Criminal Justice Keywords in Merced, CA; From Arrest Warrant & Bail Hearing to Subpeona & More

When it comes to being arrested and bail and conviction there is a lot that is going to happen. The process will be similar in most jails across the United States. The problem is that some first time offenders can be extremely overwhelmed by the entire experience. The problem is that you are going into a foreign situation and that means that you can feel confused. When you are dealing with an arrest you need to know what is happening and one way to understand some of the terminology. Ajua Bail Bonds lists terms used in a criminal justice case.

Arrest Warrant

When an arrest warrant is issued in your name you are now wanted by the law enforcement in the town or county that the warrant is issued. If they come across you they will put you in cuffs and take you directly to jail. The warrant is a signed order that comes down from the judge that says they believe the named person has committed a crime.

Bail Hearing

When you are arrested for a crime you will need to see a judge. The first hearing that you will normally attend is called a bail hearing. The hearing is held in front of a judge and they will determine the amount that must be paid to bail the person out of jail. There are some circumstances that they cannot offer bail as an option. The conditions of the bail such as traveling and working will be set at this hearing as well.


When you are arrested for a crime of any nature you are arrested and taken to jail. The jail will process you accordingly and place you in front of a judge. If you are bailed out you will still have to attend a hearing to determine your guilt. If you are found guilty of the charges brought against you then you are convicted. Whether the judge finds you guilty or a jury it is considered a conviction.


When you are in the middle of the case there is a lot that is going on to prepare your case. One of the things that people will do is to take a statement from a witness that is signed by a notary and is sworn by the person that is giving the testimony. This is often used when a person is not able to attend the hearings and the document is admissible in court.

Plea Agreement

There is sometimes a moment in a case that each side want to settle. That usually will require a plea deal. The person that has been charged with a crime must first agree to plea a particular way to the charge in exchange for a lessened sentence. The case will never actually go to a judge or a jury to be sentenced.


If a person is not making themselves available for the case the attorneys can ask the judge for a subpoena. The subpoena will require the person to appear in court at a specified time and date.

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