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Getting arrested is an experience that no one wants to go through but unfortunately it can happen to the best of us. Going through the necessary court procedures can be frustrating and sometimes you can feel like you have been dealt with unfairly, especially when it comes to the judge that is assigned to your case. Judges are responsible for setting the amount of the bail. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to assist you during this difficult time and get you out on bail so you can properly prepare to stand before the judge. There have been many cases throughout history where a judge has set an insanely high bail and we would like to share some of those cases with you.

Bail Bond Amount for Bernard “Bernie” Madoff

Bernie Madoff was accused of operating a fifty billion dollar scheme which defrauded thousands of investors. It is curious to find that most white collared crimes tend to be on the higher end of the bail scale. Even stranger about white collared crimes is that the judges seem to pull these numbers out of a magic hat, coming up with outlandish amounts that make no sense at all. In this case however, the judge set Mr. Madoff’s bail at a reasonable $10 million, which Mr. Madoff paid, and the judge then revoked stating that Bernie Madoff was a flight risk due to his wealth.

Raj Rajaratnam Bail Bond Amount

Raj Rajaratnam was charged with 14 counts of conspiracy and 7 counts of securities fraud. He faced criminal charges for a $20 million trading scheme and the judge of this case set Mr. Rajaratnam bail at $100 million. He was found guilty on all charges and was sentenced to eleven years in prison and fined a criminal and civil penalty for over $150 million combined. Before being convicted, Raj Rajaratnam’s hedge fund was valued at $3.7 billion, so he could have easily paid his bail, but he chose not to.

Bail Bond Amount for Kim Freeman

Kim Freeman is a woman who was arrested in Columbus Ohio for running a brothel. The assistant prosecutor of the case argued that Kim Freeman would flee the county if she could post bail because Freeman and three others involved in the case were from Asia and had many connections to get out of the county. The judge obviously took the assistant prosecutors input into consideration because a bail of $100 billion dollars was set for Kim Freeman. These are all extreme cases where many believe the judges may have gone a bit overboard.

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