Bail for Wire Fraud Charges in Sanger, CA; Statute of Limitations & Federal Sentencing Penalties

Often falling under the category of “White Collar Crimes,” financial crimes in California, such as wire fraud, can see pretty harsh punishments. In addition to hefty fines, wire fraud can get a sentence of up to 30 years. With a much higher conviction rate, this crime gets prosecuted on a federal level rather than a state level. When being accused of wire fraud, retaining the services of Ajua Bail Bonds to get bailed out of jail early can be a huge advantage to get your defense prepared with an experienced attorney. Otherwise the charges brought on from the Federal Department of Justice can potentially result in harsh consequences.

Statute of Limitations for Wire Fraud

In California the wire fraud statute of limitations, is set at 5 years. The statute of limitations is 10 years, however, is when you committed a wire fraud or mail fraud crime that was against a financial institution. Should someone face fraud charges in California, they should consider preparing for a wire fraud defense with an experienced attorney. Since the birth of the internet, cyber fraud has been a common crime and when these charges are brought against you, you need to know how to come out on top. Depending on the type of fraud that the individual allegedly committed will dictate the defense for wire fraud. If convicted, sentencing will also be determined according the factors such as victims, the stolen amount, the defendant’s intentions, and the marketing techniques that they used.

Penalties for Wire Fraud Per Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Though few receive the minimum sentencing, the wire fraud minimum sentence could be as low as a few months of probation. The sentencing considers what kind of financial crimes you committed in the process. On the high penalties, convictions can result up to 30 years in prison. You can be subject to a lengthy sentence for wire fraud punishment depending on the type that you committed without qualified legal representation as the types of wire fraud in California are the same as everywhere else in the U.S. and depending on the type that you committed.

Necessary Circumstances for a Conviction

In the event the prosecution convicts the defendant of California of wire fraud, the courts require three main elements that must be present in the case. Being one of the white-collar crimes, it is essential that the prosecution must first prove that an individual had a scheme to commit fraud. Then the prosecution needs to prove that they had a scheme and they used a wire, TV or radio. For example, even the use of email can lead to one of these cyber fraud convictions. Lastly, the prosecution will need to prove that the defendant had the intent to commit one of these California fraud offenses. Unless it is proven that they had a plan for fraud and all three elements were present, under California law, an individual cannot be convicted of one of these white-collar crimes.

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If you find that you have been accused of wire fraud in California, call Ajua Bail Bonds to get bailed out of jail so you can start working on your defense and find an experienced attorney to help in the process.

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