How Do You Comfort a Loved One in Jail in Los Banos, CA? Put Money on His Books & More

When you have a loved one that is in jail you may feel helpless with being able to help them. They are stuck in jail while you get to enjoy all your freedoms and some people can feel guilty about that. Most people will be eligible to get bailed out of jail but that doesn’t always happen right away. Depending on the crime and the court system you may need to wait to see a judge. They are often times busy and you will have to wait to get the bail process started. The best thig you can do is to start the process and get a hold of a bail company as soon as possible so that they can stay in contact with the jail and court., They will be notified when the inmate it eligible for bail and they can then start the process. That part of the bail will then be handled by the bail company so you won’t have to worry much about that. The part you will need to handle is what you can do for the inmate while they are in jail awaiting their day in court. Ajua Bail Bonds lists the best things to send your loved one while they are in jail awaiting a court date.

“Put Money on His Books” Send Inmate Money For Commissary

When someone is in jail for any number of charges they are given by the jail just enough to survive. They get three meals to eat and some soap to clean with. They are also give clothes to wear and usually a pair of sandals to wear. All though this will sustain a human life it does make the stay completely intolerable. When you send money to the jail for your inmate they able to get other items that can make the stay not feel quite as bad. They can buy snacks, clothes, socks, shampoo and much more. It is a way to help them feel more human and allow them some of the things that they will be missing while locked up awaiting bail.

Write Letters & Send Emails

Some jails allow the inmates an email address that they can use to communicate to their loved ones while others still need to have a letter mailed to them through the post office. They are in a place that has no access to the outside world and no one to know if there grandma is sick, or their child had a good day at school. When you write a letter you want to add some of the things that you would talk to them about at the end of a long day. Send positive thoughts and even some great stories about the past and things that are currently happening. This is a great way to keep up the moral of an inmate that is waiting to see a judge to get bail.

Send Books & Magazines

If you want to give them something to focus on while they are in jail you should send magazines and books to them. If they are in the prison system you will need to send them from the company direct to the inmate. It is something they can use during all the long hours stuck behind bars. They can get away from the jail or prison scene and send their thoughts into a great book or article. It is also a great way to give them something to talk about when they are able to call or write home.

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