If I Bail Someone Out of Jail am I Responsible for Them if They Miss Court Dates the Judge Sets in Corcoran, CA?

When you get a call late in the day or middle of the night from someone you know that they have been arrested and need your help don’t panic. There is a lot to consider when you go to bail someone out of jail. You need to feel confident that the person will take care of all the requirements that the judge sets up for the individual. When someone is arrested they are charged with a crime and a police officer takes them to a jail in your town, city or county and has them booked. The first thing is they are not able to get released until they have gone through the entire booking process. They have to be processed and that means fingerprints, paperwork, mug shots and usually a bit of waiting in the process. After that has all taken place many times the person will need to see a judge that will look at the case and set an amount that needs to be payed to bail them out of jail. When that part is done they are able to contact a loved one or a bail company to arrange a way to get them out of jail. This is where you come in. They may decide that you are the person they want to call to help them get out. Bailing someone out of jail is not a joke and has some barring on the person that is being bailed out as well as the signer of the bail bond itself. Ajua Bail Bonds lists what to consider when bailing someone out of jail.

How Well Do You Know Person You are Bailing Out of Jail?

You want to make sure that you know the person that wants you to bail them out well. It is great if you know their parents, other friends and family members. It is a great way to ensure that if you need help getting them to follow through with their court ordered arrangements you have their support. You always want to bail someone that you know well and feel as though you can trust them.

Are You Responsible if You Bail Someone Out & They Miss Court?

The person that is arrested will be given a court date when they are bailed out of jail and that will need to be attended in order for the person to remain free. If that person misses the court date the judge can issue a warrant and a police officer will pick them back up and send them to jail. You are now out the money you put up for bail and the person is back in jail. You want to encourage the person to attend any and all meeting and court dates that the judge has set for them.

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