that the California jail system is not perfect. Prisoner rehabilitation has come much more front and center these days. Inmates are given the benefit of an “Inmate Welfare Fund”, thanks to California Penal Code 4025. These funds can be used to set up inmate education programs while being on the inside or contributed to them on their release for treatment centers around California after prison. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share a few ideas for life after jail.

Educational & Vocational Programs for Inmates

The Division of Rehabilitative Programs DRP helps to place them in programs that will benefit them both inside and outside of the prison walls, while prisoners are serving their time in prison. Educational programs, for example, are the most beneficial. People on the inside can earn their GED or get a technical education. Educated inmates have a better chance of getting job after they have done their time and will help decrease the stress on being out of incarceration. Sometimes for years at a time, while inmates are in jail, they can do more than just wait for the time to pass. They’re going to qualify for better jobs and show the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation that they are making steady progress on their education and personal goals by the time they are released.

Adjusting to Life After Jail with Therapy

Another huge program inside prisons today is inmate counseling or therapy. There are quite a few inmates that have mental health problems, which is often the cause that lead them to a life of crime. Getting help for inmates on the inside can have a positive impact for them once they are released. The more intensive the counseling needs to be for the more serious the offense and intake for the prisoner. The Division of Rehabilitative Programs DRP helps to place inmates in the kind of counseling that they need, whether it is individual counseling, group therapy, or both.

Inmate Group Counseling

A huge part of rehabilitative program is peer support groups. AA and NA, prisoners with drug and alcohol issues are able to get help while serving their time and better prepare them for sobriety after they have met their sentence. Many criminal behavior cases are derived from drug or alcohol related use. The criminal can re-enter society and live a more productive life after they have full ceased using drugs or alcohol.

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There is a wealth of information out there if you have further questions about the rehabilitative process for yourself or a loved one. As it seeks to understand the needs of its prisoner population and how best to help them re-enter society as law-abiding citizens with respect for the law and society’s rules, the California Penal System is making steady progress of its own. Contact Ajua Bail Bonds to get out of jail fast!

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