Posting Bail for Someone; What Does it Mean & How Does it Work in Fresno California?

If you or a family member finds themselves in jail due to an infraction with the law, you may be wondering whether or not you should post bail. After an arrest, if the defendant does not post bail they will need to remain in custody until they are able to appear before the judge. In some cases this may be the very next day, however in other cases this time can actually stretch to months, leaving the person is jail for quite a long amount of time. On the day that the person is scheduled to appear in court, they will be transferred from the jail to the courthouse, usually wearing an orange jumpsuit.

Posting Bail Process

Normally the defendant will not be alone at the courthouse when awaiting their time before the judge, but be put in a jail like cage with other defendants who are also waiting to see the judge. Before arraignment and while in the actual jail, the defendant is required to abide by all jail rules. While these vary a little from jail to jail, they are generally very similar in that there are strict regulations when it comes to phone calls, bathroom breaks, sleeping arrangements and other small luxuries of life that may seem unimportant until you are sitting behind bars.

What Does it Mean to Not Post Bail

Not posting bail means that you are putting yourself in an extremely uncomfortable environment and surrounding yourself with other defendants who have broken the law in possibly a more severe level than you are being accused of. Allowing yourself to stay in this type of environment will take up precious time that could be spent with family and preparing for your arraignment. Choosing not to post bail is a mistake and puts you in an extremely unpleasant environment. While posting bail may seem like a waste of money, it is in fact your best option.

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Your best option is to be bailed out of jail as soon as possible, prior to your scheduled arraignment. This will allow the defendant to carry on with their day to day activities while waiting for their case to be properly resolved. When you choose not to be bailed out of jail, you cannot continue working or seeing your family or preparing your case. Defendants who bail out have a much easier time finding adequate legal council to help prepare their case. Always choose Ajua Bail Bonds to get bailed out of jail and give yourself the appropriate time to prepare to stand in front of the judge. Contact us today for a free consultation of your rights!

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