How to Become a Bounty Hunter & Bring the Accused Back to Court After Skipping Out on Their Bail Agreement in Selma CA

Wanted Dead or Alive in the wild west era has given bounty hunters a rugged and tough stereotype. In contrast, Hollywood has made the job of being a bounty hunter quite romantic. Seeing the reality shows of the depiction of being a bounty hunting might give you pause however. A bounty hunter is employed when the accused criminal skips out on their bail agreement. He or she is commissioned to bring them back to the court. It has become a very profitable professional, where there is licensing and protocols.

Ajua Bail Bonds would like to go into more depth concerning the bounty hunter, their job, and other interesting facts about the profession.


What is a Bounty Hunter Allowed to do?

Bounty hunting is a legal practice being performed across the country, although, some states have a few varying laws. The general consensus is, bounty hunters have the authority to make arrests, and in some cases more so than do actually police officers. A defendant signing the bail bond is actually waiving their constitutional rights for apprehension, agreeing that a bounty hunter, or the more modern term bail bond agent, has the right to arrest if they flea, and can extradite accordingly. Their are some laws, protocols and rules that the bounty hunter has to follow in order to apprehend the fugitive however. But being a bounty hunter entails being resourceful. When someone skips out on their court obligations, they generally do not try to hide in plain sight, making the bounty hunter conduct some research, investigate on leads, and then plan a strategic capture. There is quite a bit of patience and procedure to conduct their searches, and often they have to start with the basics of personal information, that build up until they conduct stake outs to ensure the fugitive they are looking for is where their conclusions led them to.

Early Bail Bond System

Where you might believe the old west was the birth place of bounty hunters, the first actually was established in England. In 13th century, the bail was not money, but actually a person. A person become responsible for the accused, and if the defendant did not return for their legal proceedings, that person would be hung in their stead. America heavily relied upon the established bail system created in England during the colonial times. In 1679, the Habeas Corpus Act was passed by the British Parliament. This guaranteed that the accused individual could be released from prison on financial bail. It was would be written in the U.S. Constitution.

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