Can You Get a Bail Bond Before Seeing Judge or After Being Sentenced in Merced, CA?

When you commit a crime there is a likelihood that you will be caught, arrested and taken to jail. The process of being arrested can be scary especially for someone who has never been. Committing a crime can be as simple as a traffic violation all the way to assault, burglary and even murder. The crimes that an officer can and will take you to jail for have a huge range. You want to make sure that if you are arrested you know what you are supposed to do and what you can expect. If an officer takes you to jail they are going to give you the same treatment no matter the severity of your crime. You are photographed, cataloged, fingerprinted and likely changed from your street clothes to a jail approved jump suit. At some point on the process there will be a time that you are able to call a loved one to alert them of your arrest. You also will be able to see a judge that will usually give you a court date that you will be required to attend. Bail is set and you are able to get released when you meet the obligations of your bail. Now there are some times that bail is not an option.

Ajua Bail Bonds Lists Circumstances That Will Prevent You From Using a Bail Bond Company

Can’t Get Bail Before Seeing the Judge: There are some people that will make a phone call home after being arrested and in a state of panic ask them to get them bailed out. If you call a bail bond company immediately and want answers you will be left to wait. The idea that you contact a bail company right away is great but we have a process to complete. The problem is that your loved one was arrested and booked but has not seen a judge yet. That means that there is not a monetary price set for bail. If there is not a price set then you cannot start the paperwork to get them out. Be patient so that the bail company can keep in contact with the jail about when the bail has been set.
No Bail After Sentencing: The purpose of getting out on bail is partially to continue with your life and give you a chance to work on your case. Usually you have to meet with a lawyer who will be representing you on the case. After the process of a trial or hearing you may be sentenced to time and you will be taken back to the jail and or prison. If you have already received a sentence you are not able to get bailed out of jail. You have to stay until your release.
Crime is a Factor Determining Bail: There are instances that you have committed a crime that may mean you are a danger to the public or yourself. If this is determined by the court, they will not allow you to bail out until you are sentenced. The nature of the crime will weigh on the ability to use a bail bond company to get released.

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