Bail for Misdemeanor & Felony Theft Charges in Muscatel, CA; Robbery, Larceny & More

The amount of things that are a person can be arrested for are endless. The type, level and degree of each charge can be different depending on how the crime was committed. When it comes to some crimes the general public may not realize that they are using a very general term of theft. You can be arrested for theft but the types and degrees are very different. The actual charge you might see on your arrest report will be more specific. Each of them carry a different connotation and could potentially lead to a different type of case. The best thing you can do is to get bail set so you can get out and start the work on the case against you. You can use a loved one to call the bail company to get you out of jail.

Ajua Bail Bonds Lists Types of Theft Charges You Can Be Arrested For

Robbery: If you are arrested for robbery you can be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the level or degree of the crime. When it comes to robbery the crime is committed by a person that obtains a person’s property by using some type of violence or even threats. The upper level of the same type of crime is armed robbery which refers to the crime being committed with the use of a weapon.
Larceny: When you are being charged with larceny you have committed an act of theft where you have obtained or used an item that is not yours. The theft is often from a shoplifting crime where someone goes into a store or other venue and takes an item without paying for it.
Identity Theft: Another type of theft that has been making waves across the country is identity theft. This type of theft has gotten easier the more we as a country have made advances in electronic and online ventures. The access to people’s personal information has been easier to get to because of online accounts. This is a kind of theft that is a horrible thing to experience even though no one put a gun to your head to get it.
Grand Theft: When you hear about grand theft you might think of the video game which refers to cars and trucks. The stealing of a vehicle is part of the grand theft charge but that is not all. The theft includes anything that is stolen that has a high value in dollars. The level of grand theft can be extremely worse if a weapon was used or the amount stolen is substantial.
Fraud: Fraud is part of a crime of theft. Fraud exists when a person uses smooth talking, promises and coercion to retrieve monetary items. The money is taken under some kind of false pretense which is a form of theft.

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