Research is In; Most Common Reasons for Arrests & Bail Bonds to Get Out of Jail on Valentine’s Day in Atwater, CA

We just celebrated a holiday centered around love. So, you might be wondering what arrests could possibly have happened as a result. There are a couple that seem to pop up much more frequently around this day of love, because not only do couples in love dwell on this holiday but those out of love do too. Sometimes that love doesn’t have a happy ending. Ajua Bail Bonds is here to talk about the most commons reasons people were arrested this past Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Domestic Violence Statistics

Many couples like to toast to the holiday with their favorite alcoholic drink in hand, and sometimes it doesn’t end so well. Sometimes, one or the other get a little too tipsy and arguments can arise. During the Valentine’s Day season, domestic violence is always one of the most common reason for arrests. Studies have shown that most domestic violence arrests happen at night or on the weekend, and more often than not, alcohol is involved in one way or another. Studies have also shown that many domestic abuse cases revolve around jealousy issues and infidelity. If there is an ex that is having a hard time moving on, it can spark feelings of jealousy as they watch their old significant other in a new relationship. Unfortunately, on Valentine’s Day there is an abundance of professed love that is often done publicly and can be difficult for an ex-lover. Sometimes this can lead to some sort of physical altercation or abuse.

Valentine’s Day Stalking Crimes

What better time than Valentine’s Day to let that person you have been dreaming of, know that you have feelings for them? Sounds innocent enough right? Sometimes it is taken a little too far. There are people out there that have feelings for someone else that comes on as obsessive and invasive. In these cases, the victim might feel they are unsafe and in danger of some sort of sexual violence especially. Valentine’s Day is a time that restraining orders get ignored and those that violate them end up in trouble with the law. Again, sometimes stalking issues have to do with an ex-lover that is obsessed with a new relationship between an old partner and create an uncomfortable situation. The offender may not have meant any harm, and still end up facing criminal charges.

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Valentine’s Day isn’t the only day of the year that you or someone you know may be in trouble with these charges. If this happens to be the case and you or someone you love finds themselves arrested for any reason, in addition tolegal representation, you should seek help from a reputable bail bonds agency like Ajua Bail Bonds. We can work with you or your loved ones to get that special someone home as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to get the help you need to get your loved ones home today.

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