How Long Does it Take to Get to Court Case After Posting Bail in Delhi, CA? Can this Amount of Time Change?

When you are arrested and you go to jail the first thing you are thinking is when you are going to be able to get out. Regardless of your charges you need to be processed with the jail that you are being booked into. This is almost the same no matter the county you are in and will take time depending on how busy the jail is. Once you are booked you are going to receive an appointment to see the judge which is where you will have an amount set for bail. This is an opportunity often given to citizens so that they can properly prepare their case and continue to be productive while waiting to answer for the crime committed. This amount has to do with the crime and the individuals arrest record. The person that is in jail can contact a loved one or friend that can contact a bail company that will be able to handle the case. They need a limited amount of information in order to start the process such as the inmates name and the location of the jail they were booked in. Ajua Bail Bonds has information about how long you may be out on bail and why.

How Long Can You Be Out on Bail

This is a great question and again it is determined by the person that was arrested and the state of the case that is being fought? The time line can vary from a few days to a few months. When the judge sees you after your arrest they will do two different things. The first will be to look at the arrest report and make a determination on the amount that should be set for bail. This is the amount that the bail company will be on the hook for when you contract to get you out. The second part of your hearing will be to set a date for your next court date that you will need to be at. The amount of time that the majority of people are out on bail is between those two dates. The majority of counties will set this date within about three months.

Can Amount of Time on Bail Change?

All though this amount of time is pretty average there are always reasons that it will change. If you have a case that is very involved and you have attorneys that are going back and forth they may ask for an extension. If this happens the amount of time that you are out on bail can be much more. There are also reasons that this can change and be moved up sooner. The major reason is the person that is on bail has not comply with the conditions that were set by the judge. If they are caught the police will issue a warrant and the person will be picked back up and sent to jail. This will make it so that you cannot be bailed out again regarding this specific case.

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