Bail Bonds for Adults VS Juveniles in Sanger, CA; Can You Bail Out a Minor or Do Children Not Get Imprisoned?

When a loved one has been arrested you will quickly begin looking for ways to get them out of jail, but none faster than when your loved one is a juvenile. When a loved one has been arrested and sitting in jail, often you may seek a bail bond to get them out. However, getting a bail bond for an adult versus a juvenile is much different. As the term bail bond is interchangeable in the criminal court, in the juvenile court system there are some major differences when it comes to a juvenile bail bond. Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share the major differences between an adult and juvenile bail bond.

Adult Bail Bonds

When the defendant is tried as an adult, they can usually post bail for his or her release. A bail bond is posted through a bail bond agency who will act only on the interest of the defendant. A bail bond agent will charge a fee that typically ranges from 10% to 15% of the bail bond amount in exchange for their services. In the state of California, the minimum bail bond fee is 10% and a federal bail bond is 12% of the total bail bond amount. Discounts to bail bonds do apply for unions, private defense counsel, military, and AARP members. When the bail is set at an extremely high amount, the agent may want to secure the bail bond by requesting collateral such as an asset including mortgages. For an adult entering a bond agreement there are promises made. If these promises are broken there will be consequences. The defendant is required to appear in court on their scheduled date. If the defendant fails to appear in court the bail bond agency is legally allowed to charge the defendant the total bail amount and the defendant will have a warrant placed on them and additional charges will be also placed on them. If a defendant goes on the run they will be pursed until they are arrested and the next time they will be denied bail and will have a heavier sentence.

Juvenile Bail Bonds

In some states, a person is tried as a juvenile if they are under the age of eighteen. However, not all states make use of a juvenile bail bond. This is due to the intent that the person is tried in a juvenile court rather than a criminal court. In the case of a juvenile that is found guilty of a crime, they care not released under the conditions of a bail. Instead, they undergo rehabilitation and reintegration rather than a punishment. Before a juvenile’s freedom can be granted, the decision is based on the discretion of the court. However, depending on the seriousness of the crime, the juvenile may be tried as an adult during which they can receive the same rights as an adult. This includes seeking a bail bond. If the juvenile is tried as an adult and they receive bail this is often referred to as a juvenile bail bond. However, a legal guardian or parent must sign the bail and the defendant will be placed in their care until they appear in court.

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