Warrant Walk Through Service; How to Turn Yourself in for a Warrant in Sanger, CA?

If you get a notice that you have a warrant out for your arrest there will be a lot that runs through your mind. If you have never been through the process of going to jail or being arrested this can be a scary situation. The warrant can be for any kind of crime or for missing a court date or other court mandated appointment. The crime that you may have a warrant for can be anything from missing child support payments to unpaid traffic citations. Missing a court date and getting a warrant for that is usually because you are out on bond. The bail bond company has set up with the jail for your release so that you can get your affairs in order prior to your trial and sentencing. If you miss any of the mandated appointments that are a stipulation of your bail the court will issue a warrant for your arrest. Even if you have a really good excuse you cannot miss these dates. No matter the reason behind the warrant for your arrest it is a good idea to know what you should do. You will have to turn yourself in and before that happens you ought to have some things in line. Ajua Bail Bonds outlines the steps you should take when you have to turn yourself in for a warrant.

Call Contacts

If you are notified that you have a warrant for your arrest it is a great idea to inform some important people. First off you want to call a loved one to inform them that you may need their assistance while you are gone. You also want to get your affairs in order such as someone to care for your children or pets. You also need to have someone lock up your home and still have access in case you need to see paperwork from your home. This person should be someone that you can trust in case you are not able to get bailed out right away.

Call Bail Bond Company

If you are already working with a bail bond company and they know that you have missed your court date they are probably looking for you too. You want to notify them right away about the missed court date so they are willing to help you out again. If you are not with a bail company at that point you want to contact someone. They can work with you before you turn yourself in so that you can be released quickly.

Contact an Attorney

If this is your first offense and you have not been to jail you may want to contact an attorney. It should be someone that practices in the area of concern that you are being arrested for. They can work with the jail and the bail bond company and on your case. If you contact them before you turn yourself in you are able to get them access to your personal information as well as paperwork that may help you with your case as well.

Turn Yourself In

You then need to go to the jail or police station to turn yourself in. You can also go to the bail bond company and they will assist you with turning yourself in. You will then be booked and wait to see a judge.

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