How Bail Bond Fugitive Recovery Agents Work in Kingsburg, CA; How Bounty Hunters Look for You

There are several consequences when a person skips bail. For those who got out of jail on a bail bond and fail to appear for their court date and/or leave town or hide from the authorities, will first owe the court the entire bail bond amount. If you attempt to avoid the authorities, you will then have a warrant issued for your arrest. Additionally, not only will law enforcement be looking for you, so will a Recovery Agent hired by the bail bond agency that helped post your bail. A Recovery agent is also known as a bounty hunter. Ajua Bail Bonds will explain the role of a recovery agent and what abilities they possess in tracking down fugitives or those who skip bail.

What is the Job of a Fugitive Recovery Agent?

Bail bond recovery agents, fugitive’s recovery agents, or bounty hunters, are hired by bail bond agencies to track down and arrest those individuals who obtained a bail bond to get out of jail until their scheduled court date and then choose not to appear or run away from the justice system. These individuals are known as jumpers or bail jumpers. Some recovery agents can also be hired independently, depending on their licensing. Recovery agents have very good success rates. On average, they have an 88% to 91% success rate of tracking down and locating jumpers. Each state varies on the laws and regulations recovery agents follow. Keep in mind, most recovery agents have access to many methods of tracking down a fugitive.

How Do Bounty Hunters Look for You

Recovery agents use all of these methods to locate a jumper or fugitive. They are able to perform background checks, and even have access to criminal records. Recovery agents will also use different types of surveillance as to where the jumper may be hiding. Recovery agents are able to talk to friends and family members to help locate the fugitive. Recovery agents often use deceit or persuasion to convince witnesses to tell him or her where the fugitive might be hiding. A recovery agent, once they’ve located the jumper, can perform an arrest of the individual and even on private property. Additionally, recovery agents don’t require an arrest warrant to perform the arrest either.

Bail Bond Cosigners

Recovery agents typically work for a recovery agency, the bail bond company, or some can even work independently. Sometimes if the person that co-signed on a bail bond, and the person they bailed out took off, then the co-signer is now held responsible for paying the bail in full. Sometimes the co-signer will hire a recovery agent to locate the person they helped bail out of jail so that they are no longer held responsible for the entire bail out fee. If the recovery agents either work for the bail bond agency or a firm, they will be hired again to locate and find the jumper.


Recovery agents are extremely successful in locating and tracking down fugitives. Recovery agents go through extensive training and require licensing to become a recovery agent or bounty hunter. For those who decide to skip out on their court date, you can expect to have to pay the entire bailout fees, go back to jail, and with more serious charges placed against you. Of course, you can also expect to have a recovery agent hot on your heels.

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