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Bail serves as an important component of the justice system, allowing arrested individuals the chance to remain free while they wait for trial. But what happens when someone chooses to skip out on their bail? Let’s enter the exciting world of bounty hunters and the consequences of bail jumping. Ajua Bail Bonds would like to share what happens when the bailed defendant decides to skip bail and the role of bounty hunters, particularly in the state of California.

What Does Bail Jumping or Skipping Mean?

When someone is released on bail, they are essentially making a promise, backed by a financial pledge, to appear in court for their scheduled proceedings. If they fail to show up, they are said to have “skipped” or “jumped” bail.

What Happens if You Skip Bail in California?

• Loss of Bail Money: The court will order the bail amount to be forfeited. This means that the entire bail amount must be paid. If a bail bond was used, the bail bondsman stands to lose the full bail amount unless the defendant is returned to court within a certain period of time.
• Arrest Warrants: Once an individual skips bail, the court will issue a bench warrant for their arrest. This warrant remains valid forever and can lead to an arrest at any time.
• Additional Charges: Jumping bail is an additional offense. Basically, they now have an additional set of charges, the defendant may also face charges related to bail jumping, which can carry its own set of penalties.
• Loss of Trust: Skipping bail can make future run ins with the legal system more challenging. Courts may be less inclined to grant bail again, or they might set a much higher bail amount.

Enter the Bounty Hunters AKA Bail Fugitive Recovery Agents

When a defendant skips bail, the bail bondsman is usually the first to know. Given the financial implications, it is in the bondsman’s best interest to ensure the defendant returns to court. This is where bounty hunters come into play. In California, bounty hunters are often referred to as “bail fugitive recovery persons.” Here is what they do:
• Track and Apprehend: Using a combination of investigative techniques, local knowledge, and sometimes sheer intuition, bounty hunters locate and apprehend bail jumpers.
• Legal Rights: In California, bounty hunters have the right to enter the property of a fugitive to make an arrest, but they must have written authorization from the bail agent and must not break any other laws in the process.
• Training and Regulation: Unlike some states, California has stringent regulations for bounty hunters. They must undergo specific training, pass a background check, and work under a licensed bail bondsman.
• Compensation: Bounty hunters are typically compensated by the bail bondsman, usually as a percentage of the bail amount or through a flat fee agreement.

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The decision to skip bail carries serious ramifications, not only for the defendant but also for those who vouched for them or put up collateral. Bounty hunters play a unique and essential role in this ecosystem, ensuring that those who try to evade the law are brought back to face justice. If you or someone you know is considering bail in California, it is important to understand the consequences of bail skipping. For professional bail bond services, contact Ajua Bail Bonds today.

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