Spring Break Arrest Tips in Atwater CA & The Central Valley; Law Enforcement Will Handcuff You. Avoid Getting Arrested if You Have Pending Charges, Warrants or Summons!

Be Prepared this Spring Break and Know what to Expect

No one ever expects to be arrested, but unfortunately we cannot always control the situations we find ourselves in and an arrest is a possibility. Spring break is a busy time for party goers and law enforcement alike, many minor arrests are made related to alcohol, assault and other crimes. If you have never been arrested before, take the time to read this and know exactly what to expect if you find yourself being detained by law enforcement. The most important item to have in your back pocket is Ajua Bail Bonds phone number to assist you in getting out of jail as soon as possible.

A Police Office Can Handcuff You When You’re Arrested

If you are arrested by law enforcement, one of the first actions you will experience is being put into a pair of handcuffs. You will be handcuffed and driven in a patrol car down to the police precinct. At the precinct a police officer will interview you and ask for all of your information, including your date of birth, social security number, your full name your address and any other information they need. After your interview you will be fingerprinted and taken to central booking for arraignment, which is when you will be ordered to appear before the judge.

If You Know You’ll Be Arrested, Prepare for It

Many people know that they will be arrested before hand, especially those who are going to be involved in civil disobedience during a demonstration, arrested at their home or are turning themselves in. If you know you are going to be arrested, leave as many personal belongings at home as you can. Do however bring with you two forms of identification that have your picture on them. This will make the processing procedure go much smoother. Another helpful tip is to bring a handful of quarters for any phone calls you may need to make, one of those being to Ajua Bail Bonds to get you out of there as soon as possible.

Avoid Getting Arrested if You Have Pending Charges

When you are arrested, one of the steps law enforcement takes is to search to see if you are wanted for an arrest or have any warrants or summons out for unpaid traffic tickets for example. If there is a warrant or anything that is outstanding, you may be forced to spend additional time in jail before your arraignment so those documents can be sent to the precinct. If the warrant is from a county other than the one you were arrested in, you can guarantee that your jail time will be extensive until all proper paper work is attained.

Contact Ajua Bail Bonds if you or a loved one has been arrested in Fresno, Atwater, Merced, Selma, Visalia, Hanford and Madera and the Central Valley of California today to give them the proper time they need to prepare to stand before the judge and make their case.

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