What are Some Solutions to Jail Overcrowding in Lindsay, CA & Why Cash Bail is a Good Thing for Our Justice System!

If a person is arrested and has virtually zero criminal history and is not being accused of a serious crime, there is a good chance that the person being accused will be given an opportunity to bail out of jail. There are many people who believe that the bail bond system is designed to favor the wealthy and punishes the less fortunate but this is simply not true. The bail system was created to give each defendant a customized plan for their individual situation. For example, considerations include the type of crime committed existing criminal history, and the flight risk of the defendant. Once these circumstances have been carefully considered, the defendant will receive fair treatment according to their specific circumstances.

Bail Helps Prevent the Jail Overcrowding Problem

Without the opportunity to post bail the overcrowding in American Jails would cause the legal system to come to a complete halt. There would be no available cells, and no new criminal charges could be brought to the court system. In some ways, bail has become the focal point in the legal process. Statistically, defendants who are released from jail on bail are much less likely to skip their court date. In fact bail bonds are one of the most effective tools available to help hold defendants accountable for following through with the legal process that ensures defendants are sentenced fairly and the public is kept safe.

Cash Bail

The court system carefully assesses the right of the defendant to receive a reasonable bail while also ensuring that the public is not at risk. While bail is set according to the circumstances of the arrest, paying for bail can prove difficult for many people. The bail bond system was created to give individuals a much more affordable option for their release. Bail bonds often come with flexible payment plans including credit card payments and in some cases defendants can provide collateral including jewelry or property in place of the monetary fee.

Why Bail is a Good Thing

Bail bonds are designed to hold defendants accountable for their actions and also to give non-violent offenders the opportunity to be released from jail while awaiting trial. Bail bonds are designed to make it hard for offenders to miss court dates and commit additional crimes following their release. First time offenders who have committed non-violent crimes can be offered a reasonable option for being released from jail while waiting to appear at their appointed court date.

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