Is All Gambling Illegal in Lemoore, CA? Bail for Crimes in a Casino Run By Natives & More

There are some states you can gamble in while other states it is illegal to. While gambling can be fun and even addictive, California is not a state where it is legal. But does California have some exceptions so that you can gamble still? Ajua Bail Bonds wants to help you understand what is legal and what is not when it comes to gambling in California.

What is Legally Defined as Gambling in California Law?

In California, it is illegal for anyone to deal, play, or carry out any game. Participating in any game can cause you to be at risk of imprisonment or face up to six months in jail. Some of these games include 21, roulette, 10, faro, monte, etc. There is a very long list of gambling games that are illegal under California law. California considered any games that are banking games or percentage games illegal.
Banking games- are games in the house that collect money from the losers to pay the winners
Percentage games – is the bank gets a share of the bets as a fee for hosting.

Is All Gambling Illegal?

There are a few exceptions for gambling in California law.
Casinos run by natives- Some tribes in California can run casinos. But they even have restrictions on certain acts and games.
Card clubs- these are along the same lines as a casino, but it is a pay-to-play club where players have to pay a fee to play.
Gambling for charity- this is exactly how it sounds, when you gamble for charity all the collections go to a charity instead of players, or a house getting their earnings.
Parimutuel bets – A parimutuel bet is where all players put the money into a pool and the players play against each other. This is legal in California, but only in horse racing.
State lottery- even states that have restrictions against gambling have a lottery. This is very common in many states.

What is the Penalty for Illegal Gambling?

When it comes to California’s gambling laws, they are one of the most lenient in the country. But if anyone is convicted of gambling, there is a $1000 fine and a prison term of up to six months. Now, even with California being a little more lenient on gambling, this can be very closely related to other white-collar crimes, such as embezzlement, money laundering, etc. If any of the gambling is related to sexual gratification, then you could be charged with crimes, such as prostitution or pimping.

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