Reasons a Judge Can Deny Bail in Fresno, CA; Crime Severity, Flight Risk, Repeat Offender & More

It is always advisable after someone has been arrested to hire a bail bonds agent in order to get released prior to their trial. However, it depends on if you have been granted bail. There are multiple reasons as to why a judge may exercise their right and discretion and deny bail. Today, we at Ajua Bail Bonds would like to take the opportunity to share the reasons as to why bail is denied by the judge.

Wy Might a Judge Deny Bail

Crime Severity Scale: One of the biggest reasons a judge will deny bail, is due to the severity of the criminal act. It is frequently denied for violent crimes, such as the murder, rape, or armed robbery crimes. The ruling of the judge can decide that the severity of the crime deems hem unsafe for the general populace before their trial.
Missing a Court Date: Making it to the pre-trial court dates is essential for the defendant as the await trial. Not making it to the court appointments can deny you bail. The courts recognize that the defendant not coming to their court case is not taking the situation seriously. Being granted bail is a privilege, not a right, a judge might look unfavorably upon someone who is not appearing to their court dates.
Flight Risk: Granted bail is basically being on the honor system. It is made with the understanding the individual will face their obligations and stay in the area until they are fulfilled. In the event a judge feels the defendant will post bail as an opportunity to flee, they will not grant bail. Judges will appropriately use their discretion, such as someone with a criminal record, or serious crimes that face harsh penalties, might influence the judge to deny bail.
Public Threat: For those that are not a perceived threat to the public, bail is typically granted. Those that are charged with crimes that’s especially violent and/or antisocial are likely be considered a threat to the public. When deciding on bail, a judge needs to keep the safety of the general populace in mind. As a result, bail will be denied of the judge truly believes the general public’s safety is at risk.
Repeat Offender: Granting bail is particularly difficult for those that have been convicted of crimes time and time again. Their repeat offense habits suggest that they are menace and are not trying to rehabilitate. Though it may not be considered fair for those who have been charged with past crimes, it is their responsibility to use their freedom in accordance with the law. Continuing to get into more trouble suggests to the judge they do not feel accountable for their actions.

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