How to Find Out if Someone is in Police Custody in Merced, CA & Bail for Jail Inmates

When a loved one, roommate, friend or family member doesn’t come home, and you haven’t heard from them, you begin playing out scenarios as to where they might be. Their last known location can help aid you in searching for them. In many cases, you may talk to those who were with them at that last location. If that yields no answers, people will call hospitals as well as city and county jails. Finding out if someone has been arrested can be a little frustrating. However, Ajua Bail Bonds will walk you through a few methods to discover if your missing person was arrested and hasn’t received their phone call or might be incapacitated from intoxication.

How to Track Down a Missing Person

Before contacting the city or county jail, try online resources to gather important information on the missing individual first. Make sure, if possible, to have the person’s full name, age, gender, race, and other identifying features, such as hair and eye color. Distinguishing marks such as tattoos or birthmarks are also helpful. The more information the better, especially if the person has a common name.

How to Find Someone in Police Custody

If you have a suspicion the person for whom you’re searching might have been arrested, they will be held at the jail of where the arrest took place. Whether you’re local or worried about a loved who is a long distance away, make sure to look in the county they live or were visiting. However, if the person had a warrant out for their arrest or committed a serious crime they may be relocated to where the warrant was served. As stated above, search online first before you call every jail in the county. Go to the county website of where the person was arrested. Check the county’s sheriff, police department, or municipal court websites. Most will have a database of offenders that have been processed and are being held there. In most cases, all you need is the person’s full name. However, each county website varies. Keep in mind that it can take time to update a database so check back or call the jail house directly. Additionally, investigate neighboring counties in the event the person was arrested one county over from where they live. If online research fails, it’s time to pick up the phone. Be prepared for a time-consuming process of calling all the jails in the missing person’s home locality and places they frequently visit or the last known place they visited. If you know for sure that the person was arrested, such as they were able to contact you, or a record of the arrest was made but you can’t find where they are being held, request to speak to the arresting officer and ask where they were taken.

Consider Person May Be Using Fake Name

If you still can’t find your missing person, don’t leave out the possibility that they gave a false name to avoid detection. For those avoiding the law, or don’t want an angry parent finding they were arrested, this step isn’t unusual. Search for false names they might be likely to use. Often during processing, photos are taken and uploaded to the database.

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If or when you find your missing person, and they are in fact sitting in a jail somewhere, contact Ajua Bail Bonds. We can help you get your friend, loved one, of family member out of jail fast.

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