Bail for Drug Possession, Sales & Trafficking Arrests in Merced, CA; Who Sets the Bail Bond Amount & More

If you are arrested, there is a lot that is going to happen. The process of being arrested and booked into jail is similar in every single case. Depending on the jail and how busy it is the process may be quick or it can take some time. The start of the process begins when an officer arrests the perpetrator. The arresting officer will either have witnessed an actual crime or have a warrant for the arrest of the person. There are some cases and arrests that occur often and whether it is your first time occurrence or a multiple offender it can go many different ways. Drugs and drug trafficking is a huge problem in many big cities all the way into small towns. The issue is that drugs and the cases that follow them can vary drastically. When you are arrested and found to have any kind of drug that includes marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines and more the officer will immediately arrest the individual and book them in the jail. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines the differences between drug possession, Sales and trafficking as well as what happens when you are charged.

What is Meant By Drug Possession?

When you are arrested by a police officer and upon their search they find that you are carrying one or more drugs the charge will be drug possession. The term is where many of the cases begin when someone is found to have drugs and can evolve into other charges that still involve drugs. You don’t need to have a lot of drugs on your person, even the smallest amount is enough for an arrest. When you are arrested the jail time and bail that is available will depend on what drug you were possessing and how much you had. To posses illegal drugs is a crime and so is purchasing it.

What is Drug Sales

You may be picked up on a drug related charge if you are the one that is actually selling the drugs. You will receive the charge of drug possession and even if they do not witness you selling it they can make the determination based on the amount you are carrying. They also will look at other evidence such as cash on hand and how the drug is packaged. If you are thought to be selling you will receive another change on top of the possession charge.

What is Drug Trafficking?

If you are being charged for drug trafficking this is a much more serious charge. The trafficking means that you have the intent or are found to be transporting and importing drugs for the intent to sell them. These perpetrators are usually the ones that are selling the drugs to the people that are smaller drug dealers in the area. They might be crossing state and county lines when moving the goods which can lead to a much more severe case. It can then be referred to a federal case and tried in other jurisdictions.

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If you are arrested for any type of drug related charges you will wait to see the judge to decide if you have bail. Then you can contact a bail bond company to set up the release of you or your loved one.

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