How to Expedite Bailing Out of Jail in Atwater, CA; Learn About Bail Schedule & More

Getting arrested is never on anyone’s agenda, and if it is your first offense, the shock and worry of being arrested and dealing with the consequences can be stressful and make anyone go into shock. To expedite bailing out of jail, getting in touch with an experienced bail bondsman such as Ajua Bail Bonds is a good place to start. With that in mind, we would like to share some tips how you can quicken the process of bailing out of jail.

Understanding Jail Processing & Booking Procedure

After getting arrested, you will first be processed. This includes mug shot, fingerprinting and the inputting of your personal information and the charges against you into the database. From there, you will typically have to await the judge for your first court appearance in front of the judge to determine the bail amount. Based on the information delivered to the judge presiding over your case, this initial hearing will set the parameters of your bail amount. The chances of you being regarded as a flight risk centers around your bail, and it is considered by determining the level of your bail amount based on the severity of your crime, your past criminal history, and other such circumstances. The individual can opt to bail out of jail with a bail bond agent when the bail amount set is too much for them to afford. Keep in mind however, that your crime or previous history may negate the possibility of bail.

Tips to Bail Out of Jail Faster

There are actions that defendants and their loved ones can take to help speed up the process when working with their bail bond company, despite that our justice system is known for its lack of expediency in resolving cases.
1) Call a respectable bail bond company. Contact Ajua Bail Bonds as soon as possible whether you or a loved one has been incarcerated. If you were the one who was arrested, contact a loved one to make the call for you since your calls are limited while in jail. Once you have called your bail bond company, they can promptly get to work on getting your loved one release.
2) Gather all the intel you can. This can be a bit of a challenge, but the more information you can collect, the quicker the process of release will be. While speaking to your loved one, whether you are asking for help to bail, or helping to get your loved one bailed out, the following information below should be jotted down on a notepad. With the pertinent information readily available for the bondsman, it will require less time for the bail bondsman to get a release. Such information includes:
– Defendants name and other pertinent information.
– Alleged crime details.
– Individual’s inmate number.
– Jail location.
3) Learn about bail schedule. Different crimes carry different requirements as far as the courts are concerned. Learning the bail schedule to determine release of your loved one helps and knowing and understanding the rules and regulation can contribute to the overall process.
4) Minimize the need to know. During such an event, it is instinct to band the loved ones together and recruit help and support. However, too many people involved in posting bail can actually slow the process down. It hampers the bail bondman’s progress and takes even longer then it should to recover your loved one. Only inform other loved ones of the predicament until bail has been posted.

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Where getting arrested it never favorable, having Ajua Bail Bonds in your corner can make the process less stressful. Call us immediately to help get your loved one free from jail as quickly as possible.

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