Are More Crimes Committed During a Full Moon in Traver, CA? Lunar Phases & Crime Rates

The full moon is a mysterious thing, often having a bizarre effect on many people. A full moon has been linked to people exhibiting odd behavior and with the stigma, it often plays a role in films, songs, and various forms of writing. But not only do people have a tendency to display peculiar actions, the crime seemingly escalates when a full moon is nigh. With that in mind, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to discuss if the full moon really is to blame for odd and/or violent acts.

Full Moon Effects on Human Behavior

Does a full moon really impact human behavior, especially so that it produces darker tendencies than one might not normally act on? A full moon has a part to play in different occurrences according to a few bartenders, some medical field experts, and a few law enforcement officers. Even so, some even go to the extent of believing a full moon crime is the result of a lunar effect that amplifies a criminal impulse. Where there those who believe it’s nothing more than a myth, scientists have conducted research in supporting the claim.

Lunar Phases & Crime Rates

Not only have scientists spent time in this theory, but legal professionals have been known to use the lunar effect as a part of the client’s criminal defense. In fact in the late the 19th century, an attorney plead “guilty by the full moon” for one of their clients as their course of defense for his “lunatic” behavior that was purged from his client due to the lunar effect inducing the criminal act from the defendant. As a result the “lunar defense” was created in the court systems.

Full Moon & Crime Rates

This stirred curiosity with individuals of the University of New Orleans where in 1995, they conducted a study that the increased crime and trauma that occurred on full moon nights is a phenomenon both cops and medical personnel believe to be true. However, in a published book a doctor conducted his own research where he could not confirm any connected evidence that the lunar effect produced from a full moon enhances criminal behavior at all. Other studies produce different evidence that you will find below.
1) Violent crimes being executed during full moons is noticed by Sussex Police Department conducted an informal review in 2007.
2) In January of 2008 the Justice Minister of New Zealand supports the theory of lunar effect upon observing the rise in violent crimes during that time.
3) The majority of the aggravated assaults were committed on full moons when an investigation over a 5 year period where 11,613 cases where studied by the University of Washington in 1978.

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There are many accounts that suggest that the full moon has an effect on people and others prove that it is just a myth that people use as a convenient excuse to commit immoral acts. No matter your views, the full moon has a special aura to it. If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime on a full moon or not, Ajua Bail Bonds is readily available to bail you out. Call us as soon as possible to begin the process.

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