Criminal Justice System Jail Booking Steps After Arrest & Prisoner Release Process in Fresno, CA

Having you or a loved one get arrested can be due to number of reasons, whether it was poor judgment, being at the wrong place at the wrong time, with the wrong people, or other surrounding circumstances. No matter what the cause, it gives people an idea for what to expect when a loved is going through the processt. We at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to take the opportunity run down the basics of the jailing process of getting arrested.

Jail Booking Process After Arrest

After an arrest has been made, the following is generally how the booking process goes.
1) The procedure itself depends on a few factors such as how many people have been booked that day, the criminal activity, and so on. During the waiting period, the person arrested waits their turn in a holding cell.
2) To begin booking, your personal information is documented; full-legal name, date of birthday, current home address, emergency contact information, and other such pertinent information.
3) Questions regarding medical history and mental stability are also asked and documented.
4) You will then be issued an inmate identification number, following the recording of your personal effects.
5) Fingerprinting is typically next.
6) A mug shot, that includes a profile and front photograph, will be added to your file.
7) The personal property that was confiscated at your arrest is logged and stored until you are discharged and released.
8) After you have been completely processed, and you are allowed your phone call, contact a trusted family member to call a dependable bail bond company and/or an attorney for assistance.
9) You may either be permitted to stay in your street clothes, or you may be issued a jumpsuit or jail uniform, depending on your estimated stay.

Prisoner Release Process

1) You will be preparing to check out after the bail has been posted, or your sentence is completed.
2) There are several factors that dictate the processing time, but it frequently averages 30 minutes once it is started.
3) The paperwork is completed, and all the legal information regarding your persona case is documented while you wait.
4) Following the completion of the jail administration, your personal property is signed out and returned to you, minus, anything used for evidence.

What to Expect When Turning Yourself In for a Warrant

In the event you want to turn yourself in when there is a warrant for your arrest that requires jail time:
When you decide to turn yourself in after learning you have a warrant out for your arrest, the courts will often tip the scale in your favor. Head to your local jail, explain to the officer at the intake center that you suspect there is an active warrant for your arrest and you are voluntarily turning yourself in. Typically, they will process your information and if a warrant is confirmed, you will formally be taken into custody, where you will be processed as previously explained. If you are coming to serve your jail time following a sentencing, make sure to come on the current day and time; never show up late, you will only accrue further penalties. In either situation, bring a valid ID, personal prescription medication, with the doctor’s original prescription, and if you are coming to serve jail time, bring your sentence order. Following your sentence, you will be released as explained above.

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