How Does Bailing Out Someone for Traffic Violations Work in Corcoran, CA? How a Bail Bond is Set & More

Most traffic violations will end up with a ticket. However, there are occasions that a traffic violation may end up with a person being arrested. When a person was charged with a DUI, hit and run, or vehicular manslaughter, you will be arrested. Traffic laws can be very confusing. Therefore it helps to understand the difference between traffic violations and traffic infractions. Ajua Bail Bonds will share what traffic violations are, their infractions, and when to seek bail bond assistance.

Traffic Violations & Infractions

Most people when they hear about a traffic violation will think it is more of a minor problem. However, that is not the case. When someone gets a specific traffic violation, they are often arrested as these are a more serious crime. A traffic infraction is when someone is caught speeding, not using signals or making an illegal U-turn. A traffic infraction’s only result in a ticket which includes a fee. A defendant can even choose to fight the traffic infraction or ticket in court if they choose. Simply you will not get arrested for a traffic violation. A traffic violation is when the driver is facing a misdemeanor or even a felony. Some examples of a traffic violation can be:
• Driving Under the Influence of Drugs and Alcohol
• Hit-and-Run
• Driving Without a License or With a Suspended License
• Street Racing
• Fleeing the Police
• Vehicular Manslaughter
Depending on what the driver was arrested for, their charges will vary. However, you will be arrested. The more severe the crime a person is charged with, the higher their fine, jail time, and of course, the bail will be set higher. When you are met with a traffic violation, and you have been arrested, you can seek a bail bond to get out of jail.

How a Bail Bond is Set for Traffic Violations

When arrested for a traffic violation, the court will look at your offense and determine if you can receive bail. For a misdemeanor you will most likely receive bail. However, if you have had no priors, you may also be released without any bail required. However, certain offenses such as a DUI, not only will you be arrested but you could have a bail set at $2,500 for your first offense. If you have had multiple offense, your bail will be even higher and can easily be set at $15,000. There is a lot that the judge will consider when determining the bail and charges. For example:
California Bail Schedule
The Severity of the Crime (Any Aggravating Factors)
The Defendant’s Flight Risk and Criminal Record
Some bail can be set even higher than $15,000. This can make it nearly impossible to pay out a bail.

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When a bail is set far beyond what most people can afford, you can seek a bail bond. A bail bond agency will require 15% of the total bail to be paid to them and then they pay the entire bail for you. As long as the defendant shows up on their court date, the money will be paid back. If you have questions about bail bonds or need help from a bail bond agency, contact Ajua Bail Bonds today!

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