False Arrests; What To Do If a Wrongful Warrant is Issued Against You in Hanford, CA

Being arrested can be one of the worst experiences that a person can go through. You are taken from often times a bad situation and it gets even worse. An arrest is something that goes on your permanent record and will follow you through your life. Now imagine if you are arrested for something you feel you did not do or you feel is unlawful. You might think that there is no way that you can be arrested by accident or mistake but there are cases all the time that are overturned. A conviction that seems like the evidence does not add up can be opened up and relooked at. A judge can overturn the findings and that person can be set free. The interesting part is that it does happen although the courts and the police department will do their best people can make mistakes.

Ajua Bail Bonds Defines What An Unlawful Arrest Is & What You can Do If It Is Happening To You

Unlawful Arrest: When you are arrested the officer that is taking you into custody is given the right to arrest you. They will come in contact with you and read you your rights and take you to the county or city jail. When you are arrested unlawfully there are several levels but overall it means that you are held without your consent or taken into custody without appropriate rights. If an officer takes you into custody and it is based on a sworn statement they are not acting unlawfully even if the statement is false. There are requirements for an officer to take someone into custody and it is important to know what your options are if it is under false pretenses.
Can Police Detain You for No Reason?: If you are being talked to by an officer and they are taking you into custody the first thing to understand is that you need to cooperate with the law enforcement officer fully for yours and their safety. The actuality is that if you are being arrested unlawfully you can try and talk to the officer and give them the information about why you should not be arrested. This can be that you are not the person that they are looking for. It can be that the statement that they received is false and offer a way to prove that. It is always best to go into it as respectful as you can so you are treated with respect as well and listened to.
What to Do if You Are Arrested Unlawfully: The hard part about being arrested unlawfully is that if the officer is not able to set you free you will be booked into jail. You will go through all the steps of being arrested and you will need to go through a bail bond company to get released to start working in your case. After you have been released it is best to work with an attorney that has experience in working with unlawful arrests. The hope is that they are able to get the arrest taken off your record and keep you from having to spend any more time in jail.

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